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ENERGY STAR Rated Sliding Doors in Canada

Window Mart’s attractive yet practical Sliding Doors feature the Energy Star emblem, which is the gold standard for energy efficiency ratings in Canada. Our selection of Sliding Patio Doors features high-quality PVC, aluminum, or hybrid frames paired with high performance glass to improve insulating properties and reduce energy costs.

High-Quality & Energy-efficient Sliding Doors

Window Mart offers supply and installation of high quality and energy efficient sliding doors in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario. We provide custom built PVC, aluminum and hybrid sliding doors that seamlessly fit any architectural design. With our wide selection of customization options, you can choose sliding patio doors that meet the exact performance and aesthetic requirements you desire. Whether you are building a new home or upgrading one you already love, new sliding doors will improve the look of your home and increase overall efficiency.

Our Sliding Doors are custom built using only the best materials and the latest technologies creating a strong and secure entrance to your backyard oasis. Whether you are building from the ground up or updating your family home, Window Mart has the perfect Sliding Door to fit any aesthetic.

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What Are Sliding Patio Doors?

Sliding doors provide a convenient yet attractive entry way to your backyard area. They feature two glass door panels that are easily opened and closed by sliding one panel behind the other along a horizontal track. The smooth operation allows you to effortlessly move between your indoor and outdoor spaces. Whether you choose double- or triple glazed insulated glass units, sliding patio doors allow lots of natural light in your home while maintaining a comfortable indoor environment.

Sliding doors also come equipped with a sliding screen panel to let fresh air freely flow throughout your home. Since sliding doors do not open out or in on a hinge, they are the ideal option for homes and patio area with limited space. Furniture can be easily placed near the entryway without interfering with operation of the door at all.

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Sliding Patio Door Styles

Whether your home’s design is contemporary or more traditional, you are sure to find a Sliding Door style that will effortlessly match your existing aesthetic. Our extensive selection of Sliding Patio Doors features a variety of construction materials and additional features (like sidelights, v-groove glass, or window grids) to help you create the perfect entry way to your backyard oasis.

Capri PVC

Capri (PVC)
Capri is a PVC patio door that is durable, elegant and beautiful.

Pacific (PVC)

Pacific (PVC)
The Pacific patio door is designed and manufactured with a remarkable craftsmanship and true value.

550 (Welded PVC)

550 (Welded PVC)
Strike the right balance between an authentic look and outstanding efficiency with a 550 patio door.


Element (Hybrid)
Bring character to your space with our high-end The Element patio door.

The 630 (PVC)

The 630 (PVC)
The 630 PVC patio door is the result of 35 years of patio doors production experience.

650 KD (PVC)

650 KD (PVC)
The 650 patio door combines the durability of PVC with the strength of wood inserts in the jambs.

Urbania (Aluminum)

Urbania (Aluminum)
Urbania stands apart with its unrivalled energy performance.

Loft (Aluminum)

Loft (Aluminum)
Loft aluminum patio door extends your living space into the outdoors.

Imagine (Welded PVC)

Imagine (Welded PVC)
The practically of a sliding door with the look of a garden door.

What Makes Our Sliding Patio Doors Unique?

Infinite Configuration Possibilities

Our Sliding Patio Doors are available in a wide variety of configurations, giving you the freedom to create a beautiful, impressive, and functional entrance to your backyard oasis. With additional sidelight and transom options you can design full window feature walls that command attention, from inside your home and out.

Effortless Opening and Closing

With tandem wheels and expertly designed door tracks, our Sliding Patio Doors open and close with absolute ease. The additional Lift & Slide Mechanism makes even oversized door panels simple to slide along the tracks. Every aspect of our doors was designed to make operation completely effortless.

Variety of Construction Materials

Choose from a wide variety of construction materials to create the perfect Sliding Patio Door for your home. Whether you go with PVC, aluminum, or a hybrid option, our Sliding Doors are low maintenance and durable, effectively preventing rot, cracks, and fading – no matter the elements they face.

Vast Array of Customization Options

Sliding Doors from Window Mart come with endless customization options, ensuring that every one of your style and usage requirements are perfectly met. Added features such as insect screens, mini blinds, tempered glass, window grids, and so many more can be combined to create an attractive and functional Sliding Patio Door.

