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steel doors edmontonWe all wish to have a dream home that is both stylish and offers comfort, a place where we can rest after a long day and can feel safe from Mother Nature’s harsh forces. Our home is our safe haven. However, a few mistakes can easily comprise our comfort zone. These are among the reasons while many people are opting to install steel doors in their homes for added security.

With people scheming every day to find new ways to break into our homes and destroy our peaceful safe haven, it is crucial to have strong and durable means of protection from home intrusions. Steel doors are a surefire way to ensure this peace of mind. While things such as burglar alarms, home security systems, cameras and even guard dogs are a great way to protect your home, steel doors can only provide an extra measure of security.

Another advantage of steel over wooden doors is that they are fire resistant as well. They give the added sense of security as well as protection to your home and your family. For this reason, most people spend a great deal of money choosing the right style of door for their home. It is critical to make a wise choice in providing your family with superior protection from both fire and home intrusion. Steel doors are the best option for providing your family with ultimate security.

When most people picture steel doors, they picture the style of doors one would see on a bank or business. They see them as dull, plain and generally unattractive. However, this is not the case. Steel doors can be extremely stylish and even customized to fit your style of home. It is a little known fact that steel doors can be both molded and embossed to give a stunning effect. You will have to choose the color and design of your steel doors.

door design collection edmontonAdvantages of Steel Doors over Wooden Doors

  • Security: Fire protection and increased safety make steel doors the number one choice for complete home security.
  • Durable: Reinforced steel provides for both smooth operation as well as unbeatable protection against harsh and inclement weather.
  • Stylish: Steel doors can come in a variety of styles such as classic or modern accents to add flair to your home.
  • Energy Efficiency: Steel doors are designed for better insulation and energy efficiency to help you reduce your overall energy costs.

Window Mart has the most extensive selection of steel doors in the Alberta, Edmonton and the surrounding areas. Our helpful staff can answer any of questions you may have regarding selection, installation, customization, financing, warranty coverage or availability. Our steel doors can provide you with the confidence of knowing your family is safe and secure. In addition, they can add an artistic flare to your home that will make it stand out from the crowd. You will be the envy of your neighborhood.

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* Avaiable in 84″

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