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energy star rated

ENERGY STAR Rated End-Vent Slider Windows

Window Mart’s end-vent windows feature the ENERGY STAR emblem, which is the gold standard for energy efficiency rating. They are made from a 100% lead-free uPVC compound and feature a unique multi-chamber construction.

What Are End-Vent Slider Windows?

End-vent slider windows are the ideal option for rooms with wide, expansive views. They consist of three main parts: a fixed casement in the middle and operating sashes on each end. End-vent slider windows feature a unique inward-tilting design that allows for easy cleaning and maintenance, making them an attractive addition to any home. Additionally, Window Mart’s end-vent slider windows are completely waterproof, with reinforced fusion-welded frames and a safe-locking system. Our vinyl end-vent slider windows are designed for longevity and a guaranteed to never fade, crack, or rust.

Window Mart end-vent slider windows are available in a wide array of colors, sizes, and configurations. We custom build every window to fit your home, complete with special features like window grills or custom hardware. At Window Mart we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction with our top-rated products and window installation services.

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    • End Vent Slider Windows
    • End Vent Slider Windows
    • End Vent Slider Windows

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    Window Mart is the premier provider of end-vent slider windows in Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan, and Ontario. Complete your end-vent window replacement project with our professional installation services.

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    Features & Options

    Window Mart offers several trim options to create the ensure your new windows blend flawlessly into your home’s aesthetic. From custom colors to a wide variety of finishing options, we combine advanced window technology with style to create the perfect window casing.

    Standard finishing options:

    • Wood Stain
    • Contemporary Rosettes
    • Classic Rosettes
    window casing options

    Our vinyl windows are available in 4 standard jamb sizes to ensure a seamless installation process.

    Window Mart also offers wood jamb extensions, frame moldings, and corner blocks to compliment any architectural design. All interior finishing options are hand crafted with 100% lead-free uPVC that is durable and low maintenance.

    window jamb sizes

    We craft our brickmolds from durable and energy-efficient uPVC that is 100% lead-free. It is designed to stand up against the harshest of Canadian elements.

    Our brickmolds come in wide variety of sizes and colors.


    Customize your new windows to match your home’s architectural style with specialty window grills. From Victorian style to Modern Farmhouse, you can create the perfect look for your windows with Window Mart’s window grill options.

    window grills

    Window Mart is proud to offer a wide range of window colors to match any desired style or design concept. Our vinyl windows are crafted with only the highest quality paint during the manufacturing process to ensure that color remains vibrant and resilient for years to come.

    Size Limitations

    In the table below you can view end-vent slider window size limitations in Canada:

    Window Style Pane Min
    End-Vent Slider Tilt Window Double Glass 58″ 12.5″ 120″ 44″ 36 sq.ft. 1/4 1/2 1/4 only if over 100”
    End-Vent Slider Tilt Window Triple Glass 58″ 12.5″ 112″ 44″ 34 sq.ft. 1/4 1/2 1/4 only if over 100”
    End-Vent Lift out Window Double Glass 58″ 12.5″ 120″ 46″ 38 sq.ft. 1/4 1/2 1/4 only if over 100”
    End-Vent Lift out Window Triple Glass 58″ 12.5″ 112″ 44″ 35 sq.ft. 1/4 1/2 1/4 only if over 100”
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    Benefits of Vinyl End-Vent Slider Windows

    End-vent slider windows combine the uninterrupted views enjoyed with casement windows and the improved airflow provided by slider window options. They are easily opened by sliding the end sections along the track and feature a convenient inward tilting feature for cleaning purposes. Technological advancements in window construction have also created windows that perform well even in the harshest of Canadian climates. With Window Mart vinyl end-vent slider windows, you can enjoy a more comfortable home any time of year.

    100% Lead-free uPVC
    Window Mart Windows are made from a 100% lead-free uPVC powder compound. Their unique construction gives them excellent resistance to impact, cracking, and discoloration.

