Venting Doors

Advantages of Vented Doors for Outstanding Ventilation

Vented doors are becoming an increasingly popular addition in Canadian homes They are a great way of allowing fresh air and natural light to enter your home without interfering with energy efficiency. As homeowners are always looking for ways to reduce their energy costs, they are
aviable addition to any home or office.

Equipped with sidelights, they offer superior ventilation; Homeowners enjoy fresh air on to enter their homes via their hinged entry, garden and patio doors. Vented doors provide superior ventilation and sun exposure without the inconveniences of sliding screen or storm doors, which can also be quite obstructive.

As they are supplied with continuous systems, they can be installed as one hinged doors and two hinged sidelights. IN addition, they can be designed as two-hinged French doors with two hinged sidelights. As well, wide patio mullions and door stile edges provide additional support for vented doors.  Following are some of the other features of vented doors.

Obscure venting inserts

Added Ventilation

As a great way to improve the air quality and ventilation of your home, vented doors are a get addition for year round air flow and natural light.

Style And Convenience

Vented doors can be installed as open out double French style doors or multi panel sliding glass doors. Thus, they are compatible with both traditional and modern style homes.

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