Blinds on vinyl windows

Installing Blinds on Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows are always preferred for have unique designs, attractive style and varieties of facilities. They work for both appearance and performance needs without compromising over quality and efficiency. But what makes the decision successful is actually the fundamental factors that drove homeowners towards it. This means that items placed on vinyl windows need some attention as they are responsible to enhance overall finish.

Shutters and curtains are the traditional options while nowadays, people are more inclined towards blinds because they have modern designs and have the ability to lift up curb appeal and ensure ease of maintenance. Here, the thing to mention is that Canadian manufacturers usually do not produce, supply or install blinds, especially with new vinyl windows. The reason behind is that not every owner asks for complementary blinds and therefore, manufacturers usually take special orders to custom-made the items.

Another considerable aspect is that just like windows, purchase for blinds also needs a little bit research and identification of the right time. Other than that, homeowners are suggested to ask the following questions from an expert.

Do the existing blinds go well with new vinyl windows?

It depends upon how old windows were installed and how new ones are getting into the place. Sometimes, blinds may become big or small as per the size of new vinyl windows, thus giving a thought that there should be new blinds instead. While having full-time installation, homeowners are rest assured as there would be perfect match of dimensions between old and new windows, meaning that blinds can be used same as before!

Is there any way to drill blinds into the windows?

When it comes to keeping the existing blinds or finding new ones, remember that their installation needs drilling through the jamb extension. So, whenever it’s about window replacement that damages jamb, be sure to spend on their repair or getting new ones because the company would not do it for free, no matter if warranty is not voided. To avoid this additional expense, never drill blinds on the actual window frame- there would be air drafts and water damages.

Which one is better? Horizontal or Vertical Blinds

The type of blinds needed depend upon brightness, privacy and other factors. Normally, vertical blinds are wider slats that allow a significant amount of natural light to come inside. They are ideal for sliding patio doors and wide vinyl windows or in the rooms that need more light than others. They also give easy access and do not create problems for people to pass through.

Horizontal blinds, also known as Venetian blinds, are used on taller and narrow windows, like awnings and casements. They provide maximum privacy, work as barrier for natural light and cannot be moved when closed. They create darkness in the rooms when combined with drapes!