Bow and Bay old window replacements

Old Window Replacements with Bow and Bay Windows This Spring

Do you ever walk around and notice that your windows need some attention? That they require some treatment. Regardless of whether you know that those beauties need replacement or not, the next critical thing would be to choose which window design you are going to use. The modern and trendiest designs which people opt for are bow and bay windows. People tend to generalize these two designs and are ignorant of the distinctions between the two window designs.

They take the two as the same design. But it is essential to consider the differences and similarities that exist between these two designs. That will help you decide with ease the best choice for your magnificent house. We will assist you in determining the best kind of design to go for your window replacement. Bow or bay windows?

  1. The Concept of Bay Window

This design projects outside window structure. The height is not considered here. The types vary depending on their inside angles which range from 900,1350, and 1500 . However, there are triangular bays that consist of two windows set at 1200.The main difference between bay and bow window is the shape. Most bays are polygonal or squire.

  1. Why Are Bay Windows Preferred?

If you are replacing your windows to add more space to your sitting space, the bay is the ideal choice for you. They are full flanked window designs that are operable. They give a more prominent unobstructed view and more ventilation for your home.

  1. The Concept of Bow Window

It is also known as compass window. It is literary a curved bay window. It consists four or six windows that projects outside the wall. The windows are of same dimensions, and they are more symmetrical than the bay. They form a curvy look that makes them appear more attractive.

  1. Why Are Bow Windows Preferred?

A bow window is a fantastic window design. The design boasts of a sharper angle that creates more space for ventilation. If obstruction of the view doesn’t bother you so much, and you are okay with the extensive materials that make this window design, you can consider this design for your replacement window.

When you opt for the bay windows, you should be prepared financially as the cost is a little bit higher than the cost of replacing bow window. Both designs of windows offer extensive views. Bay window has the benefit of providing unhindered view while bow windows are gorgeous and enthralling.

  1. Our Verdict

The two designs are excellent for home improvements. The spring is the ideal season to do your window replacement because there is no moisture either of snow, rain or ice. Nevertheless, it is also a very tied up season for the replacement work, so it will be prudent to decide fast and have the best dream house. Call us here at Window Mart Windows and Doors and we will walk with you through the entire process of window installation and replacement.