Household security starts with windows doors

Household Security Starts with Your Windows & Doors

Household security is not a fun subject to talk about. Nevertheless, break-ins can and do happen. We know that windows and doors are the most vulnerable points of entry for intruders. In fact, they’re the only points of entry. So, how can you make sure your house is safe against robbers and intruders? Here are some simple methods to reduce your chances of someone breaking in:

No More Pomp and Flash

We might boast about all the new and expensive goods we have without even realizing it. Did you just purchase a brand-new state-of-the-art computer and leave the empty box on the curb? Do you have a fancy scooter or bicycle sitting in your yard that someone can easily swipe? The way to attract fewer prying eyes is to give people less reason to look. Stow your bikes and expensive outdoor toys in the garage, and don’t leave empty boxes outside until recycling day. Only then should you shove the boxes in the appropriate bins.

Next, take a walk around your property and casually glimpse through your windows. What do you see? Is there a grand piano sitting right there? Is there an expensive speaker standing within arm’s reach of the window? You might want to think about rearranging your furniture, or at least installing sheer curtains that block minimal light and add more privacy.

Take Precautions While You’re Away

A simple way to make a robber think twice before snooping around your property is to make it seem like there’s someone still in the house. For short periods away from home, keep the radio on, set up automatic timers on your lights, and keep the curtains drawn, and all your windows and doors locked. Don’t leave spare keys under your doormat or in a flowerpot. If you’re going on a trip, ask your neighbour to cut your grass, collect your mail, and park their car in your driveway. Extend the favour the next time they leave town!

Take Care of Vulnerable Areas

The majority of home invasions happen during the day, and the most common points of entry are basement or ground-level windows and doors. Daytime break-ins are possible because many neighbourhoods are practically deserted during work hours, turning your home into a prime target for crime. Making it difficult and time-consuming to break into your house may force a thief to change their mind. You can do this by locking all windows and doors and by installing security window film, which prevents someone from getting through even after they’ve broken the window. If your neighbourhood is particularly prone to home invasions, you may want to think about upgrading your security by installing an alarm system.

To improve the safety and security of your home, contact Window Mart today to discuss how our line of windows and doors can give you peace of mind.