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Energy Star Rated Windows

Energy Star Rated windows in Canada. Window Mart windows are made from 100% lead-free uPVC powder compound. It makes our windows resistant to impact and discoloration.

All Window Mart maintenance-free windows feature a unique multi-chamber construction that maximizes insulation, thermal efficiency and sturdiness. Our lineup of vinyl windows features a wide range of colors, finishes and styles that will complement any home.

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Why Vinyl Windows?

Energy Efficient





We are a window company specializing in unique, custom vinyl windows.

Whether for new construction or home renovation projects, we customize every detail of every window to meet your individual architectural requirements.

Benefits of Window Mart Window Frame

Multi-chamber window frame

Window Mart Windows are made from 100% lead-free uPVC powder compound. It makes our windows more resistant to impact, cracking and discoloration.

Our windows have the highest number of internal air chambers, giving them outstanding insulation and sound abatement qualities, as well as maximizing thermal & energy efficiency.

Fusion welding corners have very attractive appearance and also eliminate any need for adhesive and sealants. Fusion welding creates perfect joints making a window frame completely watertight and airtight. Internal walls are also welded to improve an overall structural strength.

Fusion welded corners

Sealed glass unit has 13/16″ overall thickness. We offer multiple options for glazing and thickness depending on the model.

Window glass options:

  • Single, double and triple glass
  • Low-E glazing
  • Glazed decorative panels (3/4″ to 1-1/8″)

We offer multiple options to enhance inside finishing of a window:

  • Maintenance-free uPVC jamb extensions
  • Frame moldings
  • Corner blocks

Beautiful corner blocks to enhance inside finishing.

  • Opening mechanism and high-security multi-point locking system come with stainless steel hinges and tracks.
  • Hardware mounting is done through a minimum of two uPVC frame walls for secure and durable fastening.
  • Depending on the model, casements open at a full 90 degrees.

Why Vinyl Windows?

Vinyl has become one of the most popular window frame material for its unique blend of style, high-performance and convenience. High-quality and energy-efficient vinyl windows deliver great return of investment through energy saving, as well as through being a low maintenance product. Vinyl windows will serve you for many years without the need to be repaired or refinished.

Energy-efficient Vinyl Windows

Energy Efficient

Vinyl windows is a desirable material for homeowners, builders and sub-contractors because of their outstanding thermal performance. Window Mart pays a lot of attention to energy-efficiency in vinyl windows. We use Low-E glass, warm-edge spacers and window frame with unique air multi-chamber system to improve energy-efficiency of our windows.

Unlike aluminum windows – which conducts heat rapidly – vinyl windows do a better job at reducing heat loss and maintaining a comfortable environment inside a house all year round.

The quality and energy-efficiency of vinyl windows can vary. It depends on various factors, such as manufacturing, glazing, frame material, insulation, and many others. Always look for the ENERGY STAR symbol to make sure that you’re getting energy-efficient windows. You can also compare key metrics, such as U-factor, solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) and energy rating.

Professional installation is a major factor in determining the performance and ROI of the vinyl windows. If air is allowed to pass around the frame, then even the most energy-efficient and high-quality vinyl windows will lead to problems.

Worth Reading: Understanding Energy Efficiency Ratings for Windows

Low Maintenance Vinyl Windows

Low Maintenance

Vinyl windows are so popular due to the fact that they are low maintenance. Basically all you need to do is dust or clean them on occasion with a gentle detergent. On the other hand wood frames require a lot of upkeep due to rotting, splintering and fading.

You will find yourself constantly repainting, treating and repairing widows with wooden or metal farms. Vinyl windows are weather resistant so they can survive the elements without needing constant upkeep and repairs.

Attractive Windows


Thanks to technological advances, new designs are constantly being made for vinyl windows, making them a desirable choice for every style of home. At Window Mart, we have a great selection of durable and fade-resistant color options for our vinyl windows, even custom options are available upon request. This gives our customers the advantage of flawless matching for all types and styles of interior and exterior.

