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Window Glass Options

Window Glass Options

Why Glass Type is Important?

Choosing the right glass option for your new vinyl windows is essential to ensure they perform to their full potential. When comparing glass options, it is important to consider a wide variety of factors that will impact their effectiveness, such as location and orientation of the windows within each room of your home. Different glass options will support more efficient energy usage, depending on these factors, while also ensuring that each room of your home is comfortable – all year long.

Available Glass Options for Windows

Double Pane Glass

Double Pane

Double Paned Windows, also known as Double Glazed, are window units that include two separate sheets of glass – one that is on the interior of your home and the other on the exterior. There is an air-tight chamber between the two panes. This “air pocket” is filled with argon gas to increase insulating properties even further. Double Paned Windows have become a building standard because of their energy-efficiency, durability, and affordability.

Triple Pane Glass

Triple Pane

Triple Paned Windows have earned a reputation for being the most energy-efficient glass option on the market today. Much like Double Paned windows, Triple Glazed Glass includes sealed, argon gas-filled chambers between each pane to improve their performance. Special coatings are also often applied to improve UV rejection and reduce solar heat gain, ensuring consistent and comfortable internal temperatures regardless of the outdoor conditions.

Clear Glass Window

Clear Glass

Window Mart’s double-paned windows with clear glass provide superior noise reduction and insulating properties when compared to its single paned counterpart. With the addition of clear glass double paned windows, you can expect up to 24% in energy savings.

Low-E Glass Window

Low-E Glass

Low emissivity glass, or LoE glass, is a high-performance upgrade from other clear glass alternatives. It effectively reduces heat transference, whether it’s the heat of summer or the cold of winter, while still allowing plenty of natural light to cascade into your home. In fact, the addition of LoE coatings to your window glass can reduce energy loss anywhere between 30 and 50%.

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Super Spacer

Super Spacer

The proprietary Super Spacer sealing technology provides exceptional thermal performance and structural integrity for sealed glass units. Super Spacer glass spacer utilizes two uniquely formulated sealants to achieve maximum insulation and prevent condensation. The structural foam sealant holds the window unit together and the barrier sealant serves to reduce heat transference.

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Super Spacer


Why do double or triple paned windows fail?

The most common reason is seal failure. Now, window seals can become compromised by a variety of different factors, including old age, excessive exposure to moisture, or prolonged UV exposure. Once a seal has failed, your best option is window replacement. To protect yourself from costly replacement costs, you should ensure the windows you install come with an adequate warranty program, such as Window Mart offers. Window Mart windows are also available with Super Spacer, which is an advanced window sealant that dramatically improves the structural integrity of your windows and prevents leakage.

How do I choose between double and triple paned windows?

There are a few factors you should consider when deciding between Double and Triple Glazed glass options. While they both offer exceptional energy-efficiency compared to single paned windows, Triple Paned windows perform just that much better than Double Paned alternatives. The cost of Triple Glazed windows is also higher than Double Glazed, so you may want to give some extra consideration to your budget. For help determining which glass option will best suit your technical and financial needs, contact Window Mart today. Our friendly and experienced team can provide you with a complimentary quote on your window replacement project.

What is Energy Star and why does it even matter?

Energy Star is a special energy-saving rating program developed in conjunction with the Environmental Protection Agency. Products that boast the Energy Star label meet the minimum requirements for energy efficiency. Windows and doors that have a higher energy efficiency rating perform better. They help regulate the indoor environment of your home as well as save money on energy bills. Window Mart is proud to only provide Energy Star rated products that meet the highest quality standards in the industry.

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