Customer Care Program

Exclusively for Window Mart Customers

The Cover+ Customer Care Program is an exclusive benefit for Window Mart customers who have purchased window coverings from any Window Mart location in Alberta. This program is offered in addition to manufacturer warranty.

Should a product become damaged or otherwise inoperable past the point of installation, Window Mart will provide a one-time, free of charge repair or replacement of the product.

In the case of a Cover+ product replacement, the substitute product will be the same style, size, and color. If that exact replacement is no longer available, the closest existing style and/or color will be provided instead.

  • Our exclusive Cover+ service is offered at our discretion and is valid for 5 years from original purchase date.
  • Window Mart’s Cover+ Customer Care Program is limited to the original purchaser and for the original window opening only. Please keep a copy of this form together with your purchase contract.

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    Important: battery replacement for motorized shades is not covered under the Cover+ Customer Care Program.

    Window Coverings


    Blinds are a versatile window covering option generally made from a hard material such as vinyl or wood. Whether you choose horizontal or vertical blinds, the slats are fully adjustable to obtain the level of lightness that is desired for each room.

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    Window shades are generally made with one solid piece of fabric that is fitted to the measurement of the width inside the window frame. They are available in a wide variety of options, making them an affordable, functional, and stylish option for any room.

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    Shutters are similar to blinds, but they are a more permanent option. They are mounted directly to the window frame, which makes them incredibly sturdy. Shutters also provide excellent window insultation, which can improve your home’s overall energy efficiency score.

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