Safety features on windows and doors

Important Safety Features on Our Windows and Doors

When embarking on a new window and door installation, it’s essential to keep your safety and security in mind. Windows draw in light and warmth into any room. But they can also create vulnerable spots in your home where would-be home invaders can enter. If you’re looking to buy energy-efficient windows in Edmonton, Calgary, or Toronto, check out our important safety features:

Safety Glass Film

Do you live near a school or playground? Do your children frequently play outside? Safety glass film has protected many families from severe injury caused by broken glass. Broken windows aren’t always caused by vandalism. An intense game of baseball or soccer means balls can go flying and land right into your living room where you, your family, or your guests are sitting. To avoid exposure to broken glass, Window Mart has developed a custom film that is applied over your window to create a strong adhesive bond. In the event of impact, the glass will stay within the protective film, keeping you safe.

Security Glass Film

Nobody likes to think of their home being the subject of vandalism, and some people make a conscious choice not to install a security system on their property. However you feel about alarm systems, it’s important to protect your immediate perimeter with security glass film, which will make you feel safe and secure. Security glass film is similar to safety film in that it keeps the glass from falling. Where it differs is its strengthening characteristics that actually prevent intruders from getting in after they’ve broken the glass. Even if the glass is shattered underneath, it will remain intact, thus preventing intruders from getting inside. Since home invaders rely on their speediness, any delay may urge them to flee rather than to keep trying.

Multi-Point Lock System

The second-most obvious point of entry is your doors. Deadbolting your doors at night and whenever you leave the house can keep your young children safe and prevent intruders from trying their luck. Window Mart has gone a step further in our hardware by providing our customers with a multi-point lock system that automatically works as soon as you close the door. No matter what style of door you choose, you’ll have access to our intelligent locking system. As soon as you close the door, the automatic latch bolts to prevent the door from being forced open again. Then, turning the knob engages three deadbolts at the top, bottom, and side instantly. Take a look at our catalogue to view the many style options available.

Protect your home and your family with Window Mart’s important safety features. Contact us today to learn more or click here to get a free quote.