Keep doors and windows cleaned and functional

Keep Doors and Windows Edmonton Cleaned and Functional

Based on durability and reliability, vinyl doors and windows Edmonton turn out to be a good option for increasing performance and energy efficiency of the home. Although they need low maintenance and cleaning, it’s important to pay attention on their condition and avoid extended exposure to the outside elements in order to avoid different issues, particularly with the hardware, consisting of handles, locks and hinges as they are prone to wear and tear if not take proper care of. So, what to do with their maintenance and cleaning? How to keep doors and windows in good condition? Here is what Window Mart suggests homeowners to do:

1. Annual Maintenance

Timely maintenance of doors and windows Edmonton is not only the key to ensuring smooth operation but also resist harsh weather conditions. For better results, homeowners have to do the following things at least once during the 12-month period:

  • Inspect weather stripping present between the frame and sash to ensure proper water and air sealing.
  • Check the internal and external finish to see if it needs repair. While applying stains, paint or varnish, carefully handle them so that there would no drip of material on the weather strip or else, flexibility would be lost.
  • Vacuum debris and dirt from the tracks and sills frequently.
  • Make sure that the weep holes are clear from dirt and other obstructions. Use a soft bottle brush to clear the opening.
  • Monthly lubricate trucks, rollers and other moving hardware, especially while living in a coastal area with salt-air environment.

2. Working on Vinyl Window Frames

After rain when dirt settles on vinyl frames, here is what homeowners should do:

  • Use a mixture of water and mild dish soap to clean the frames.
  • Once done, rinse the surface with water and dry with a cloth.
  • Clean the tracks and weep holes for proper functioning.
  • Inspect the weather stripping and hardware after every six months or so.

3. Maintaining Aluminum Windows

It’s quite common to see dust, moisture and debris accumulated on the aluminum windows that decrease the durability and reliability. Even though light surface dirt can be washed with water, homeowners should do the following things:

  • Use a soft bristled brush, mild detergent and warm water to wash aluminum frames. Be sure to avoid using harsh substances or else, there would be scratches on the surface.
  • Remove distractions or debris on the drain holes in order to ensure sufficient moisture drain from the home.
  • Take a brush or vacuum to keep the tracks clean from sand, dust and insects. Make every effort to smoothen operations and make sure that roller wheels can glide smoothly on the tracks.

4. Cleaning Glass

Avoid washing glass in direct sunlight and do these things:

  • Make a mixture of mild dish soap and water
  • Rinse with clean water and take a soft cloth to dry the surface in order to avoid spots.
  • Don’t use high-pressure spray nozzles to avoid damages to the surface.

5. Taking Care of Timber Doors

Wooden doors are capable of transforming appearance of the property dramatically. Although they can provide natural beauty, it’s necessary to take good care of the components in order to keep beauty and proper functioning.

  • Repaint wooden doors after every 12 or 24 months and sustain their ability to resist extreme weather.
  • Varnish the components annually and restore their finish that is damaged due to extended UV exposure.
  • Door locks, handles and hinges should checked, cleaned and lubricated to get optimal benefits.

6. Safety Measures

Before performing any of the aforementioned activities, it is recommended to follow all the safety measures in order to avoid injuries and potential damages. Make sure that doors and windows Edmonton remain efficient and functional throughout the living.