Window Mart vinyl windows include distinctive artistic touches such as old-fashioned or modern rosettes for interior trim. We also have the option of wood-stain finish for that truly elegant flair.

Durable Windows


All Window Mart windows are manufactured from 100% lead-free uPVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride) powder compound. This gives our windows strong resistance against moisture, fading, and impact as well as environmental sustainability.

uPVC window frame ensures that a window will not warp, crack, or blister.

Your windows will perform and look like new for years, even with such a changing Canadian climate.

Affordable Windows


Unlike wood and fiberglass windows, vinyl windows are cost-effective option for home renovations as well as new construction. They are an excellent investment as they require little to no maintenance and can greatly reduce home energy bills.

Vinyl windows will serve you for many years because they are durable and weather resistant.

I am really happy with Window Mart I recommend all owners to follow suit as it is not just Michael's politeness but his way of explaining product details. His outspokenness convinced me that in order to sign the financing contract, even before the end of the presentation, I had decided to sign the contract. He even took his time to call the managers of the head office and because they were not available he did not hesitate to call the big boss the owner to get me a good deal. thank you more
Edmonton Alberta
07:49 18 Oct 20
I am really happy with Window Mart I recommend all owners to follow suit as it is not just Michael's politeness but his way of explaining product details. His outspokenness convinced me that in order to sign the financing contract, even before the end of the presentation, I had decided to sign the contract. He even took his time to call the managers of the head office and because they were not available he did not hesitate to call the big boss the owner to get me a good deal. thank you more
Edmonton Alberta
02:06 17 Oct 20
I called in June for a quote and Andrey did a great job selling the product. A little high pressure sales tactics which I wasn't cool with but the price was just too good to pass up. I had to phone them a few weeks later to make sure that someone was going to come and do the final measurements in timely manner. I would have docked them a star or two for these actions but didn't as you'll see why. Now the installation, this is where the 5 stars come into play. Sasha and his helper were amazing. They changed 9 windows and 2 doors in 2 days and worked like well oiled machines. They worked so hard the first day without taking breaks that I had to reward them with a pizza & cokes that day and let them take 10 mins for themselves. I was impressed with those two. Craftsmanship and quality was top more
Ashley Hansen
02:47 10 Oct 20
The project rep was honest (as honest as a salesman can get), quick, knowledgeable and respectful while doing our quote for windows. The installers did a phenomenal job, the windows look amazing - inside and out AND they did not cost a fortune!!! Quoted me HALF of what Canadian Choice wanted. Would definitely recommend these guys to anyone. Only complaint is one of the windows did not come with a screen that has a wait time to get. Still worth 5 stars overall I'd more
Kassidy Clubb
01:03 05 Oct 20
We recently had 5 windows installer in our home. The installers did a great job. Good quality product and service. Thank you Julia for giving us a great deal!
Stephan D
19:05 01 Oct 20
Alex came out today and gave us a very informative assessment and great quote. Very professional and was able to answer all of our questions. Next step is instal!
Brad Montgomery
20:39 25 Sep 20
We used them for couple projects. Alex was very responsive , professional and help us to meet our budget. Products are very good quality. We have recommended them to our friends as well and they were very impressed with the service .
Mariana constanin
20:26 25 Sep 20
Our family signed a contract with Window Mart for 15 windows and 1 door. Julia Dronova helped us choose the styles and grills options. She gave us a good deal and we cannot be more happier with our new windows! The installation took 3 days as our windows are large. The installation team was very hard working and clean. Great quality and amazing service. Thank you Window Mart!read more
Dilshan Samakaroon
20:16 25 Sep 20
We just purchased 2 windows from Window Mart. Julia was our representative, about whom we only have the best to say. Very professional and great product. We will be looking into replacing our door next year. Definitely recommend this company!
Lucia Tropp
20:08 25 Sep 20
Andrey was extremely helpful to us. He Came to our home and explained every detail of what was wrong and supplied us with a quote. He also showed us in the showroom exactly what we would be getting and answered all of our questions. We are very happy and highly recommend window mart Edmonton and dealing with Andreyread more
