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Energy Efficient Patio Doors

Window Mart’s offers high quality and energy efficient patio doors in Calgary, Alberta. Every custom patio door that we build features a high-quality frame paired with high performance glass to improve insulating properties and reduce energy costs.

The Largest Collection of Patio Doors in Calgary?

Patio doors refer to any doors that open to your garden or backyard area, either by swinging in/out or sliding open along the frame. Window Mart offers an extensive selection of sliding doors, garden doors, French doors, and venting doors in Calgary that will improve your home’s energy efficiency and boost curb appeal.

Our Patio Doors are custom built using only the best materials and the latest technologies creating a strong and secure entrance to your backyard oasis. Whether you are building from the ground up or updating your family home, Window Mart has the perfect Patio Door to fit any aesthetic.

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    Types of Patio Doors

    Patio Doors are one of the most frequently used doorways in many homes. Window Mart has a wide selection of Calgary Patio Doors to choose from that will effortlessly match any architectural style or design.

    Sliding Doors

    Sliding Doors

    Sliding Doors feature an easy-to-use design with horizontally sliding glass panels. They do not swing open and allow plenty of natural light while reducing the amount of space required to operate.

    Garden Doors

    Garden Doors

    Garden Doors include two separate door panels. Each side is divided with a vertical post – one side is used as an entryway and the other for additional light and ventilation.

    French Doors

    French Doors

    Also known as double doors, French Doors swing open for a grand entrance to your backyard patio area. They are hinged along the outside of the frame, without a center post, to create a wider entry way.

    Venting Doors

    Venting Doors

    Vented Patio Doors feature an easy to operate venting door glass unit, that opens with a crank handle to give you complete control of air circulation. They feature the same center post as Garden doors.

    Benefits of Patio Doors

    Space Saving

    Space Saving

    Sliding Patio Doors offer the unique advantage of maximizing useable floor space as the door panels effortlessly slide along the frame. Since the doors do not take up any extra space, you can freely style your indoor or outdoor furniture how you choose.

    Beautiful Outdoor Views

    Beautiful Outdoor Views

    Preserve your view of your backyard oasis with Window Mart’s variety of Patio Door sizes and styles. Our Patio Doors are custom designed to suit your style.

    Superior Ventilation

    Superior Ventilation

    Our sliding and venting Patio Doors feature several screen options to allow maximum ventilation without letting in any unwanted insects, pests, or debris.

    Elegant Design

    Window Mart’s Patio Doors are designed using the highest quality materials available, creating doors that are as beautiful as they are functional. Enjoy affordable, practical, and energy-efficient Patio Doors that will increase your home’s aesthetic appeal.

    Easy to Maintain Patio Doors

    Easy Maintenance

    Window Mart’s Patio Doors are easy to clean and virtually maintenance free. They are guaranteed to not warp, peel, or crack – promising you years of unbeatable performance and durability.

    Improved Home Value

    Improves Home Value

    A beautiful, functional home is a valuable home. With Window Mart’s high quality, durable, and energy-efficient Patio Doors your home will benefit from improved overall value.

    How to Choose a Patio Door

    How to Choose a Patio Door?

    A custom designed Patio Door will highlight the unique character and beauty of your outdoor living space while seamlessly flowing into your home’s existing architectural design. Choosing the right Patio Door for your home will depend on the type of space you have to work with, the level of privacy you want, among other personal preferences.

    Overall, you want to choose a Patio Door that complements your home, is durable and is easy to maintain. Some features, such as the addition of LoE glass, will boost energy-efficiency and reduce UV exposure. Other elements to consider are the inclusion of custom door glass inserts, internal blinds, and door hardware options. With Window Mart’s vast selection of Patio Doors, you have the flexibility to create a truly grand entrance to your backyard patio.

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    What Our Clients Say

    Ivan did it again! He helped us get the right windows for our basement this time, one including an egress window. Ivan's knowledge and confidence in his product helped us make the best decision for us. We used window mart for our entire home, which now includes 22 windows and 2 doors. Both times I have gotten 4-5 quotes and both times we used Window mart. Hit up Ivan (and tell him I sent you ;-)
    Have had them do work at home on a couple occasions now. The quality of work has been excellent. Final price was as quoted and on time. Andrei, in particular, was excellent to work with: knowledgeable, professional and friendly.
    High quality, very professional staff. Great customer service and team installing worked fast and efficiently! Would recommend Window Mart to anyone. Michael was fantastic as PM.
    Thanks a lot to Andrei Sintov for exellent customer service. Great job explaining various options and possibilities.
    they were super professional and on time. i couldnt imagine a better outcome with any other business
    We signed a quote from Windows Mart to have few windows replaced.Our sales rep was Mikhail Mezentsev and he was very professional during the estimation and quoting process. He explained everything in detail and made sure it was understood. We hope the rest of the process is just as easy.
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    Why Choose Patio Doors from Window Mart?


    Our Patio Doors are energy efficient doors, providing exceptional energy performance in all Canadian climates.

    Premium Quality

    Premium Quality

    We are proud to be partnered with some of Canada’s top Patio Door manufacturers, delivering expertly crafted products that are as beautiful as they are durable.

    Extensive Selection

    Extensive Selection

    Custom design the perfect Patio Door with our wide selection of door sizes, styles, colors, and options such as glass inserts and complimentary hardware.

    Superior Installation Services

    Get the most out of your new investment with our professional Patio Door Installation Services.

    25-years warranty

    Comprehensive Warranty

    Window Mart offers up to 25 years warranty for protection against manufacturer and material defects.


    What is the standard size for patio door?

    Most standard two-panel patio doors measure 80” x 72”, however patio doors can come in any size or style you can imagine. Window Mart custom builds each door to spec, so you never have to worry whether it will fit or not.

    Can you replace the glass in a patio door?

    If the seal were to become compromised around the glass in your patio doors, you can replace the entire glass unit. Window Mart is happy to provide a full range of patio door installation and maintenance services. Should you require repair, please contact our team today.

    How much do patio doors cost?

    The overall cost for a new Patio Door depends on a variety of factors, including the size, style, and extra features you select for your door. For an accurate (and complimentary) estimate for a replacement Patio Doors, contact the team at Window Mart today.

    Are Patio Doors secure?

    Some people are concerned about the security that Patio Doors offer considering the large glass surface areas. Window Mart’s Patio Doors are made with strong and durable materials and can be reinforced further with high-quality locking systems and even break-in resistant glass options.

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