Canada Greener Homes Grant

Get up to $5000 back with
The Canada Greener Homes Grant!

Now is the best time to upgrade to New, Energy Efficient Windows and Doors

New windows and doors do more than give your home a face-lift. Modern window and door designs deliver superior energy efficiency which in turn saves you money and creates a more comfortable living space. Making the decision to upgrade your home’s windows and doors can be a significant financial investment. The Canada Greener Homes Grant was developed to make it more accessible and affordable for you to choose energy efficient upgrades, such as new windows and doors, for your home.

How To Qualify for the Greener Homes Grant?

The Canada Greener Homes Grant is accessible to all eligible homeowners in Canada. There are, however, specific eligibility criteria that must be met to receive funding for your home’s upgrades.

Proof of Ownership

  • You need to provide proof of ownership with your property tax number.
  • The home you are performing upgrades on also must be your primary residence.
  • New homes are not eligible for the grant program.

Complete a Pre- and Post-Retrofit EnerGuide Evaluation

  • You must register for a pre-retrofit evaluation through the Government of Canada website. This evaluation is important to determine recommended upgrades for your home based on its current energy efficiency rating. You are then required to complete at least one of the recommended improvements to remain eligible for reimbursement.
  • Once the work is completed, you will need to book the post-retrofit inspection which will determine how much your home’s energy efficiency improved with the upgrades that were performed.

Maintain Records of Project

  • You must keep copies of all documents – including your energy reports and receipts – until March 31, 2028.

Important Details About the Program

You must complete the entire grant process to receive reimbursement, so it is important that you follow the eligibility criteria listed above carefully.

For window and door replacement there are additional requirements that must be met, as well:

  • All products must be purchased in Canada.
  • Equipment must be selected from the pre-approved list of windows and doors.
  • ENERGY STAR labels must remain on windows and doors until the process is complete.
  • Must replace full window unit, not just glass.

The Greener Homes Grant allows for Canadians to receive up to $5600 in reimbursement for eligible retrofits. The EnerGuide evaluations make up $600 of that total, with the remaining funds allocated to the actual implementation of upgrades. When replacing windows and doors, homeowners can receive up to $250 per rough opening up to cap of $5000. The final reimbursement amount will depend on the type of replacement windows or doors that are chosen.

Options: Amount ($)
Per rough opening2
Replace your windows or sliding glass doors with ENERGY STAR3  certified models:

  • U-Factor of 1.22 W/m²K or less or
  • Energy Rating ≥ 34
  • Your selection must be on one the following lists: windows or sliding glass doors
Replace your windows or sliding glass doors with ENERGY STAR Most Efficient models:

  • U-Factor of 1.05 W/m²K or less or
  • Energy Rating ≥ 40
  • Your selection must be on one the following lists: windows or sliding glass doors
Replace hinged doors, with or without sidelites or transoms ENERGY STAR certified models:

  • U-Factor ≤ 1.22 W/m²K or
  • Energy Rating ≥ 34
  • Your selection must be on the following list: hinged doors, sidelites and transoms

2. A rough opening is the structural framing in a wall or roof separating a heated from unheated space that creates an opening for the installation of a window, door or skylight. For example, a bay window with three window units installed into one rough opening is eligible for only one grant.

3. ENERGY STAR certified means that the model meets or exceeds the ENERGY STAR levels. Each certified model comes with a temporary label showing that the unit is ENERGY STAR certified.

Top 5 Reasons to Retrofit Your Home with New Windows and Doors

Improved Energy Efficiency

Replacing the windows and doors makes your home more energy efficient by improving insulation and reducing heat transfer. Additionally, your energy bills can be dramatically reduced as your furnace or A/C system will not have to work as hard to make up for heat transfer.

Enhanced Comfort in Every Season

Energy efficiency is directly correlated to the indoor environment of your home.  With new, well-sealed and energy efficient windows and doors you will experience less drafts and a more consistent and comfortable temperature throughout your home.

Increased Security

Technological advancements in window and door construction have filled the market with more secure and safe options for homeowners. Many windows now have multipoint locking systems, vinyl coatings and other safety features. Doors are available in a variety of durable materials, such as reinforced steel, which can greatly improve the security of your home.

Less Maintenance

Many of the windows and doors available today come with a variety of features that make them more durable and easier to clean. Windows made with vinyl are rot resistant, making them a far more sturdy and long-lasting option than wooden ones, for example.

Improved Home Value

Replacing windows and doors is one of the fastest and easiest ways to boost both your homes performance and curb appeal. Research has shown that external home improvements, such as retrofitting your home with new windows and doors, can increase the resale value of your home up by up to 10%

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