4 Different Types of Patio Doors

4 Different Types of Patio Doors

Patio doors are doors that open out to your patio, garden, or backyard area. Since patio doors tend to be used as much or even more than the front door, especially during the beautiful months of summer, it is important to make sure you choose one that fits your space perfectly. With the right patio door, your home’s curb appeal will be boosted, and performance and efficiency will be improved.

There are a variety of patio door styles available, including sliding doors, venting doors, garden doors, and French doors.  Each of these styles provide unique benefits for your home, which we will go over below.

Types of Patio Doors

Sliding Doors

Sliding patio doors feature two individual glass panels – one panel is fixed, and the other is operable. The sliding panel moves along a horizontal track to tuck in behind the fixed panel, creating a convenient and effortless breezeway between your indoor and outdoor spaces. One of the major benefits of sliding patio doors is that they do not open outward or inward on a hinge which makes them the perfect addition to tighter spaces. They allow you to maximize the useable floor space both inside your home and out for all kinds of patio or indoor furniture without hindering the operation of the patio door in any way.  Additionally, high-quality sliding patio doors allow plenty of natural light to cascade into your home without compromising on energy-efficiency.

Garden Doors

Garden or terrace doors feature two separate glass door panels that operate individually. Unlike a sliding door, the door panel that serves as an entrance swings open (inward or outward) on a hinge rather than sliding along a track. The second door panel operates by cranking open for additional air circulation. The ease of operation and low-maintenance design of garden doors makes them a popular addition to many homes. They are also fully customizable, giving homeowners the freedom to create an entrance way that perfectly frames their outdoor space and effortlessly matches the desired aesthetic.

French Doors

French doors are like garden doors as they also feature 2 framed glass door panels. The main difference between the two, however, is that the door panels of French doors are both fully operable and hinged along the exterior door frame. French doors are highly regarded for their accessibility benefits, as both door panels both swing open to create an extra wide and dramatic entrance to your outdoor oasis. The timeless charm and enhanced energy-efficiency of French doors make them a popular choice for those who want to upgrade their patio spaces and improve overall curb appeal.

Venting Doors

Venting doors are patio doors that include additional ventilation features to give you complete control of air circulation within your home. There are several venting door options available:

  • Vented Garden Style Doors: These doors include a fully removable windscreen paired with workable door panels to allow for optimal air circulation control without compromising on efficiency or security.
  • Doors with Vented Sidelights: Vented sidelights can be included with any other door style installation. They provide additional natural light while giving you further control of air circulation in your home.
  • Doors with Vented Glass Inserts: Vented glass inserts can be installed with other patio door types, such as garden or French doors. They provide an easy to operate ventilation system that is also simple to clean and maintain.

Important Things to Consider When Choosing Patio Doors


The main building materials used for patio doors are aluminum, PVC, or a hybrid of the two. The material that you choose for you patio doors will directly impact the overall function and energy efficiency of your entryway. For help selecting the best material for patio doors in your home, it is best to speak with an experienced window and door professional. Window Mart is always ready to lend a helping hand and ensure you choose the perfect patio doors to meet your needs.


With many advancements in door and window technology, it is quite easy to choose patio doors that offer enhanced security.  You can choose from a variety of different lock sets, including multi-point locking systems that provide firmly sealed protection against unwelcome visitors and the forces of nature.  Other additions, such as keyless entry or self-closing hinges, can further improve the security of your patio doors.

Energy Efficiency

It is important to consider the energy-efficiency of the patio doors that you choose for your home. The more efficient the door, the more money you will save in the long run. You want to choose patio doors that are manufacture with the highest-quality materials to improve efficiency and enhance overall performance. There are also additional options, such as LoE or triple-glazed glass, that can further boost patio door performance.


Knowing the many different options available when it comes to patio doors is an important step in helping you decide which is the best addition to your home. Each style of patio door offers unique benefits to enhance the beauty of your outdoor spaces, improve the overall value of your home, and increase the energy-efficiency of your home.

The experts at Window Mart can help you select the perfect patio door for your space – whether it’s a sliding door, garden door, French door, or vented door. You can contact us any time via our online service for a complimentary quote on any patio door and installation project.