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Urbania (Aluminum)

Urbania stands apart with its unrivalled energy performance. Its clean and simple lines, large glass surface, and well-paired contemporary-styled handle are sure to blend perfectly your house. This patio door’s innovative thermal breaks and weather-stripping ensure comfort and energy efficiency while the all-aluminum frame guarantees its sturdiness.

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Urbania Aluminum

    • Lift and slide mechanism for an oversized sliding panel.
    • Engineered for very large formats in two-lite configurations up to 12 feet in width.
    • Triple-point locking mechanism for maximum security.
    • Superior performance.
    • Clean and simple design and finish.
    • Asymmetrical configuration available.
    • Low emissivity insulated glass unit with argon gas (Low E).
    • Black warm edge spacer.
    • Anodized aluminum sill cover.
    • Corrosion resistant tandem wheels.


Harmonized Standards – 96″ x 80″ Air-tightness Water-tightness Structure Overall
AAMA/WDMA/CSA101/I.S.2/A440-08 PASSED 360 Pa DP-50 PG-R50


Patio Door Options

Kick panels

Available Sizes

Urbania Aluminum Patio Door sizes



Easy to operate and highly durable mini-blinds are a great way to let light in during the day while ensuring absolute privacy at any moment. Our mini-blinds are now available in two colours in order to suit any décor.

Mini-blinds for patio doors

Cross Section


1″ Double Glazed, one Low E 80/70 ER 21 / U 1.87
11/4″ Triple Glazed, one Low E 80/70 ER 35 / U 1.53
11/4″ Triple Glazed, dual Low E 80/70 ER 38 / U 1.31


20 years warranty on pvc patio doors

20 years limited warranty on white PVC and Aluminum extrusions

20 years warranty on low-e glass unit

20 years limited warranty on low-e glass unit (residential application)

10 years warranty on integrated blinds

10 years limited warranty on integrated blinds

5 years warranty on hardware

10 years limited warranty on hardware


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