Sliding Door Materials


PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is a chemically resistant resin that is extremely durable. Window Mart’s Sliding Patio Doors constructed with PVC are as attractive as they are functional. PVC Sliding Doors boast excellent Energy Star ratings, along with impressive strength and resilience. Our PVC Sliding Doors are the most affordable in our Sliding Door line up. With proper care and maintenance, you can expect your PVC Sliding Door to last up to 20 years – giving you the most out of your investment.

When designing your custom PVC Sliding Door package, you can choose from hundreds of different colors and several woodgrain finishes. We offer a 10-year limited warranty on paint, so you can rest assured that your doors will look amazing for years to come.

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Aluminum is an incredibly durable and sturdy construction material. The structural stability of aluminum allows for the assembly of bigger patio doors with the ability to create unique offset panels. In fact, aluminum Sliding Doors are the only ones that can support an asymmetric design. Although they are more expensive than PVC models (about 2.5 times), the quality and reliability of aluminum Sliding Doors is worth every penny.

When paired with thermal breaks and quality weather stripping, aluminum Sliding Doors boast exceptional energy efficiency as well as durability. They are also corrosion and decay resistant, making aluminum Sliding Doors an ideal option for the ever-changing conditions of Canada’s climate.

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Hybrid Sliding Patio Doors are the best of both worlds. They are strong and resilient with the ability to stand up against the harshest of elements. While they look like a top-end option, with aluminum cladding around PVC, they are more affordable than all-aluminum patio doors.

Hybrid Sliding Doors come in a wide variety of colors, finishes, and sizes to match any architectural aesthetic. They can also be designed in several different configurations to meet your needs. The flexible customization of Hybrid Sliding Doors allows for any number of additional features, such as mini-blinds, sidelights, transoms, LoE glass and many more.

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20 year warranty

On white PVC and aluminum extrusions against peeling, buckling, blistering, cracking and major, uneven discoloration.

20 year warranty

On sealed units against film formation or dust deposits between the two panes of glass, caused by seal failure.

10 year warranty

On laminated PVC, PVC and to Aluminum Extrusions against non-adherence, cracking or peeling of the paint on the profiles.

5 yeaк warranty

On Hardware components against manufacturing defects such as tandem rollers, mortise handle on operating panel, weather-stripping and retractable screen mechanism (except screen mesh).

Transoms & Sidelights

Elevate the look of your Sliding Doors with custom designed Transoms and Sidelights. These supporting elements provide additional light for the interior of your home and emphasize the grandeur of your entry way.


Patio Doors Online Catalogue

Window Mart’s exclusive online catalogue contains all available patio door models. It is designed to facilitate easy sorting through our many product details, including size, building material, panel numbers, and special features.

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Why Choose Sliding Patio Doors?

Space Saving

Space Saving

Since Sliding Patio Doors do not swing open like hinged patio doors, the floor space near the entry way remains useable. With the simple operation of Sliding Doors, access to your backyard patio or garden is effortless.

Beautiful Outdoor Views

Unobstructed Views

Our Sliding Patio Doors are available in a wide variety of sizes, styles, and configurations. With the large glass surface of Sliding Doors, the view of your backyard oasis can remain unimpeded while also taking advantage of additional natural light inside your home.

Superior Ventilation

Improved Ventilation

Window Mart’s Sliding Doors feature an operational bug screen. The rolling screens promote adequate airflow throughout your home without allowing any unwanted visitors or dirt inside. Venting sidelights can also be added to your Sliding Doors, maximizing ventilation and increasing natural light.

Elegant Design

Elegant Design

Each of our Sliding Door models was designed with quality and elegance in mind. No matter what style you choose, a new Sliding Door from Window Mart is sure to enhance the appearance of your home and beautifully compliment your outdoor patio area. We also have a wide selection of additional features so you can fully customize your Sliding Doors to meet your design requirements.

