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Capri (PVC)

Capri is a PVC patio door that is durable, elegant and beautiful. Capri patio doors come in standard and custom sizes based on your exact architectural requirements. There are hundreds of standard colours and ten stunning wood grain finishes that give you endless design possibilities.

Capri is meticulously appointed, well thought out and carefully manufactured PVC patio door. Capri patio door is the evolution of the sliding door. It is the perfect addition to any home improvement project.

Window Mart offers supply and installation of high-quality patio doors in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario.

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Capri PVC Sliding Patio Door

Standard Features

  • For a luxurious look, all Capri sliding patio doors are designed with oversized sash frames
  • Soft weather stripping and tandem rollers to allow for smooth gliding
  • To maintain a smooth and polished look of a sliding door (and to hide installation screws), we’ve included flush-mounted screw covers, jamb pocket covers, and hidden bumpers.
  • To reduce air infiltration and improve energy efficiency, a special multi-finned weather stripping is added at the top and bottom interlock position.
  • A twin-point lock in the paint finish of your choice with inside and outside pulls.
  • Superior 2” x ½“ screen with fiberglass mesh.
  • Adjustable steel rollers, lock with pull handles and heavy duty zinc keeper.
  • 1” low E argon-sealed units backed by a lifetime warranty.

Standard Accessories

Capri sliding patio doors come equipped with standard accessories to make it more aesthetically pleasing, customizable, and energy efficient.

  • 5 standard brick mold sizes: Zero degree, 5/8”, 1”, 1 3/16”, 1 ½”, 2” and 4”
  • Vinyl interior extensions. Wood and foam board cut to size suitable for any wall depth.
  • Interior vinyl casings in 2 3/8” and 3 3/8” sizes
  • Transoms and sidelites that integrate seamlessly with Capri


Patio door material


Patio door panels

2 panels, 3 panels, 4 panels

5' Actual Sizes - CA

59” ½ x 79” ¼, 59” ½ x 81” ¼, 59” ½ x 95” ¼

5' Actual Sizes - US

58” ¾ x 79” ¼, 58” ¾ x 81” ¼, 58” ¾ x 95” ¼

6' Actual Sizes - CA

71” ½ x 79” ¼, 71” ½ x 81” ¼, 71” ½ x 95” ¼

6' Actual Sizes - US

70” ¾ x 79” ¼, 70” ¾ x 81” ¼, 70” ¾ x 95” ¼

7.5' Actual Sizes - CA

89” 7/16 x 79” ¼, 89” ¼ x 79” ¼, 89” 7/16 x 81” ¼, 89” ¼ x 81” ¼, 89” 7/16 x 95” ¼, 89” ¼ x 95” ¼

8' Actual Sizes - CA

95” ½ x 79” ¼, 95” ½ x 95” ¼

8' Actual Sizes - US

94” ¾ x 79” ¼, 94” ¾ x 95” ¼

9' Actual Sizes - CA

107” ¼ x 79” ¼, 107” ¼ x 81” ¼, 107” ¼ x 95” ¼, 107” 7/16 x 79” ¼, 107” 7/16 x 81” ¼, 107” 7/16 x 95” ¼

10' Actual Sizes - CA

116” 7/8 x 79” ¼, 116” 7/8 x 81” ¼, 116” 7/8 x 95” ¼, 119” 1/8 x 79” ¼, 119” 1/8 x 81” ¼, 119” 1/8 x 95” ¼

12' Actual Sizes - CA

140” 7/8 x 79” ¼, 140” 7/8 x 81” ¼, 140” 7/8 x 95” ¼, 143” 1/8 X 79” ¼, 143” 1/8 X 81” ¼, 143” 1/8 X 95” ¼, 143” ¼ x 79” ¼, 143” ¼ x 95” ¼, 143” 7/16 x 79” ¼, 143” 7/16 x 95” ¼

16' Actual Sizes - CA

188” 7/8 x 79” ¼, 188” 7/8 x 95” ¼, 191” 1/8 X 79” ¼, 191” 1/8 X 95” ¼

Asymmetrical Option

Not available

Patio Door Options

Custom sizes, Custom Colours, Sidelites, Transoms, Grids, Dividers, Paint, Low E glass, Triple glass, Integrated blinds with Low E glass – Satin Grey, 1 ¼" Triple-pane insulated glass with Low E glass *, Stainless Steel corrosion resistant double-point locking mechanism, Ultra-resistant screen with 3" aluminum frame, Integrated blinds with Low E glass – White, Brick mould and sill extension, Sill extension, Foot lock, Double-point mortise lock, Keyed lock

Patio Door Additional Options

Mini Blinds, Grills (Internal), Grills (External), Triple Glass

Optional Extras

  • Hundreds of standard paint colours, including our colour match option to fit seamlessly into your home.
  • Your choice of 10 standard wood grains.
  • 3 distinct upgraded hardware lines.
  • Secondary security locks.
  • Options for high-efficiency glass products to boost your energy savings and comfort.
  • Triple-pain insulated glass

Opening Options

Capri Patio Door can be configured to suit your needs.

Capri patio door opening options

Transoms & Sidelites

Transoms and Sidelites allow for seamless integration with your sliding door. Transoms and Sidelites are also an ideal and economic solution to non-standard openings. Mini-Blinds are also available in Sidelites in all colours as part of the custom program.

