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French Doors

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Energy Efficient French Doors in Canada

Window Mart’s attractive, practical yet energy efficient French doors. Our selection of French patio doors features high-quality frame materials paired with high performance glass to improve insulating properties and reduce energy costs.

Stylish & Functional Exterior French Doors

Window Mart offers supply and installation of high quality and energy efficient French doors in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario. We provide expertly designed French doors that seamlessly fit any architectural design.

With our wide selection of customization options, you can choose French doors that meet the exact performance and aesthetic requirements you desire. Whether you are building a new home or upgrading one you already love, new French doors will improve the look of your home and increase overall efficiency.

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    What Are French Doors?

    French doors, also known as French windows, provide uncomplicated access to your outdoor patio or garden area. They feature 2 framed glass door panels that are hinged along the exterior edge of the door frame and swing open for a dramatic, yet convenient entry way. French doors are made primarily of glass, which allows natural light to effortlessly cascade into your home while still maintaining optimal energy efficiency. The ageless appeal and excellent durability of French doors make them the perfect choice for homeowners who want to improve the aesthetic of their home and create a cohesive connection between their indoor and outdoor spaces.

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    Garden Doors vs. French Doors

    The main difference between Garden doors and French doors is the way that they open. Garden doors have one door panel used for ventilation and one that is used as an entry point to your home. The operational door panel is hinged on the outside and can be installed to open into your home or to the outside of your home. There is a support post in the middle of the two door panels. French doors do not have the vertical post in the middle and both door panels swing open to create an extra wide entry way.

    garden doors

    Garden doors

    french doors

    French doors

    Benefits of French Doors

    Energy Efficiency

    Window Mart’s French doors are manufactured from high quality materials that improve energy efficiency. Additional options, such as LoE glass will boost performance even further.

    Improved Home Value

    French doors are a beautiful and elegant addition to any home. The enhanced aesthetics and energy performance both serve to improve overall home value.

    Fully Customizable

    Choose from a wide variety of styles, materials, colors, finishes, and additional features to design the perfect French door for your home.


    The addition of French doors creates an extra wide entryway, allowing for easy and efficient movement of people and objects in and out of your home.


    With several different glass, mini-blind insert options, and window treatment alternatives, you can design French doors with the level of privacy that you require.


    Our French doors are equipped with high-performance multi-point locking systems to ensure the safety and security of your home.

    Configuration Options

    Inswing configurations

    Outswing configurations

    French Doors Features & Options


    Window Mart provides high-quality and beautiful glass door inserts for Garden Doors. Our online catalogue makes searching for inserts based on style, frame options, or glass type as simple as possible. Elevate the look of your Garden Doors while maximizing their performance with glass inserts.

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    Door Glass Inserts


    Window Grills add an attractive decorative touch to your Garden Doors, especially for homes with unique architectural designs. Whether your home is traditional or modern, window grids will draw attention to your Garden Doors, improving the overall look of your outdoor space and home overall.

    Door Grills


    Available in two different colors, fully integrated aluminum mini-blinds give you complete control over privacy for your Garden Doors. The easy to operate design of these mini-blind inserts is both durable and attractive, making them the perfect addition to your Garden Doors.

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    Door Mini-Blinds


    Ensure that your home is as accessible as it is secure with our extensive selection of Lock Sets. Our door lock sets include doorknob and deadbolt mechanisms, allowing you to fully customize the look and functionality of your new Garden Doors.

    Lock Sets


    Enhance the overall security of your Garden Doors with our high-quality multi-point locking systems. Enjoy peace of mind that your Garden Doors are firmly sealed, offering multiple points of protection against the elements and unwanted visitors.

    Multi-point Lock


    Keyless Entry is a convenient addition to your Garden Door hardware kits. With a keyless entry system, you have complete control over the access to your home for improved safety, security, and peace of mind.

    Keyless Entry


    Self-closing hinges offer many benefits for your Garden Door entry way, including reduced energy consumption and increased security. The spring-loaded hinges ensure that your door remains closed and secure while reducing wear and tear on your doors.

    Self-Closing Hinge

    Window Mart Garden Doors are available in a wide variety of coating colors and finishes. No matter the style of your home, you are guaranteed to find a color that will seamlessly match the current aesthetic.


    What Our Clients Say

    Andrey was very nice to deal with and brought in sample window to show us and explained the differences. The installers were also very prompt so thank you everyone at Window mart for making my new windows happen.
    Denys.Z was very helpful and professional. The installation team was courteous and precise. Denys.Z and the installation team was very knowledgeable. The job was done from contract signing to installation in a very timely manner. And the product is Capri which makes fantastic windows and doors. The company is very reasonable compared to other big-name companies. And being a local, they care about the product and installation. Denys called to make sure the job is as done up to his standards. We had zero issues. Great work! I highly recommend them!
    We have had an estimate completed and order made for an entire house window and door replacement. Denys was extremely helpful and efficient. We are looking forward to having the work completed and anticipate the same work excellence.
    Michael Romankov was such a great help in the whole process of choosing the right windows and doors that suited our budget and preferred design . In addition to it , the help with financing is greatly appreciated . He is professional , an export in his field , sensitive to our needs and budget , gave great suggestions that we found very useful and he has such a great warm and friendly personality that made our experience a five star . We highly recommend Michael . Thank you !
    Vincent Zyp was very professional, he took great interest in my project and made time to understand my window requirements. He made appointment to come to my home and view my project, at which time I signed a contract with him over other window suppliers.
    We went to the Edmonton Home Show and talked to them about a door. Then we actually went to the showroom and found the perfect door. We found out the price installed and couldn’t say no to that deal. A great place to shop.
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    Why Choose French Doors from Window Mart?


    Our French doors are energy efficient doors, providing exceptional energy performance in all Canadian climates.

    Premium Quality

    Premium Quality

    We are proud to be partnered with some of Canada’s top patio door manufacturers, delivering expertly crafted products that are as beautiful as they are durable.

    Extensive Selection

    Extensive Selection

    Custom design the perfect patio door with our wide selection of door sizes, styles, colors, and options such as glass inserts and complimentary hardware.

    Superior Installation Services

    Get the most out of your new investment with our professional Patio Door Installation Services.

    25-years warranty

    Comprehensive Warranty

    Window Mart offers up to 25 years warranty for protection against manufacturer and material defects.


    Are French Doors secure?

    French Doors are as secure as you make them. Window Mart has a wide variety of durable and safe glass options, hardware, and multi-point locking systems to ensure that your patio doors are as secure as possible.

    Can I customize my French Doors?

    Yes. Window Mart offers many customization options, from mini-blind glass inserts to specially curated hardware. Whatever your home’s style is you are sure to find a door that flawlessly fits the aesthetic.

    When should I choose French Doors?

    French Doors are the perfect addition to any home/backyard patio space that has room for a door to swing open. Since they are hinged like traditional doors, they require more floor space for operation. French Doors are also the ideal option when you want to maximize natural light inside your home will still maintaining optimal energy performance. They provide the security and functionality of a strong, sturdy door while still providing a feeling of lightness and openness. Additionally, French Doors also improve the accessibility of your home.

    If I have sliding patio doors, can I switch to French Doors?

    Absolutely. With the help of installation professionals, you can properly replace sliding doors with new French Doors. Window Mart’s installation team has the tools and the experience to ensure that the job gets done correctly and safely.

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