Super Spacer

Super Spacer

Improving Insulated Glass Performance with Super Spacer

Modern day insulated glass units often include a window spacer that maintains the space between window panes and creates a tight seal around the edges of the glass. Window spacers are designed to improve the energy efficiency of insulated glass units. These spacers are made of a variety of different materials, such as galvanized or stainless steel. Any sealed window unit that utilizes a material that is less conductive than aluminum is considered a “Warm Edge” technology window. Because these windows often still contain metal, the anticipated insulating properties may be compromised. In fact, over half of a window’s R-value (the capacity to resist heat flow) can be lost through metal window spacers.

Window Performance Problem

Super Spacer® is the answer to this modern-day problem. The unique, metal-free construction of Super Spacer window spacers eliminates heat loss through conductivity to create a stronger, more efficient window overall. Unlike traditional single-seal units, all-foam Super Spacer window units contain two sealants in one. The structural foam holds the window unit together while the barrier sealant reduces heat loss and protects against the formation of condensation.

What is a Super Spacer

What is a Super Spacer?

Super Spacer® features an all-foam dual-seal construction to maximize strength and efficiency. No other window spacer can offer the same level of performance.

Super Spacer Proven Performance

  • Reduces window U-values (thermal transmittance) by up to 0.2W/m2K
  • Reduces external noise pollution by up to 2dB
  • Reduces condensation by up to 70%
  • Typically lasts over 2x longer than dual seal systems
  • Typically lasts 5x longer than single seal systems
  • Successfully tested from -15° to 125° C
  • More than 100 EN1279 Part 2 & Part 3 passes
  • ISO 9001 accredited
  • 40-year performance guarantee

How Does Super Spacer Technology Work?

Because there are no metals used in the construction of Super Spacer window spacers, conductivity is eliminated. This means that the insulating properties of the window are maximized, keeping the temperature of your window edges consistently warmer (up to 10.2 degrees warmer). While many other window manufactures claim to provide this “warm edge technology”, they often feature highly conductive metal-based glass spacers. Windows that include metal-based spacers can lose up to 50% of the overall R-value, allowing hot and cold to freely flow through the window seals. With Super Spacer, however, the R-value a window is better maintained.

How Does Super Spacer Technology Work

The all-foam design of Super Spacer includes two sealant formulas working together to create a superior window seal. The polymer structural foam serves to hold the windowpanes together for long-term strength and durability, while the proprietary barrier sealant keeps insulating gases in your window and lowers the overall U-values of your windows. The result is a more energy efficient window that prevents condensation and reduces sound transmission.


Blocks Heat EscapePrevents Thermal Transference

The unique barrier sealant formula used with Super Spacer® prevents heat escape to maximize thermal performance of your windows.

Resists Condensation MoldResists Condensation & Mold

The improved insulated glass seal provided with Super Spacer reduces the formation of condensation and mold, creating a safer and healthier home.

Blocks Unwanted NoiseReduces Noise Pollution

Super Spacer®’s unique closed-cell polymer foam design improves sound absorption, lowering external noise pollution inside your home.

Adapts to Extreme Temperature VariancesAdapts to Extreme Temperature Variances

The 100% metal-free foam construction of Super Spacer prevents seal failure and stress cracks by adjusting to the pressures created by fluctuating weather conditions.

Withstands the Test of TimeWithstands the Test of Time

The polymer foam used in the construction of Super Spacer window spacers improves the overall structural integrity of the insulated glass unit for long-term durability.

Super Spacer vs Metal Spacers

Metal does not have the same level of resiliency as foam does. Insulated glass units that include metal or rigid plastic spacers do not offer the flexibility that Super Spacer can. Super Spacer features a proprietary 100% memory formula, which effectively compensates for the natural expansion and contraction of materials in fluctuating temperatures.

Full Metal Spacer

Full Metal Spacer

With conventional metal spacers, condensation is inevitable. The conductivity of metal creates excessive thermal transference.

NO-Metal Super Spacer®

The patented all-foam design dramatically reduces condensation, delivering superior performance and energy-efficiency.

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Less Metal Spacer

While mid-performance spacer systems improve some condensation resistance, they still contain metal that reduces R-value.


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