Important steps in professional window installation

Important Steps in Professional Window Installation Edmonton

Considering the impact of window installation on home’s efficiency, there is no doubt in saying that improper fitting may lead to a lot of problems and inconvenience. A few years back, framers were employed to get the components installed because no one, except them, could be able to handle the respective job. However, with increasing demand of professional services, things have been changed significantly and now, every window installation Edmonton company has got expert installers to get the work done. Now the question to ask is how to figure out that the respective contractor is efficient enough to handle everything properly? Well, to be precise, it involves five steps:

Most of the time, rough window openings are trimmed or framed to let windows fit properly. Since they are customized as per the required dimensions, it may, sometimes, be difficult to accommodate new components. So what to do then? According to Window Mart Windows and Doors, the ideal approach is to add ½ inch to the measured windows’ height and width so that there would be ¼ inch area for shimming adjustment, meaning that installers can easily place the windows and inhabitants are rest assured to derive the required benefits from window installation Edmonton.

  • To begin with, measure home wrap to 18 inches and cut in strips and start stretching across the opening so that 10-inch could be below the rough sill. Cut the wrap on each side and start folding over the rough sill. Fix it properly and repeat the process on other sides. Once done, there would be a wrapped opening with 10-inch outside borders and 8-inch inside opening.
  • Take two foam sill sealer layers and staple on the rough sill.
  • Before setting the piece, run a silicone-based caulk around the window’s nailing fin. Employ two people and ask one to hold the window while the other is responsible to slip shingle shims into the ¼ inch gap between the rough opening and the window in order to make sure smoothness around the frame. Use a leveler to make sure the unit is properly leveled.
  • Now use a quality window tape to wrap around the windows and doors. It is usually available in 50-foot long and 4-inch wide rolls. Start from the bottom and extend the tape over the fin in such a way that the top edge is next to the frame and the tape goes beyond the fin by up to 4-inches. Cover all side of the fin in the same way and staple all corners to withstand strong winds.
  • To finalize the process, fill the shimming gap between the window frame and stud with low-expansion foaming material but be sure not to overdo. This would create a barrier behind the fin around the window in order to maximize moisture prevention/resistance along with ensuring proper window installation Edmonton. Once completed, leave for 24 hours and remove foam and shims the next day. Everything would be fine later on.