Broken glass

What to Do When You See Broken Glass in Your Home

Hearing the crash of a window pane or door panel can instantly cause a panic. Your first thought is a break-in. Your second thought is a wayward soccer ball. But no matter what the reason for the sudden disturbance, you’re faced with dangerous shards of glass and an open window that’s no longer blocking off the elements. Before you can schedule an appointment with a trusted window and door retailer and installer, make your home is secure and safe with these quick measures:

If There Was a Break-In, Call the Police

If you notice that the door or window are broken while you’re approaching the house, do not go inside. Instead, check to see if the glass was broken to allow someone to crawl through the window or unlock the door from the inside. If it looks like forced entry, call the police as soon as possible and wait in the car until they show up. The intruders may still be inside.

Find the Source of the Break

If the break looks more like a result from a flying golf ball than from a home invasion (i.e. there’s a single round hole in the middle of the pane), look around for the culprit. You may find a ball close by with the neighbourhood kid’s name written on it. If you see something like that, return the ball to the neighbour and calmly discuss the cost of damages with the parents. In the end, you may have no one to blame for the break but a fallen tree branch.

Sweep up AND Vacuum Glass

Once you’re inside and allowed to sweep up the evidence, make sure to clean as thoroughly as possible. Large bits of glass are a major hazard, but tiny shards can embed themselves deeply into skin tissue and make you bleed instantly. Once you’ve swept up the larger pieces, pass your vacuum along the corners of the floor, countertops and under furniture. If you have children or pets, this step is essential. Double-bag the shards of glass to ensure they don’t cut through the plastic.

Cover the Hole

The window repair technician in your area isn’t always immediately available. While waiting for them to arrive, it’s crucial to patch up your window to prevent the heat from slipping out of the house and the critters, rain, and snow from flying in. If the window is only cracked, a strip of duct tape on either side of the crack will do the trick for the time being.

If there’s a large hole, you’ll have to remove the remaining shards of glass from the pane, so they don’t fall on their own. Be sure to wear heavy gloves and protective eyewear when you do this and to lay down a garbage bag or tarp to collect the pieces. Once the pieces have been removed, you can cover the hole by taping or stapling a heavy-duty garbage bag across it. If it’s really cold outside and you’re dealing with double-paned glass, shove a blanket, bubble wrap, or a flattened cardboard box in between the pane and the garbage bag. Make sure someone is home at all times until the repair person comes.

Installing safety glass or security window film in your Edmonton or Calgary windows is an affordable and efficient way to prevent intruders from breaking into your home or your glass from shattering.