Entry Doors with Multipoint Locking Systems

3 Benefits of Entry Doors with Multipoint Locking Systems

When choosing new entry doors for your home, you want to consider the type of hardware that will best protect your home and provide ease of operation and not just make your decisions based on style alone. A multipoint locking system is a hardware system that provides more than one latching point for your door. Most multipoint locking systems include a lock at the top, middle, and bottom of the door to ensure your door is tightly sealed. An entry door with a multipoint locking system features many benefits that we will go over.


Superior Security: Rather than your entry door locking at a single point in the middle of the door, multipoint locking systems cover a larger surface area of your door. The additional points of contact greatly improve security and safety for your home and your family. With multipoint locking systems, you don’t have to sacrifice peace of mind for style when it comes to entry doors – especially for large, statement-piece style entrances.

Increased Longevity: The multiple points of contact provided with this type of locking system also reduces the wear and tear on your entrance doors. Instead of all the pressure being placed on a single anchor point, the friction created when opening, closing, and locking your entry door is spread out evenly between the different locking points. This helps to improve the structural integrity of your entry door and frame, as well as maintain the overall appearance and function for many years to come.

Extended Insurance Options: Entry doors with multipoint locking systems also boast recognition by many insurance companies. There mat be extended insurance coverage options available or even lower premiums because multipoint locking systems provide excellent prevention of home invasion and meet industry standards for fire safety, tightness, and accessibility.


Most entry doors on the market today are made available with multipoint locking hardware as an option. There is a wide range of styles, colors, and finishes that will ensure your hardware seamlessly matches the basic aesthetic of your home without having to compromise on function or security. Window Mart, for example, offers multipoint locking systems for stainless steel and fiberglass entry doors and patio doors. Whether you are interested in a pull bar style handle or a traditional lever handle, you are sure to find a multipoint locking hardware kit that suits your needs.


While there are no obligations for you to choose a multipoint locking system for your entry doors, the many advantages of such hardware should, at the very least, be seriously considered. The added peace of mind and security for you and your home is well worth the upgrade. On top of that, the additional anchor points also ensure that your investment in a new entry door lasts a long time. Multipoint locking systems are, without a doubt, a great addition to every entry door.