Practical Tips for Reducing Outside Noise Pollution in Your Home

3 Practical Tips for Reducing Outside Noise Pollution in Your Home

Have you ever laid awake at night, plagued by the sounds of life still hustling and bustling outside your home? Just because you are ready to shut off for the day, does not mean the rest of the world is. You do not have to just suffer through and hope that your thoughts drown out the noise, though. There are several simple and practical tips that can help to reduce the level of outside noise pollution and make your home a more tranquil place to rest.


Soft surfaces tend to reduce audible noise by reducing reverberant sound pressure levels. In layman’s terms, soft materials catch the sound waves as opposed to bouncing them around. This does not mean you have to sacrifice style and layer your walls entirely with acoustic foam – though you certainly can if that is what floats your boat. Foam panels can be organized into an interesting pattern to create a feature wall. However, there are other, somewhat more accessible options, including: fabric couches, decorative cushions and pillows, area rugs, and wall hangings (such as tapestries). These items are all considered porous sound absorbers. By sprucing up the décor of your home you can also benefit from reduced noise pollution.


Installing new window coverings in your home is an easy, budget-friendly option to reduce the outside noise that you can hear inside your home. There are endless window treatments designs and styles available on the market, so you are sure to find something that fits your home’s overall aesthetic. Cellular Shades, for example, feature a unique honeycomb design that creates sound absorbing air pockets. Double or triple-cell Cellular Shades offer additional layers of the proprietary honeycomb structure and even greater sound absorption. As a bonus, window coverings, such as Cellular Shades, also offer adjustable light control and improved temperature regulation. With new window coverings, you can enjoy the comforts of your home in peace and quiet.


The physical condition of your windows and doors is a direct correlation to the level of outdoor noise pollution you experience inside your home. Any cracks, holes, or gaps are an open invitation for the transmission of sound. If you notice that your windows and doors are looking a little worse for wear, you have two options – repair or replace.


If you can determine where there is a leak in your window or door frame, you can invest in weather-stripping or acoustic sealant to fill in the gaps. They are highly effective at eliminating leaks and thus reducing noise intrusion. You will also likely find that fixing existing cracks or holes reduces thermal transfer and improves energy efficiency in your home.


Sometimes the damage to your windows and doors is irreparable. Older style wood framed windows and doors are particularly susceptible to rot if the proper maintenance schedule has not been followed. Extensive damage to the frames or sashes requires immediate attention to avoid even bigger issues than sound intrusion. While complete window or door replacement is an expensive investment, it is a worthy one. Advancements in window and door construction have made them extremely energy efficient and durable. For example, modern window manufacturing has allowed for double or triple-paned construction. With the additional layers of glass (and gases, such as argon, that fill the spaces between) the insulating properties of a window are dramatically improved – and greater insulation means better noise rejection.


You do not have to take dramatic steps, like completely soundproofing the entire building, to help reduce outdoor noise pollution inside your home. Simply adding some soft décor items, new window treatments, and sealing any leaks around windows and doors will likely make a huge difference right away. If you are not sure where to begin with window repairs or replacements or if you need help choosing the right window coverings for your windows, you can always connect with a trusted resource like Window Mart. You can submit an online request any time for a complimentary consultation. Our highly skilled and friendly staff are always ready to lend a helping hand.