Jenny Pyshniak
17:15 19 Sep 20
We were fortunate to have Peter Umansky come to our home this afternoon to provide a quote for services. He was a delight to interact with, and answered all of our questions and addressed all of our concerns. We have decided to have Window Mart supply and install our windows solely because of the high quality interaction we had with him (but the great price helped too!)read more
Ali David
19:28 18 Sep 20
I had a pleasure of dealing with Konstantin. We have 2 rental properties that required new windows. Konstantin did an excellent job explaining window installation process. He provided very competitive prices as well. I am very happy for choosing Window Mart.
Alina Smith
03:02 18 Sep 20
I’d like to thank Julia for coming to my house today and giving me a great deal on all my windows and doors! Window mart is lucky to have such a professional working for them. The quality seems to be awesome and I cannot wait to see the new windows. Recommend to all!
Elizabeth Szcz
20:14 12 Sep 20
Purchased a few windows without installation from Window Mart for my cottage. Julia Dronova was the sales person who helped me. We chose the styles and pleased the order. The windows came in on time and very reasonable price. Will be ordering more in spring.
Mick Burr
16:35 12 Sep 20
Alex from Window Mart is a MUST SEE! He is incredibly professional, timely, knowledgeable and patient. He went above and beyond to answer many questions about patio doors that best suited our needs. Alex was the best representative that we have dealt with in our search for patio doors. If you're in the market, definitely make sure you see Alex and the team at Window Mart for your window and door needs 100% more
Cam Carter
23:51 10 Sep 20
Alex from Window Mart is a MUST SEE! He is incredibly professional, timely, knowledgeable and patient. He went above and beyond to show us products multiple times, answer many questions and help us find the windows and doors that best suited our needs. Alex was the best representative that we have dealt with in our search for windows and doors. If you're in the market, definitely make sure you see Alex and the team at Window Mart for your window and door more
Sam Manke
18:24 08 Sep 20
Quote to installation took just under 3 months for custom windows. Installation of 3 windows took about 6 hours and they look fantastic. Took the time to show how to take the screens out for cleaning. Will definitely use in the future for other windows.
Amanda Madeleine
16:54 04 Sep 20
Peter Umansky provided all the information we needed to be very comfortable with our decision on our windows. Cant wait to have them installed.
Paul Colcy
22:35 02 Sep 20
Peter Umansky is an outstanding salesperson! His friendly demeanor immediately put us at ease. He carefully explained the products his company supplies and offered suggestions to meet our needs. He talked us through the steps of installation and patiently answered all our questions. All this, on a Saturday afternoon, while he was travelling across two provinces! Highly more
Daniel Gilroy
21:13 31 Aug 20
On Saturday Julia came out to our home to provide an estimate for some windows. She was very knowledgeable and gave us many options. We appreciate the time she had put into providing us with all information and meeting with us in the evening. Very excited to get our new windows installed. We will be recommending Julia Dronova with WindowMart to our friends and family!read more
Geneiveve Broek
20:52 31 Aug 20
I had a few quotes from other companies and window mart from day one was very professional and detailed up on our meeting. My sales rep was Michael Romankov great attitude and very professional, I thought I had ideas and knew lots about windows but I was wrong till I had a meeting with Michael at my residence. Michael went over in detail on the windows that I wanted and I was very glad that I have meet some one that is very honest and great attitude. I definitely would recommend any one that is thinking or want information on windows to contact Michael at window more
16:20 25 Aug 20
This review is about an amazing representative named Julia Dronova. From the very start before we even really started and she showed up to answer a couple quick questions, she was very personable and professional. A few days later we started the process and her true, honest, hardworking self really began to show. First quote i needed a bit better and she was on it. After a couple more quotes and a bunch of upgrades to what we really wanted she managed to give us the best of the best and at a final price that any competitor would have a hard time matching. Julia answered every message and every call during her hectic days. She helped us pick what we wanted and helped us when we were not sure about a product or accessory. In our opinion julia is a amazing representative for this company and a wonderful person. We are looking forward to the install and will review that step when completed. Thank you Julia. Armstrong family Edmonton Albertaread more
