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Loft (Aluminum)

Courage changes everything! Asymmetrical configuration is optional!

Loft aluminum patio door extends your living space into the outdoors.

Its lift mechanism ensures the large panels are easy and simple to move while providing unparalleled airtightness when closed.

Two panel configurations — in lieu of three or four panel — define contemporary lifestyle and breathtaking atmosphere.

Safe, durable, easy to operate and energy efficient, this door is one of the best aluminum patio doors in Canada.

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Loft Aluminum

    • Lift and slide mechanism for an oversized sliding panel.
    • Engineered for very large formats in two-lite configurations up to 12 feet in width.
    • Triple-point locking mechanism for maximum security.
    • Superior performance.
    • Clean and simple design and finish.
    • Asymmetrical configuration available.
    • Low emissivity insulated glass unit with argon gas (Low E).
    • Black warm edge spacer.
    • Anodized aluminum sill cover.
    • Corrosion resistant tandem wheels.


Harmonized Standards – 96″ x 80″ Air-tightness Water-tightness Structure Overall
AAMA/WDMA/CSA101/I.S.2/A440-08 PASSED 360 Pa DP-50 PG-R50


Patio door material


Patio door panels

2 panels

6' Actual Sizes - CA

70” ½ x 81”, 71” ½ x 79” ½, 71” ½ x 95” ½

8' Actual Sizes - CA

94” ½ x 81”, 95” ½ x 79” ½, 95” ½ x 95” ½

9' Actual Sizes - CA

107” x 79” ½, 107” x 81”, 107” x 95” ½

10' Actual Sizes - CA

119” x 79” ½, 119” x 81”, 119” x 95” ½

12' Actual Sizes - CA

143” x 79” ½, 143” x 81”, 143” x 95” ½

Asymmetrical Option


Asymmetrical Panel Sizes 7'

83” ½ x 79” ½, 82” ½ x 81”, 83” ½ x 95” ½, Clearance 30”

Asymmetrical Panel Sizes 8'

94” ¾ x 81”, 95” ¼ x 79” ½, 95” ¼ x 95” ½, Clearance 30”

Asymmetrical Panel Sizes 9'

106” ¾ x 81”, 107” ¼ x 79” ½, 107” ¼ x 95” ½, Clearance 30”

Asymmetrical Panel Sizes 10'

118” 3/4 x 81”, 119” ¼ x 79” ½, 119” ¼ x 95” ½, Clearance 42”

Patio Door Options

Custom sizes, Custom Colours, Sidelites, Transoms, Grids, Low E glass, Triple glass, 1 ¼" Triple-pane insulated glass with dual Low E glass *, 1 ¼" Triple-pane insulated glass with Low E glass *, Ultra-resistant screen with 3" aluminum frame, Brick mould and sill extension, Sill extension, Nail fin, Keyed lock


* Options only available for some door configurations.

Patio Door Additional Options

Triple Glass

The Benefits

Panoramic View

Enjoy your living space to the fullest with a door that makes the outdoors an essential extension of your home. With wide glass panels and thin frames. Loft aluminum patio door provides a stunning panoramic view.

Loft aluminum patio doors, panoramic view

Effortless Operation

Tandem wheels and the available lift & slide mechanism make sliding oversized panels frictionless. Each detail is designed to make opening and closing simple, light, and enjoyable.

Exceptional Comfort and Energy Efficiency

Composite thermal barriers and an innovative sealing system combined to offer the highest performance ratings on the market. Loft is certified for all ENERGY STAR zones without restrictions.

Aluminum Durability

Resistance to heat, cold, and to corrosion, as well as its superior durability make aluminum the best choice for a long lasting, maintenance-free product, specially for dark painted doors.

Enhanced Security

Loft aluminum patio door is engineered with the utmost structural integrity to withstand wind loads, shocks, and the toughest climates. Built with standard multi-point locking mechanisms, these doors will give you the peace of mind you deserve.

  1. Contemporary style handle
  2. 3″ sash width for a maximised window surface
  3. Black warm edge spacer
  4. Thermally broken aluminum frame and sash
  5. Clean and simple design and finish
  6. Anodized aluminum sill

Unique Features

Asymmetrical Configuration

With the addition of the asymmetrical configuration, sidelights and transoms, the Loft product line is a flexible fenestration system that will  give you the freedom to accomplish your most ambitious projects.

asymmetrical patio door

Lift & Slide Handle

Pivot the sleek, contemporary style handle to release the three-point locking mechanism and raise the door onto its wheels. Free from the friction of the gaskets and seals, the large panel weighing up to 250 lbs glides quietly and effortlessly with just one hand.

unique patio door handle

The panel lifts 5/16″(8mm) when the door is unlocked.

The panel lifts 5/16

Available Sizes

Loft Aluminum Patio Door sizes


1″ Double Glazed, one Low E 80/70 ER 21 / U 1.87
11/4″ Triple Glazed, one Low E 80/70 ER 35 / U 1.53
11/4″ Triple Glazed, dual Low E 80/70 ER 38 / U 1.31


Kora lift-&-slide handle

Available in white, black and satin chrome colours.

Left to right on the photo below:

  • Internal handle,
  • external handle.

loft patio door handle


20 years warranty on pvc patio doors

20 year limited warranty on white PVC and Aluminum extrusions

20 years warranty on low-e glass unit

20 year limited warranty on low-e glass unit (residential application)

10 years warranty on integrated blinds

10 year limited warranty on integrated blinds

5 years warranty on hardware

5 year limited warranty on hardware