Ease of Maintenance

Ease of Maintenance

Our PVC, aluminum or hybrid Sliding Patio Doors provide maximum performance and durability. Compared to other construction materials, Window Mart’s Sliding Doors are virtually maintenance free. They have been designed specifically to hold up against the sometimes harsh and ever-changing conditions throughout Canada. Our Sliding Doors are guaranteed to not warp, peel, or crack – providing you with a beautiful entry way that will last for many years to come.

The 630 (PVC) Popular Choice

The 630 Sliding Patio Door boasts a sleek, contemporary design with the versatility to fit any aesthetic. The vinyl construction provides superior energy efficiency and durability, while the maximized glass surface delivers exceptional natural light inside your home.

Laconic modern design

Energy efficient

Wide Grill Options

Maximized Glass Surface

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What Our Clients Say

I am writing to commend your employee, Max, for the outstanding service he provided during the replacement of doors and windows at our home. Max demonstrated exceptional professionalism, patience, and attention to detail, offering us tremendous assistance throughout the process.As non-experts in this field, we had limited knowledge, but Max used his expertise to answer many of our questions. Particularly considering that English is not our native language, Max conveyed complex information in a clear and understandable manner, explaining various aspects of doors and windows. His patience and friendliness made the entire process smoother, enabling us to make informed decisions with ease.We truly appreciate Max's dedication, which went beyond mere job responsibilities, reflecting genuine care for the customer. His service instilled confidence in our door and window choices and left us with a highly positive impression of Window Mart.Once again, thank you for Max's outstanding performance in the door and window replacement project at our home. We are impressed by his service and believe he has contributed to securing many satisfied customers for the company. We will recommend Max's contact information to our friends who need to replace doors and windows.We gave his service a 5-star rating.Sincerely,Anna Na
We decided to use window mart for my house.Andrei took care of us.Easy to understand and everything go smooth.Now I am looking forward to see new window.
Ruslan and vitali were amazing to deal with. The windows look great and they were neat and tidy, efficient and kind. I would definitely recommend them and would use them again. Great service!
I was extremely impressed with WindowMart's work! Special thanks to Max K. and Serhii M., who are true specialists. Their expertise and attention to detail were outstanding. The windows look amazing. Highly recommend WindowMart for top-notch service!
Just had my front windows replaced a few days ago, they look great! Denys was a very knowledgeable project manager and Daniil installed them very cleanly. Thanks Window Mart!
Alex Alexeev is a very good guy. He explain verything very clearly and very efficient at what does. Also answer my call and all my question. Look forward to see the new windows when there done. Thanks again for your assist.
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Why Choose Sliding Doors from Window Mart?


Our Sliding Doors are energy efficient doors, providing exceptional energy performance in all Canadian climates.

Premium Quality

Premium Quality

We are proud to be partnered with some of Canada’s top Patio Door manufacturers, delivering expertly crafted products that are as beautiful as they are durable.

Extensive Selection

Extensive Selection

Custom design the perfect Patio Door with our wide selection of door sizes, styles, colors, and options such as glass inserts and complimentary hardware.

Superior Installation Services

Get the most out of your new investment with our professional Patio Door Installation Services.

25-years warranty

Comprehensive Warranty

Window Mart offers up to 25 years warranty for protection against manufacturer and material defects.


How much do Modern Entry Doors cost?

Prices for Modern Entry doors range based on a variety of factors, including size and customizations. Contact Window Mart today for an accurate estimate on replacement costs.

Should I choose steel or fibreglass for my new Modern Doors?

Steel and fibreglass both offer their own advantages when it comes to the construction of entry doors, including Modern Doors. Steel doors, for example, are a bit stronger and more durable compared to fibreglass. However, fibreglass doors are available in a wider range of colors and finishes and generally require less maintenance overall. It is best to speak with an exterior door expert to discuss your individual preferences. Window Mart is always happy to help sort through all the possible options, so you feel confident in your final entry door selection.

How do I maintain privacy if I choose a Modern Door with glass?

The beauty of glass inserts from Window Mart is that you are in complete control of their design. We offer a vast selection of frosted, textured, stained, and etched glass designs that can obscure the view through the glass and improve privacy levels. You can check out our Online Glass Inserts Catalogue any time to browse through our door glass collection.

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