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Energy Efficient Fiberglass Doors in Canada

Window Mart is the source for high-quality and energy-efficient Fiberglass Entry doors in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Ontario.  They are made of high-quality compression molded fiberglass and feature a 100% CFC-free polyurethane core to maximize performance and efficiency.

Durable and Secure Fiberglass Doors

Window Mart’s fiberglass doors are beautiful and versatile. They are manufactured to exceed the highest industry standards. With fiberglass doors from Window Mart, you can design a custom entry way that offers superior durability and effortlessly matches your home’s aesthetic.

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    Structural benefit of steel doors

    Benefits of Fiberglass Doors

    Design & Texture
    Window Mart’s Fiberglass doors are available in an extensive selection of finishes and colors to match any aesthetic you choose. Our fiberglass doors offer customizable versatility without compromising on quality or security.

    Fiberglass Doors from Window Mart feature compression moulded, high-impact fiberglass that is guaranteed to resist bowing, cracking, splits, and warping. Fiberglass is also corrosion and fire resistant, ensuring you have a door that will stand up against the harshest of elements.

    The performance engineered polyurethane core enhances energy efficiency of Window Mart’s Fiberglass Doors. Our Fiberglass Doors provide superior insulation that is up to 6 times more effective than alternatives such as wood doors. Environmentally friendly, our fiberglass doors are free from chlorofluorocarbons.

    Maintenance free
    Doesn’t require paint

    Designed for the
    Canadian climate

    Secure Against
    Forced entry

    Impressive Security
    Our doors are designed to be both visually stunning and physically secure. Each door utilizes a full-length steel reinforced wood lock block to provide enhanced security while still allowing for customization of colors, finishes, and hardware mounting options.

    Engineered for Performance
    Fiberglass Doors are designed to ensure rigidity and resistance to any kind of warping, bowing, or cracking, even with exposure to Canada’s extreme (and every changing) temperatures.

    Energy Efficiency
    Our fiberglass doors utilize 100% CFC-free polyurethane foam to provide superior insulation that boasts an excellent R-rating.

    Designed with our exclusive Hydroshield technology, our doors feature composite rails and stiles guaranteed to be completely waterproof. Unlike wood alternatives, our doors will never rot, swell, or warp from exposure to moisture.

    Durable & Resilient
    Fiberglass is known for its ability to hold up well against everyday wear and tear. It is highly resistant to dings, denting, corrosion, splintering and more, making them a solid investment.

    Fiberglass Doors Online Catalogue

    Fiberglass Doors Online Catalogue

    Window Mart’s exclusive Online Product Catalogue features over 100 exterior door models. The catalogue is equipped with an advanced products filter, allowing you to sift through style, size, materials, glass inserts, and more, to find the perfect door for your next home improvement project.

    Browse our catalogue today for inspiration.

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    Featured Fiberglass Doors

    FR-05 Popular Choice

    FR-05 model is an entry Fiberglass Door made from a 4-panel fiberglass slab. This door is well suited for glass door inserts and can accommodates five different sizes of glass: 22×9, 22×9 planked, 22×36, 8×36, and half-moon.

    Traditional, elegant design

    Wide selection of colors and finishes

    Variety of hardware mounting options

    Price It Out

    Questions to ask when choosing fiberglass doors:

    Can I use a Fiberglass Door for any entrance size?

    We ensure that each door project is expertly measured, precisely designed, and professionally installed to ensure the perfect fit for any sized door opening. For an estimate on a fiberglass door for your home, contact Window Mart today.

    Why should I choose Fiberglass Doors for my entry way?

    Fiberglass Doors are a low-maintenance entry door option that boasts exceptional durability and energy-efficiency. Compared to other exterior door alternatives, Fiberglass Doors are incredibly versatile and lightweight. You can choose almost any color or finish to achieve the look that you desire.

    Can you change the color of Fiberglass Doors?

    All Fiberglass Doors from Window Mart feature versatile skins that can be either woodgrain stained or smooth painted to match any desired colour scheme or design.

    I don’t understand R and U values – can you explain how they relate to the efficiency of Fiberglass Doors?

    R and U values are ratings for insulation performance properties. You want to see a higher R-value and a lower U-value, as these numbers indicate better energy performance overall. Window Mart’s Fiberglass Doors, for example, feature polyurethane cores that boast higher insulating properties.

    What kind of hardware is included with Fiberglass Doors?

    Window Mart has a wide selection of hardware options available for our Fiberglass Doors. When designing your entry door, you can choose any hardware style and finish you desire to perfectly complement your home’s aesthetic.


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    Window Mart offers high-quality fiberglass doors in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario manufactured to the highest of industry standards and customizable to meet your needs. Our fiberglass doors feature versatile skins that can be either woodgrain stained or smooth painted to match any desired colour scheme or design.

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