Single and Double Hung Windows


Benefits of Our Hung Windows

Single and Double hung windows are extremely popular in the Edmonton and Alberta areas. They are not only stylish, but can add value to your home. They are designed with vinyl to ensure that they are eco-friendly, rust resistant and most importantly, energy efficient. Modern technology allows us to design windows that give control ventilation and increase security. Our energy efficient single and double hung windows are designed to provide ultimate protection through the changing seasons for many years.

Single Hung Windows

Single hung windows are ideal for those who have limited space for windows in their home, such as closets, hallways and bathrooms. They will not take up additional space when opened as they are designed to open straight up rather than out like some windows. We ensure that they are made even more secure through the addition of safe-locking vinyl windows.

Single hung windows are most cost-effective than double hung windows. They are designed with a half screen so the lower sash is operational, unlike the double hung windows where the sash is stationary. Thus one panel is moveable and the other is fixed. You will be able to slide the panels in order to allow for ventilation. The sash balance system also allows for easy cleaning.

Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows are designed for those who prefer the more traditional look. They include two sashes, both of which slide along a separate grove. You will be able to open half the window while leaving the other half remains closed. Each sash is designed with compression weather stripping, balances and springs for security and durability.

Double hung windows are easy to clean as well as our windows are designed with a special mechanism that allows for cleaning on both sides by simply twisting and pulling. Most designs also allow for the screen to be easily removed for easier cleaning and maintenance.

Both our single and double hung windows are designed with aluminum and glass to make for easy installation and durability. We ensure that our windows are waterproof and sealed properly to avoid air and water leakages into your home. Our windows are designed for longevity and will not fade, crack or rust.

We can also customize windows to fit your special specifications. We have a wide selection of colors and styles available for both single and double hung windows. Our windows will add a sense of contemporary flair to your home while still maintaining a traditional style. You will find our windows are highly energy efficient, stylish, durable and secure.

Window Mart is proud to serve the Edmonton and Alberta areas. Our professional and knowledge staff is willing to help you with any concerns you may have regarding your home renovations or new installation. We proudly stand behind all of our products.

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