Myths in window and door installation

Avoid Various Myths in Window and Door Installation

In this fast moving and expensive world, people are always on a lookout for ways to save money. Whether it’s about purchasing households or paying utilities, money saving is involved everywhere. People just have to be sure about different methods to implement. As homeowners, they would have to hear a lot of confusing facts and information that may cause trouble in making decision of whether to install more energy efficient windows and doors or not. This is where Window Mart takes charge and explains that new window and door installation is always one of the best ways to improve overall performance and functionality of the home.

Though, there are some myths revolving around that homeowners should understand and know the reality behind them. Those false facts have significant impact over selection and decision making of window and door installation. Owners have to realize that not all information is correct and it’s not necessary to believe in everything that is available.

1. Replacing old doors and windows may not save the required level of energy

According to the industry experts, new window and door installation is the best way of saving a significant amount of energy. Most of the homes in Canada have single pane windows that usually cause a lot of energy loss, thus increasing overall utility bills quite significantly. Window Mart suggests to work on them right away and replace with Energy-Star certified components that promise satisfactory services from every aspect. These windows reduce energy consumption and turn out to be a good decision for not only in winters but in summers as well.

2. Window and door installation would cost more than it would save

Although window and door replacement is a huge investment that people should be concerned about, it is undoubtedly valuable as well- meaning that this project is responsible for restoring home’s energy efficiency and performance that was lost due to old and faulty components. New window and door installation lasts for years and promises significant reduction in monthly cooling and heating expenses. New products are not only durable and reliable but they are also resistant to corrosion, sun rays, insects and other problems. They should have favorable SHGC ratings and U-values that translate into lesser water and air infiltration along with good return on investment.

3. It’s better to repair old windows and doors instead of replacement

Many owners consider repair affordable than replacement but, they do not realize that repair is a short term solution to their problems while replacement can yield long term results with efficiency and perfection. Repair would be suitable for minor problems like lock change etc but, when it comes to increasing energy efficiency, nothing could be satisfactory than new window and door installation. With this decision, homeowners actually leave inefficient system behind and open doors for new, environmentally friendly and energy conserving products.

As for windows, they are provided with high-performance designs with insulating glass, tight weather stripping, inert gas filled low-E coating and other features that create a difference in home’s overall performance.