Awning Windows

Awning Windows

Awning Windows - WindowsDoorsMartAwning windows are highly versatile as they not only require little maintenance, but they are also extremely durable and energy efficient. Due to the superior sealing technique, they are greatly beneficial at keeping environmental noise from entering your home. The state of the art compression seals and high-performance design provide year-round superior energy efficiency.

One of the best advantages of awning windows is the fact that they are highly energy efficient. Due to the hinge at the top, they are able to be closed tighter than sliding windows which helps protect against drafts and chills. They also provide efficient airflow as they also are able to be opened at the bottom due to the hinge, which allows for excellent ventilation. If you enjoy a fresh breeze, awning windows are a great choice for your home.

Another plus of installing awning windows is that they eliminate the risk of rainwater from entering your home as they pull the air to the exterior rather than the interior. They also give you the flexibility of combining casements and awnings which allows for varying degrees of veneration for different areas of your home as well as adding to the style and decor.

Awning windows are an excellent choice for both renovations and new construction. Awning windows are able to replace any style of original window, despite the design, material and shape of the original window. However, the hinge needs to be factored into the decision as it will make a huge difference on the final appearance of the window design. The uncluttered design and clean style of our awning windows meets these needs thus making awning windows a superior choice for home renovations.  We have a wide selection of designs and can also custom design windows for those clients with specific needs and requirements.

Making the decision to switch to awning windows is simple and affordable. Awning windows provide superb structure, easy operation and excellent ventilation; as well as style and decor for every home. Windows Doors Mart has the best selection of awing windows available in the Edmonton area. We strictly adhere to the specified ENERGY STAR ratings as we use only the most sophisticated, fail-safe technologies. Stop by or call us today.

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