301 (PVC)

Versatile and efficient, the 301 patio door is ideal for renovation and construction projects for your home, condo or apartment building. Its minimalist frame and large glass surface provides unobstructed views and places your garden front and centre. This model has a high degree of protection against water infiltration, making it well-suited to residences located near water. Its all-PVC construction makes it easy to clean and its system of rollers maximizes smooth, easy operation. Enhance your privacy by adding integrated miniblinds in white or satin grey.


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301 Welded PVC Frame Welded PVC Panels

    • Recommended for renovation and new construction, residential projects.
    • Thermally welded frame & panels.
    • Large glass area and minimal frames in your view.
    • Excellent quality and performance ratio.
    • All PVC construction with integrated nail fin and easy installation.


Harmonized Standards – 96″ x 80″ Air-tightness Water-tightness Structure Overall
AAMA/WDMA/CSA101/I.S.2/A440-08 PASSED 360 Pa DP-50 PG-R50


Patio Door Options

Kick panels, Transoms, Sidelites, “Desert Sand” extrusions, Paint, Low E glass, Triple glass, Tinted grey or bronze glass, Integrated blinds with Low E glass – White, Integrated blinds with Low E glass – Satin Grey, Grids, Dividers, Brick mould and sill extension, Sill extension, Nail fin, Security bar, Foot lock, Double-point mortise lock, Signature handle, Keyed lock, Ultra-resistant screen, Novavision retractable screen

Available Sizes

301 PVC Patio Door sizes

Grids & Mini-Blinds

301 PVC Patio Door



Easy to operate and highly durable mini-blinds are a great way to let light in during the day while ensuring absolute privacy at any moment. Our mini-blinds are now available in two colours in order to suit any décor.

Mini-blinds for patio doors

Cross Section

370 PVC Patio Door Cross Section


Double Glazed, Low E 80/70 face #3 ER 34 / U 1.76
Double Glazed, Low E 80/70 face #2 ER 31 / U 1.76
Double Glazed, Low E 62/27 face #2 ER 16 / U 0.29 / SHGC 0.23
Triple Glazed, Low E 80/70 face #5 ER 39 / U 1.36 / SHGC 0.53
Triple Glazed, Low E 80/70 face #2 & #5 ER 40 / U 1.19 / SHGC 0.48


20 years warranty on pvc patio doors 20 years limited warranty on white PVC and Aluminum extrusions 20 years warranty on low-e glass unit 20 years limited warranty on low-e glass unit (residential application) 10 years warranty on integrated blinds 10 years limited warranty on integrated blinds 5 years warranty on hardware 10 years limited warranty on hardware


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