FR-00 model is an exterior entry door made of the standard flush door slab and that is available in fiberglass material.

The standard flush smooth or wood grain firberglass door is open to virtually any custom design ideas. This door slab is a perfect canvas for multiple cutouts. Its smooth surface allows for the creation of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 cutouts in the 79″ door slab or even 6 cutouts in the 95″ door slab, according to your specific requirements.

With our wide selection of decorative stained glass, wrought iron or contemporary glass of any size and shape, you are limited just by your imagination in creating the entrance of your dream.


We can also build doors with custom width and height according to our customers’ specific architectural requirements.

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Looking for high-end appearance, superior insulation and increased security? Window Mart offers high-quality fiberglass doors in Canada manufactured to the highest of industry standards and customizable to meet your needs. All fiberglass doors feature versatile skins that can be either woodgrain stained or smooth painted to match any desired colour scheme or design.

Need something custom? Don’t see a colour that suits your tastes? Window Mart’s complimentary colour matching service can match any specific colour not readily available in our current palette.

Window Mart’s fiberglass door systems are specifically designed to withstand the harsh Canadian climate. 


  • Impressively smooth finish with authentic simulated stained wood appearance. Our doors radiate the warm texture and ambiance of natural wood without compromising on quality, security and low maintenance expected from fiberglass.
  • Low profile and discreet, fiberglass door skins are engineered from the very best compression moulded, high-impact fiberglass. Guaranteed to resist bowing, cracking, splits and warping. As an added benefit, fiberglass will never corrode.
  • Performance engineered polyurethane core enhances energy efficiency by way of superior insulating properties rated up to six times higher as compared to wood alternatives. Environmentally friendly, our fiberglass doors are free from chlorofluorocarbons.


Fiberglass doors features
  • Durable & Resilient: Fiberglass is known for its ability to hold up well, being highly resistant against dings, denting, corrosion, splintering and more, making them a solid investment.
  • Impressive Security: Our doors are designed to be both visually stunning and security-minded. Each door utilizes a full-length steel reinforced wood lock block to provide enhanced security while also allowing for the versatility of a wide selection of hardware mounting options.
  • Energy Efficiency: Next to windows, doors are the second leading cause of energy loss from drafts and poor insulation. Our fiberglass doors utilize 100% CFC-free polyurethane foam to provide superior insulation boasting an excellent R-rating.
  • Engineered for Performance: Solid construction made to the highest of standards ensures rigidity and resistance to any kind of warping or bowing, even under extreme temperatures.
  • Waterproof: Designed using Hydroshield technology, our doors feature composite rails and stiles guaranteed to never absorb water. Unlike wood alternatives, our doors will never rot, swell or warp due to moisture.





Smooth, Wood Grain

Wood Grain

Oak, Mahogany, Cherry

Panel Count

No Panels

Slab Height 79"

28×79, 30×79, 32×79, 34×79, 36×79, 42×79

Sidelight Height 79"

12×79, 14×79

Slab Height 95"

32×95, 34×95, 36×95, 42×95

Sidelight Height 95"

12×95, 14×95


No Glass, With Glass

Glass Panel

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Glass Design

Contemporary, Stained, Wrought Iron

Glass Shape

Square, Rectangle, Oval, Half Moon, Camber Top

Glass Sizes

12×12, 22×3.5, 22×5, 22×9, 22×10, 22×12, 22×14, 22×17, 25×65

Glass Sizes

20×36, 20×64, 20×80, 22×36, 22×48, 22×64, 22×80, 8×42 RT, 3/4 Oval, Full Oval

Glass Sizes

7×64, 8×17, 8×36, 8×48, 8×80, 11×76, Half Moon

Multipoint Lock

Multipoint door locking system

We can help you improve the level of security for your home entrance by installing our premium quality multi-point locking systems engineered with European technology. These locks meet all the highest standards for resistance to a forced entry, fire safety, tightness and accessibility.

Such lock activates automatically at the moment when you simply close your door – top and bottom 3/4” (20mm) latches get instantly engaged. If you turn the key from the outside or the knob from the inside at 90° angle, the 1” central deadbolt becomes engaged and locks the upper and lower latches making it a 3 deadbolt locking system.

Designes for your convenience, this multi-lock will not require any handle lifting to activate locking points. Your closed door will stay protected from warping since top and bottom latches are always engaged. Our automated multi-point lock system is a reliable and secure locking solution for your home entrance.

These lock meet all the highest standards for resistance to a forced entry, fire safety, tightness and accessibility. Such lock activates automatically at the moment when you simply close your door – top and bottom ¾”(20mm) latches get instantly engaged. If you turn the key from the outside or the knob from the inside at 90 degrees angle, the 1” central deadbolt becomes engaged and locks the upper and lower latches making it a 3 deadbolt locking system.


Multipoint door locking system

If you prefer your door design to be complemented with a bar pull handle set, then you will need to have a deadbolt lock installed.

The deadbolt will be used in combination with two roller catches – one at the top and one at the bottom of the door. Roller catches keep the door in the frame even when it is not locked, preventing it from swinging open.

This way you do not have to worry about locking yourself out of the house should you forget the key inside – if the door shuts, roller catches will make it stay shut but unlocked until you use the key.







Lock Handles

Modern Brass


Modern Plate 1.5-X11 Hermes Lever Modern Plate 1.5-X11 Hermes Lever
Lock handles modern brass


Traditional Brass


Concord Plate 1.5”X11” Coventry Lever Concord Plate 2”X10” Cortina Lever
Lock handles traditional brass


Stainless Steel


Stainless Steel Plate 2X10 Stuttgart Lever Stainless Steel Plate 1.5X11 Athena Lever
Lock handles stainless steel


Pull Bar Handles

Window Mart offers a wide range of modern and stylish pull bar handles which change the look of your entrance and adorn it in the most attractive way.

Pull bar handles make a big difference in the look of a house. It is a special part of your door that creates unique taste and character.

Pull Bar Handles


Security and beauty of Window Mart entry doors is significantly complemented by quality hardware. We partner with the industry’s best suppliers to equip our doors with reliable and durable components – so you can have peace of mind knowing your door is protected from the elements and forced entry.

We have an extensive line of door locks, including deadbolt, tubular, mortise and multi-point locks. Ball-bearing hinges, flush bolts, roller catchers, weather stripping, sills, glass frames all meet strictest standards and made from high quality materials to ensure smooth performance and add a finishing touch of excellent to our products.

Door hardware

Paint / Stain

Window Mart entry doors are made pre-finished. We use high grade commercial paint and stain finishes specifically designed for fiberglass and steel doors. Painting and staining gives the door an excellent protection from weather exposure and makes it virtually maintenance-free. Pre-stained and pre-painted doors have durable surfaces which will neither peel nor corrode for many years ahead keeping your entrance attractive and secure.

Our paints and stains carry a 7 year warranty against discolourations and a limited lifetime warranty against adhesion failure.

Window Mart doors include everything you could possibly need in an entry door – durability, low maintenance, excellent security and superior performance.




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