    Sealed Glass Unit
    Window Mart windows feature a completely sealed glass unit with 13/16″ overall thickness. We offer multiple options for glazing and thickness depending on the model.

    Fusion Welded Corners
    Fusion welding creates a watertight and airtight window frame. Internal walls are also welded to improve overall strength and structural integrity.

    Multiple Air Chambers
    Our windows have the highest number of internal air chambers, giving them outstanding insulation and sound abatement properties, as well as maximizing thermal & energy efficiency.

    Energy Efficient Windows

    Energy Efficient

    The unique multi-chamber design gives Window Mart windows the leading edge when it comes to energy efficiency.

    Low Maintenance Windows


    Spend less time on up-keep and more time doing the things you love with Window Mart’s low maintenance vinyl windows.

    Attractive Windows


    Give your home an instant facelift with stylish new vinyl end-vent slider windows, available in a wide variety of shapes, styles, and sizes.

    Durable Windows


    Vinyl windows are exceptionally durable, boasting enhanced resistance to weather, cracking, and impact damage.

    Affordable Windows


    With a wide selection of price points and financing options, you are sure to find something that fits your style and your budget.

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    End-Vent Slider Windows Advantages

    Easy to Clean

    The unique inward-tilt feature allows for easy cleaning of the sliders on each end of the window unit.

    Secure Design

    Strong fusion-welded frame, reliable hardware, and a superior locking system combine to create an exceptionally secure window.

    Effortless Operation

    Easily slide the end sections open and closed to control the ventilation in your home.

    Exceptional Performance

    With the distinctive multi-chamber design and enhanced weather-strip sealing end-vent slider windows deliver exceptional performance, no matter the conditions.

    Window Installation

    Window installation has a significant impact on the performance and longevity of your vinyl end-vent slider windows. That’s why Window Mart has partnered with reliable contractors and window installation specialists who can provide exceptional end-vent slider window installations. Window Mart is pleased to offer two types of installation services for vinyl end-vent slider windows:



    Retrofitting your home with vinyl windows allows you to upgrade your windows and improve performance and energy-efficiency without completing a full frame replacement.

    • Retrofitting involves removing and replacing the window sash.
    • The existing window frame and trim on both the interior and exterior of your home remain intact.
    • Retrofitting is a faster and less expensive process compared to full frame replacement.
    • Only recommended if the existing frame is in good condition and is well insulated.
    • Retrofitting you to upgrade window glazing for optimized performance.


    Full Frame Replacement is a more thorough option that offer greater efficiency and better overall window performance compared to retrofitting.

    • Involves complete removal of the old windup up to house framing.
    • Once window is installed, the exterior is finished with caulking or aluminum flashing.
    • Full Frame Replacement allows for upgrades to the interior trim and window jambs.
    • Ensures optimal energy-efficiency and thermal performance.

    About Window Mart

    Window Mart is a Canadian owned window company that specializes in unique, custom vinyl windows. Our team of window specialists is pleased to work with you to find the perfect custom windows to fit your home, whether it’s a new build or a home renovation project.

    We take the time to explain and compare window options with you and help you select the right size, type, and finishing touches for your new Window Mart vinyl windows.

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    What Our Clients Say

    Excellent customer care, high quality products and expert installation. I love 💕 my new windows and I’m getting some more!
    Based on my recent experience, I would highly recommend Window Mart. I stopped by the showroom and I was very pleased with their customer service, the office staff and the sales manager Andrei, were extremely professional and nice, not to mention all the great options they offer for windows and doors.
    Ivan Ranyuk was very professional in helping us decide which door and windows yo have. We live in Claresholm, Alberta.
    I visited them a few days ago to sign the agreement. They have developed a nice showroom depositing a great variety of windows and doors.
    We had artur come by and give us a quote on a window today, was a great experience. Thank you artur
    I found Arthur to be a pleasure to have in my own he was knowledgeable and knew his product was very quick which I appreciate with my go go go schedule
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