Bathroom mould prevention

Bathroom Mould Prevention Starts with Proper Ventilation

Mould isn’t very conniving. It’s quite predictable. It all starts with moisture: when moisture is trapped for prolonged periods, mould starts to form. Soon enough, the tell-tale musty smell begins to pervade the area, making an unpleasant and even dangerous environment for you, your children, and your pets. Since bathrooms are constantly inundated with shower steam, it’s important to make sure that moisture has somewhere to escape rather than sit on your walls. Proper ventilation is essential for preventing mould build-up in your bathroom. Here are some smart bathroom mould prevention tips, courtesy of Window Mart:

Make Sure Your Ventilation System is Functional

In Alberta, all homes have minimum ventilation requirements, especially in the bathroom and kitchen where moisture is most prevalent. According to the City of Edmonton, all homes are required to have “a ventilation system capable of providing at least one-third an air change per hour” or 42 litres per second. In your bedroom and living room, the requirement is 5 litres per second. In your bathroom, that number is much higher: 25 L/s. Installing an exhaust-only system in your bathroom removes stale air and draws in fresh outdoor air. Constant circulation of air prevents mould from growing. If you don’t have a fan switch in your bathroom, the vent should still draw air from the room.

If you’re not sure your bathroom is getting enough air circulation (and the presence of mould will be an easy indicator of that), reach out to a contractor for a repair or installation quote.

Open Your Windows

An open window is perhaps one of the simplest and most effective methods of bathroom ventilation. They always say that fresh air can cure many woes, and the same can be said for a musty or otherwise unpleasant bathroom environment. Window Mart has many bathroom window solutions, including slider windows, casement windows, and awning windows. Using windows as your only source of ventilation is not practical in Alberta or Ontario climates. Cold temperatures, strong winds, and storms prevent window ventilation from being your main source of air circulation.

Wipe Away Excess Water

Help your windows and vents by wiping away excess moisture from your tub and tiles with a towel or squeegee. Standing water instantly creates moisture, so the sooner you can get rid of it, the better. Using a squeegee is better than a towel unless you have a towel drying rack installed in your bathroom. Spread out wet towels to help them dry faster.

Buy Mould-Resistant Paint

Don’t use any-old paint for your bathroom. Paint technology has come a long way in helping to maintain a balanced environment inside the home. Buying mould-resistant paint may cost more money upfront, but it will save you in the long run from expensive wall repairs and repainting.

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