5 Ways to Make a Dark Room Brighter

5 Ways to Make a Dark Room Brighter

Most people would say that they want their home to be a warm, welcoming place for them and their families to spend their time.  Achieving that can be a challenge, but it is totally doable. If your home is lacking natural light, it can make your space feel small and uninviting. The good news is, there are many ways to lighten up your space and make any dark room brighter.

Change Up Your Décor

You do not need to shell out your entire life’s savings to give your space a fresh new look (even though you totally can if that is what you want). A simple coat of paint and a few new decorative pieces can totally transform a room. Lighter color palettes tend to brighten up a room. For example, you could go with a light grey on the walls, white trim and some white furniture covers. Add a couple pops of color, like a bright yellow throw pillow and a couple house plants, and you will be amazed how much life and dimension is brought to your space. Painting your ceiling bright white can also give the illusion that the room is taller and brighter. If you remember back to elementary science class, certain colors reflect more light than other colors. Adding mirrors and other reflective surface items can also help to make a dark room brighter, especially if paired with a light source (whether natural or artificial).


This might sound obvious but cleaning up your space can make a world of difference. The accumulation of dust and dirt can make things look dull and dingy. Wipe down windowsills, baseboards, and other hard surfaces regularly. It is also important to make sure that any windows in your room are cleaned often. Having grime on the glass can hinder the amount of natural light that can enter your space.

Switch Out Lightbulbs

Depending on the atmosphere you are trying to create for a room, the type of light you choose is an important factor to consider. In recent years, there has been a move towards more energy-efficient LED bulbs. These bulbs have brightness, wattage, and correlated color temperature (CCT) ratings. If you want a space that feels extra bright, you will want to choose bulbs that have more lumens and fall on the cool-white end of the CCT spectrum.

Install New Windows and/or Doors

Modern advancements in window and door construction have made it possible for more glass and less frame to be showing. There are many different options available to achieve the style and level of privacy you are desiring for your windows and doors.

A solid front door, for example, can be replaced with one that has glass inserts. If you want to enjoy the natural light without sacrificing any privacy, you can opt for a frosted or tinted glass. If you have room in your budget for full window expansion and replacement, bay, bow, or picture window installation will provide the most dramatic way to brighten up a room with natural sources of light. Finding a trustworthy company to handle your door and window replacement is essential. Window Mart has a team with the knowledge and experience to ensure that the job is done properly and efficiently, brightening up any room in your home with high-quality and affordable doors or windows.

Keep Windows Free from Obstructions

Regardless of whether you have installed new windows and doors or not, you want to make sure that the maximum about of light can make its way inside your home. If there are any trees or shrubs growing in front of your windows or doors it is good practice to keep branches trimmed. An added benefit of regular plant maintenance is protection against damage from branches in the event of inclement weather.

It is just as important to remove the clutter from around your windows inside of your home. Furniture or decorative items placed in front of windows block natural sources of light from entering. You can maximize the amount of natural light in the room by simply moving items a couple feet away from the windows or doors.


Maximizing the natural sources of light in your home as well as adjusting indoor lighting will create a livelier and inviting space for you to enjoy. With only a small investment of your time and effort (and maybe a little bit of money if you want to spend it) you can make any dark room brighter.