Leaking Windows. How to Locate and Fix the Problem of Leaking Windows

Leaking Windows. How to Locate and Fix the Problem of Leaking Windows.

Minor home repairs are inevitable once in a while for every home owner. Such repairs can be quite expensive but it’s always important to do them to improve the quality of life at home. There are numerous factors contributing to damaged house structures. Damages may be related to poor designs, low quality material, weather, or poor installation. All these are factors that you should consider when building or renovating your house.

Leaking windows can be quite frustrating because they make living unbearable especially in places experiencing extreme weather conditions. Leaking windows will expose you to cold, dust, and wetness inside your house. You can imagine how terrible it is to live in a dusty or extremely cold house. Leaking windows are a common problem experienced by most home owners. If you are currently facing that challenge, it’s not the end of the road. There are many incredible solutions to such windows as we will see later on.

Are you living in an area experiencing extreme temperature changes? Such changes could be in terms of humidity, moisture, and temperature. All these weather changes can drastically alter living conditions at home. Finding the causes of a leaking window can be a daunting task. It is not surprising that such conditions frustrate people. Here is a simple guide to the most important things that you should know about leaking windows.

There is No Rain yet there is Water on Windows

It might be surprising to see water droplets forming inside your window when the weather is sunny. If you have such a problem, consider yourself lucky because it is a sign that your window is not leaking. The outdoor weather does not correspond to water droplets forming on the inner side of your glass windows. Most people confuse this type of window condensation for leaking windows.

This can simply be referred to as window condensation. How do you solve it?

  • Adjust your home temperature using a dehumidifier or air conditioner.
  • Condensation can easily be reduced by lowering the amount of moisture in the air inside your house.

Water Comes inside your House through the Window in All Directions

Every time it rains, water oozes through the windows from top to bottom. This is a serious problem that you would not wish to have. In mild incidences, water can be seen from either the top, sides, or bottom of the window. In most cases, such leaks affect poorly installed windows or those that are already old. Water slides around the edges making your house wet. Although it can be frustrating, it is still easy to fix.

All you need to do to such a leaking window is to apply a layer of caulking on all the sides of your window. Remove the old layer around the window before you start applying a new one. It is always advisable to take out worn-down sections before you begin the process of applying a caulking layer. This repair method is relatively cheap.

Water on the Bottom of a Window Frame

You might have seen this before. Brown stains on a window frame can easily ruin the appearance of your room. If you close the window and it still does not keep water out of your house, you should consider replacing such a leaking window. Issues can be extensive in this case. The window may not be fitting proper in the panes. You should consider fixing using caulking.

Possible Causes of Leaking Windows

Little or no maintenance

If you pay little or no attention to your window, there are high chances that it will start to leak soon. If caulking is missing or broken at the seams, your window will start leaking. Window leaking may be as a result of cracked glazing putty. Check to see whether the glass seal is broken or not. If broken, it will allow condensation and moisture between the window frames. The absence of paint seal is yet another problem. If you do not maintain a tight seal, your window will start leaking as well.

Poor Installation

This explains why you should seek the services of a company such as Window Mart that offers high quality window repair and installation services. You can as well install windows yourself but you may make a lot of avoidable errors. Poorly installed windows allow water infiltration. You should use specially designed window flashing and not use wrap or building paper on your windows because such materials allow water to penetrate around the windows.

Poor House Design

The design of your house matters a lot. If your house lacks overhangs that drain water from the roof, you will soon start experiencing window leaking. Overhangs play a significant role in protecting your house against rain water that is driven by the window. If the fascia board is improperly angled, leaking will be a major problem. The fascia board must be angled outwards so that it may direct water away from your window.

How to Detect the Causes of Leaking Windows

Check the weep holes. These are holes on the bottom of a window frame. Weep holes are specially built to drain off precipitation that usually collects in window tracks. A window may leak if weep holes are clogged up. The solution to this problem is clearing the clogged up holes. Remove insect corpses and fallen leaves among other objects from the holes. Use a wire, cotton swab or compressed air to clean the holes.

The other important thing to do is to check the condition of the window seal. Ensure that glasses on your windows are properly sealed to a vinyl or rubber gasket. A windows glass may loosen when it gets old. Consider to renew them if they are loosened.

Checking the window frame should also be part of the routine. In most cases, poorly installed or worn out window frames cause windows to leak. The type of repair done to window frames depends on the nature of the scenario.

