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ENERGY STAR Rated Tilt & Turn Windows

Window Mart offers durable and versatile tilt & turn windows in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario. Made with 100% lead free uPVC, our tilt & turn windows are energy efficient and feature dual compression sealing technology.

What is a tilt & turn window?

Tilt & turn windows are unique because of the versatility that they offer. Though new to North America, tilt & turn windows have been long used in Europe. They are offered in a variety of configurations and shapes to perfectly compliment your unique style and needs.

When in the tilt position, tilt & turn windows allow air flow without compromising protection from the elements or intruders. In the turn position, they can be easily opened. This feature helps make the cleaning process easier and it also provides an escape route in the case of an emergency, which is a safety requirement for bedrooms and many other spaces.

Window Mart tilt & turn windows are available in a wide array of colors, sizes, and configurations. We custom build every window to fit your home, complete with special features like window grills or custom hardware. At Window Mart we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction with our top-rated products and window installation services.

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    • Tilt & Turn Windows
    • Tilt & Turn Windows
    • Tilt & Turn Windows

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    Tilt & turn windows are sure to be an enjoyable addition to your home – delivering comfort, style, and efficiency no matter what your preferences are.

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    Features & Options


    • Casement
    • Awning
    • High Fixed
    • Low Fixed
    • Combination

    Special Shaped:

    • Arch/Round Top
    • Round Window
    • Quarter Arch Window
    • Trapezoid Window
    • Half-round Window
    • Octagon Window
    • Bay Window
    • Bow Window
    Turn and Tilt Window Configuration

    Available stock inventory is in CREAM and WHITE only. Additional solid or capstock colors are available upon request.

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    Tilt & Turn Windows Advantages



    Tilt & turn windows can be enjoyed in three different positions – fixed, tilt, and turn. In the fixed position, dual compression technology delivers an air and water-tight seal. When switched to the tilt position, the sash opens inwards in the same fashion as a hopper window. Finally, the turn position allows for the window to swing fully inward.

    Easy to Clean

    Easy to Clean

    If you are the one in your family that has been given the title of “window washer” you are going to appreciate how easy to clean tilt & turn windows are. Since they can open completely with the window swinging inwards, washing is an absolute breeze – no more ladders necessary!

    Easy to Clean


    You can rest assured that your home is secure with the tilt & turn window system. Tilt & turn windows are constructed with uPVC and reinforced with galvanized steel. The perimeter has multiple locking points, so when it is in the sealed position it is truly sealed. When in the tilt position, you can enjoy ventilation without sacrificing your security. With the window hinging along the bottom of the frame it makes it incredibly difficult for someone on the outside to force their way in. Additionally, tilt & turn windows provide a safe escape route in the case of an emergency. With the turn function, the window swings completely open allowing for straightforward egress.


    Tilt & turn window systems have a sleek and minimal design. Their modern aesthetic adds beauty and function to your home, which undoubtedly improves the overall value.


    One of the most valuable aspects of tilt & turn windows is the wide array of customization options. They are compatible with many hardware alternatives, ensuring you can create a cohesive aesthetic throughout your entire home. Tilt & turn windows are also available in a variety of special shapes and sizes. From round windows to octagon windows, all the way to bow windows, your vision can be brought to fruition.

    Improved Ventilation

    Both the tilt and turn positions of these unique windows allow for controlled air flow in and out of the room. With the window in the tilt position, hot air can escape out the top without unwanted drafts moving through your home. If you want to feel a cool summer breeze, however, all you need to do it transition your window with the turn function and enjoy ultimate ventilation.

    Energy Efficiency

    Tilt & turn windows feature a multi-chamber profile design that provides superior insulation. Better insulation means less heat transference and, in turn, lowered energy costs.

    About Window Mart

    Window Mart is a Canadian owned window company that specializes in unique, custom vinyl windows. Our team of window specialists is pleased to work with you to find the perfect custom windows to fit your home, whether it’s a new build or a home renovation project.

    We take the time to explain and compare window options with you and help you select the right size, type, and finishing touches for your new Window Mart vinyl windows.

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    What Our Clients Say

    Worked with Vitalie from window mart today. Extremely knowledgeable, explained everything very clearly. Was very helpful in selecting style of door, colours and hardware. We highly recommend!
    Ilya amazing person to deal with, soon as he present us the windows and doors we close the deal, very serious company and good to deal with HIGHLY RECOMMENDED IT!!!!!!
    Denys is very professional. A very informative person.I would recommend him to others.
    We decided to use window mart because the salesperson Ilya is very helpful, patient and knowledgeable, in discussing options for our windows. We are looking forward to having the windows installed.
    Aleksandr Seo took his time to explain everything and was very patient. The quote was reasonable compared to other companies that is why we chose windowmart.
    Very pleasant experience with Michael Romankov,so professional, qualified and very easy to work with. Highly recommended and for sure I will work with him in the future.
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