Triple Glazed Windows

Top 4 Reasons to Invest in Triple Glazed Windows

The cost of triple glazed windows is undoubtedly higher than other window options, such as single- or double-glazed windows. However, the many advantages of triple glazing (especially for homes in colder climates) make the investment more than worth it.


While the term sounds fancy, glazing just refers to how many panes of glass you are dealing with. A single glazed window is simply one pane of glass, whereas a triple glazed window has 3 layers of glass. There are gas pockets between each layer, as well. Some triple glazed windows are filled with argon gas, while others may be filled with krypton.



If one pane of glass is good, three is better. Since there is gas between each layer of glass, the insulating ability of a triple glazed window is far superior to that of single- or even double-glazed windows. Windows are often one of the greatest sources of heat loss in a building, which is why the best type of window for cold weather is a triple paned window. As mentioned before, the gas fill between the panes of glass is often argon or krypton. These gases are both far denser than air, which makes them around 50% less conductive. This dramatically reduces heat transfer since the glass is kept at a more consistent temperature (close to room temperature). Over time, you will be saving money on your heating and cooling bills all while enjoying a more comfortable and steady indoor environment.


The same insulating properties that make triple glazed windows more energy efficient, also provide a significant reduction of noise pollution. If you live on a busy street, the sound of steady traffic can get a little bit annoying. With triple glazed windows, you may not even notice the constant roar of vehicles going by.


Continuous condensation on windows can cause many issues. Windows often have the lowest insulation value on the exterior wall of a home, which can make them particularly susceptible to dramatic temperature changes (say hello to Canadian weather). When the warm, humid air inside your house contacts a cold window, the moisture in the air accumulates on the windows. In winter months, this might appear in the form of ice or frost build up. Chronic ice build up can lead to the deterioration of window frames and even the formation of mold and mildew. By increasing the insulation with triple paned windows, you can dramatically reduce or even prevent the formation of condensation.


As you can imagine, breaking through a triple glazed window is more difficult than breaking through a single pane of glass. After all, you are dealing with 5 layers – 3 pieces of glass and 2 gas pockets (keeping in mind that argon and krypton are denser than air)! You can enjoy the peace of mind that your home will be safer with triple paned windows.


With triple glazed windows, you really are getting more bang for your buck – more glass, more protection, more insulation, and more energy efficiency. Your overall comfort in your home paired with the many long-term benefits of triple paned windows is what makes them a truly valuable investment.

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