Security Film

Home vandalism can cause a significant amount of damage to both your windows and doors, as well as your peace of mind. Security glass film is an excellent addition to your glass as it can help prevent home intruders from entering your home or causing any damage to your property. These include security, safety and anti graffiti coating. We will briefly discuss the advantages of each in the following article.

Anti Graffiti Film

This type of film is applied to the exterior of doors and windows to prevent vandalism such as tagging and scratching. The cost of anti graffiti film is about 30% less than what it would cost to replace vandalised and damaged windows and can save thousands of dollars in repair and replacement costs.

Safety Glass Film

This coating is applied to clear to float glass as a means of protection from injuries due to shattered or broken glass. It creates a strong adhesive bond to hold windows in place, which can prevent serious injuries due to shattered glass. This type of film is popular in areas such as offices and schools. However, it is also beneficial in homes as it protects your loved ones and guests from injury due to broken glass.

Security Window Film

This film is applied to the inside of doors and windows to strengthen the glass. It can help prevent intruders from entering your home or office. Even if the underlying glass is broken, it will remain intact, thus prevent would be thieves from gaining access to your property. Security window film is widely used and recommend for home security as it greatly decreases the risk of home invasion. You will have peace of mind knowing that your home is safe and secure.

If you are want to protect your home or office from potential home invasion, contact Windows Door Mart for their expert advice. They will advise you as to the proper security features such as the above window films to add to your windows and doors to ensure that your home is safe from break-ins.