Determining the Causes of Leaking Windows

Identifying where your window is leaking is as important as identifying the main cause of the problem. It is advisable to avoid exposing your window to water using gutters. Gutters play an important role in minimizing the amount of water exposed to windows. Additionally, it prolongs the life of a window. Take time to survey the quality of windows on regular basis. Always pay attention to seals and caulking so that you may make the necessary repairs before it’s too late. In case you notice any window leaks, repair it quickly.

Ensure that water does not accumulate in the interior of your house because it leads to the growth of molds. As a result, you may be required to carry out repairs on window frames. Molds may have a negative impact on the quality of your life and your health. Make repairs as soon as possible to limit the growth of molds.

If you have a leaking window, you do not have to necessarily worry about using hundreds of dollars on repairs. The most important thing is to educate yourself on window leaking issues and how to handle them. This way, you will be able to identify the problem early enough and it will save you a lot of money. Educating yourself also means that you will be in a better position to do some repairs by yourself.

Easy Steps to Follow to Fix a Leaking Window

Making home repairs

At times determining where water is getting into your house can be a daunting task. Use a hose and pinpoint potential sources. After doing that, you will find out whether the window is improperly or loosely installed. Doing so makes it easy for you to determine the best solution to the problem.

Also have a look at the gutters. Check to see if they have clogged up. Do they force water to unwanted places? The size of gutters also matters a lot. If they are undersized, you should consider replacing them with a correct size. Maybe you need another gutter system.

Sealing leaking windows

In case of a damaged or cracked caulking, sealing it is the best solution to the problem. Check the nature of the problem on a dry day. Examine the window frame to find out where water passes through the window unit. It is advisable to avoid adding good caulk to a bad one. The first thing that you should do is to get rid of damaged caulking. Replace it and finally paint it.

Checking your roof

At times, water enters your house coming from the roof. In such a case, you just don’t focus on repairing or replacing window frames and sills. A falling roof can be the main cause of the problem. Seek the services of a roofing expert to inspect your roof system.

Replacement of failing windows

A leaky window could be a one of the problems affecting a failing window. Numerous problems could be affecting your window. For instance, the window might be allowing water inside thus promoting the growth of mold. Such a situation leads to unhealthy air quality in your home. Poorly functioning windows may also increase your bills in terms of air-conditioning and heating.

Ways of Fixing a Leaking Window

A failed window caulking or glazing can allow cold air to enter your house. This may make everyone uncomfortable especially in cold weather. Water can also get in thus worsening the situation. If the damage is obvious, fixing a glaze or caulk is quite easy. It only becomes challenging when the leak comes from the siding or window frame. In such cases, water passes through the cracks and travels a long distance before it starts dripping.

Some of the materials that you may require for repairing your window are paint, glazing powder, pry bar, putty knife, caulking gun, rag, detergent, utility knife, Epoxy wood filler, sandpaper, 16d nail, and oil based wood primer. Below are easy repair methods:


  • Use putty knife to cut off the old glazing from the window. Use a rag to wipe off dust and other particles on the window.
  • Remove sufficient amounts of glazing from the container. Roll the glazing compound around your hands and a form a rope with it. Lay that glazing rope around the window frame.
  • Hold the knife parallel to the frame using a blade. Start from one corner and create a flat surface extending to the edge of the window frame. Repeat the same on all sides of your frame. Ensure that it fits well.
  • Allow the putty to fully harden for approximately 10 days. Used oil-based wood primer to coat it once it hardens. Paint you window once the primer dries to make it look beautiful. Painting is also a great way of increasing the durability of a window.


  • This is yet another easy method of repairing leaking windows. However, you should do it on a dry day. Temperatures should be moderate when you want to recaulk a metal or vinyl window. A waterproof caulk work best. Remove loose or peeling caulk. Use a detergent to wash your window. Oil and grease may prevent the caulk from sticking properly. In case of the presence of oils, wipe them.
  • Use a caulking gun to put the caulk. Afterwards, cut the tip using a utility knife. The seal should be punctured using a 16d nail.
  • Lay it and ensure that there are no bubbles or voids between the frames and the window. Tool the bead using your fingers. Do the same with the caulk on the three remaining sides of your window.
  • Allow the caulk to cure for one night before you start to paint it.

Helpful Tips

  • If you find it challenging for you to chip of the faulty window glaze, simplify the process by softening it using a heat gun. This will make it pliable.
  • You are free to use polysulfide, polyurethane or silicone caulk. However, it is advisable to avoid silicone if your plan is to paint it later.
  • If you want to repair the window sill while sealing your leaking window, do not cover the weep holes to allow condensation to drain out.