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Craftsman SDL


Privacy Level – 1/5 Clear to Private

Craftsman Simulated Divided Lights (SDL)

A mill finish grille between glass with our all-in-one SDL frame provides the look of a true divided light with the energy efficiency of a single light.

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BAROQUE glassChinchillaVapour Glass
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  • Glass options: Double glass – Standard, Triple glass – Optional (contact us for details)
  • Glass Textures: Clear glass, Blanca glass, Micro-Granite glass, Rain glass or Streamed glass

Window Mart offers a wide variety of door glass insert options for steel and fiberglass entry doors in Canada. Our exclusive collection of door glass inserts can satisfy any customer and will fit any architectural requirement. It is available in multiple sizes and the limit is just your imagination and creativity.

Energy-efficient glass

Energy-efficient glass has a low emissivity surface which reflects heat radiation. Depending on its position in the glazing, it will keep the heat inside the house or prevent it from entering.


Window Mart uses the intercept® spacer in its double glazing doorglass. This “warm edge” spacer type, combined with energy-efficient glass and argon gas, reduces condensation on the periphery of the glass in winter.


The argon gas in your glazing reduces heat transfer by convection and improves energy efficiency.


Our V-groove process incorporates an engraving process on sandblasted tempered glass or glue chip glass, which provides high level of privacy while allowing daylight to penetrate. The engraving technique is also available on clear tempered glass.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Glass Design

Contemporary, Textured, Sandblasted

Privacy Level

1/5 Clear, 4.5/5 Private

Glass Sizes

25×15 CT, 21×16, 22×15, 25×15

Glass Sizes


Glass Type

Banter Glass, Baroque, Blanca Glass, Brainstorm Glass, Calgary, Chatter Glass, Chinchilla Glass, Circuit Glass, Clear Glass, Clear Lo-E Glass, Converse Glass, Courtyard, Cubed Glass, Frosted Glass, Madison, Micro-Granite Glass, Monterey, Oak Park, Parkway, Rain Glass, Repartee Glass, Streamed Glass, Topaz Glass, Vapour Glass, Whisper Glass

Craftsman Simulated Divided Lights (SDL)

1, 3, 6

Grill Color Options

White, Oak, Mahogany

Glass Options

Double Glass

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Price Group


Frame Options


10 Year Warranty

10 year warranty on doorglass against:

  • seal failure,
  • yellowing or
  • deterioration.

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