Options Chart

Capri patio door options


Mini-Blinds Chart

Capri patio door options

Capri patio door mini-blinds

Standart Colours

Capri patio door mini-blinds colours

Grills Options

Exterior Grills

Recreate the look of individually divided glass panes with Simulated Divided Lites (SDL) .

By using a ”shadow” bar between the glass and contoured mullions on the interior and exterior of the glass the recreation is almost exact. If you choose colour or wood grain your SDL’s are coated with your door.

SDLs come in 1″ and 2″ widths.

Capri Patio Doors

Interior Grills

Grills between the glass come in a variety of shapes, sizes and contours.

They come in various finishes to compliment your door color be that color or woodgrain or something flashier like our metallic finishes. The options are endless!

Internal Grills

Paint Options

Choose from hundreds of standard colours from major manufacturers colour palette or use our color matching service to provide an exact match to your décor.

Colour options



U-factor (W/m² – K)

Solar Heat Gain (SHGC)

Energy Rating

Layers of Glazing


























Clear – LOE180

Not qualified

Clear – Clear

Not qualified

Any door with mini-blinds

Not qualified

LoE Glass Options

We encourage all our customers to take a look at our energy-saving glass options, such as LoE-i89, LoE-272 and LoE-366 packages, which are given performance and energy ratings based on visible light, solar energy, U factor (air and argon).

Window Mart highly recommends efficient glass packages to all our Alberta and Ontario customers. You’ll experience heat savings within the first year of owning your new patio door. Wide glass sliding doors are naturally less insulating than exterior walls, which is why smart glass packages are ideal for places that

LoE-272 LoE-272
LoE-366 LoE-366
LoE-i86 LoE-i89

Hardware Options

Standard “Siena” Series with Twin-Point Lock

Standard Siena Series with Twin-Point Lock

The standard hardware package. Comes in Black, White and split-finish Black Out/White In.

Keyed option is available on all “Siena” series locks

“Verona” Series

Verona Series

Comes with Twin-Point Lock. This series also come in 7 stunning metallic finishes.

  • (from l to r) Brushed Chrome,
  • Bright Chrome,
  • Satin Nickel,
  • Bright Brass,
  • Antique Brass and Black Nickel.
  • (Oil-Rubbed Bronze also available but not shown)

Keyed option is available on all locks.

Sorrento Series

Sorrento Series

This grip set series display a more contemporary look. The square d-handle fits perfectly with modern décor and  design.

The “Sorrento” is available in:

  • Black,
  • White,
  • split-finish Black Out/White In and
  • Satin Nickel.

The keyed lock option is not available in this series.

San Remo Series

San-Remo Series

The “San Remo” Series comes in two distinct versions. Both feature an easy to use thumb –turn. “San Remo Slim” features a slimline interior and exterior grips. “San Remo D” has and ergonomic D-type pull handle. Both handles are available in Black, White, split finish Black Out/White In and Satin Nickel.

Keyed locks are not available.

Secondary SecurityKicklock and Topbolt

For additional security and general peace of mind we offer Kicklocks and Topbolts as secondary security in addition to our twin point lock.




For a period of twenty five (25) years from the date of purchase, Window Mart warrants that all white vinyl panel and frame components will be free of any manufacturing defects which include splitting, blistering, peeling, flaking,  hipping or corrosion.


For a period of ten (10) years from the date of purchase, Window Mart warrants against any splitting, blistering, peeling, flaking, chipping or corrosion of vinyl door components (kits and complete doors) if supplied and painted by Window Mart.


For a period of twenty (20) years from the date of purchase, Window Mart warrants that the insulated units will be free of dust coatings or debris between the two sheets of glass or development of condensation, caused by seal failure.


For a period of two (2) year from the date of purchase, Window Mart warrants against any defective handles, security locks and rollers.


For a period of ten (10) years from the date of purchase, Window Mart warrants that all internal tilt and turn mini blinds will continue to be in good operational condition and free of manufacturing defects and that the sealed unit will be warranted against seal failure for a period of ten (10) years from the date of purchase.


Window Mart shall not be liable for and this warranty does not apply or extend to all defects or damages as a result of vandalism, abuse, accident, neglect, Acts of God, improper handling, poor installation (including frame not square, twisted, warped toward interior or exterior or bowed), or inappropriate maintenance. This warranty does not apply to defects or damage caused by improper ventilation, heating or condensation due to excess humidity. Painting, coating or varnishing over the Window Mart doors original finish will not be covered under this warranty along with colour changes due to normal weathering over time. Damage resulting from exposure to corrosive fumes, chemicals or sea salt will not be covered by this warranty. Window Mart will not be liable for any labour costs and/or transportation costs for any issue not warrantied.


This warranty is given in lieu of all other warranties, liabilities or obligations of Window Mart. No sales representative, distributor, retailer, or dealer has any authority to modify this warranty. Window Mart shall not be liable for costs of shipping, applicable taxes or damages to the building or properties associated with the building.


Any claim of defect must be submitted in writing by the original purchaser to Window Mart Customer Service Department. The claim must identify the nature of the defect(s), date of purchase, original invoice number showing order details and date of shipment, name and address of the property owner(s).


Window Mart reserves the right to discontinue or modify any of its products without prior notice to the original purchaser. In the event of such discontinuance and / or change, Window Mart shall not be liable to the original purchaser. In the extreme circumstance a product covered by this warranty be unavailable, Window Mart reserves the right to substitute a product of equal quality or price, according the Window Mart’s sole discretion.

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