rigs rigs
02:09 22 Aug 20
I saw an add on a lawn in my neighborhood and the workers seem to look professional, so I called for an estimate and Julia Dronova came out to see me a couple of days later. She was very professional and informative to give me all the options needed for the estimate. The price seemed fair so I am having them take on the job and am looking forward to a warmer winter more
troy m
21:17 21 Aug 20
We need to replace a Sliding Patio Door. After inquiring with different competitors, we decided to go with Window Mart (they have an excellent Showroom). Our decision was based on the professional service provided by Andrey. He is very knowledgeable and straightforward, explained the options available; provided a complete detail of the products we were interesting in, as well as explaining the installation process. Once we decided what we wanted, he came to our place within an hour of calling him (wearing a PPE, which we appreciated). We’ll update once the door is installed. Thank you Andrey for your excellent more
Marcia C
23:58 11 Aug 20
Julia from Window Mart was great to deal with. She had answered all our questions and gave us many options. We had worked out a good deal and cant wait to get our windows installed. Doors are on our next years list.
Spencer P
17:47 11 Aug 20
Window Mart is a great company to deal with. Konstantin, the sales representative, provided me with fair pricing and answered all my questions regarding installation. I am very pleased with the product and the quality of workmanship. I recommend Window Mart for windows and doors replacement.
Abdyl Acmay
05:59 08 Aug 20
Great prices! Great overall service. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for new windows!! 5-stars!! Only deal with Andrei he is the BEST!!
Rick W
17:35 07 Aug 20
100% professionals know the client need. I loved the customer service that I received from the representative name Roman Lemets. He know his job very well and product he showed me very quality products. I recommend the window mart to peoples very responsible price too.
18:39 29 Jul 20
We were very pleased with the professional and prompt service that Julia provided. All our questions were answered and honestly after a short time we decided that we did not require to look further. Product was top notch and all facets of it was explained fully and without any pressure.
Maxine Reichstein
00:44 19 Jul 20
They Installed our Windows and Doors back in April of 2020. I am SATISFIED with the RESULT. I didn't realize its turn out GORGEOUS!!!! So I decided to add another doors. Thanks to Andrey Djumayev and the Installer things went GREAT!!!!. I am Planning to get my basement Windows done Next Year. Hope this Pandemic that we facing right now will be over. Darwin from Slave more
Ticket Receipt
17:08 17 Jul 20
We had our windows replaced two years ago and have had no issues, they are great. They did a nice job trying to fill around the window where there was stucco. It's triple pane which I 100% recommend because we had another company do our front bay window and it has soo much moisture in it even in the summer because it's double pane and probably not sealed properly. Window mart finished all the windows quickly and were very friendly. We had one small issue and they came out the next day and repaired it. Highly more
Holly L
12:23 10 Jul 20
We are so pleased to return to Window Mart for windows. It was wonderful to see Julia Dronova return to begin the purchasing. Last year we replaced 4 windows with triple panes and what a difference they made in the winter for keeping warm. We look forward to the new windows we have ordered coming this autumn. My husband and I fully recommend window mart. Ask for Julia. You will be happy you more
Betty Alberg
04:11 07 Jul 20
Window Mart has been extremely great to work with. They double and triple checked the measurements. Just to make sure they are correct. That is critical when other places put the measurements on you to figure out, or gouge you for the task. Andrey was great to work with and sincerely cared that we were happy with the windows. Integrity is important today. Window Mart shines with integrity and better yet, they are Made In CANADA thank you Andrey and Window Mart. Sincerely, two happy more
Steev Nykiforuk
14:00 01 Jul 20
The door installation went very well, the team did an excellent job. Careful, precise, efficient and courteous. Now that the doors are in we can really appreciate the quality of the product. Thank Julia Dronova you for your time and consultation, you did a great job in offering what we needed. You can drop by anytime to install the Window Mart lawn sign, I’m happy to recommend you to anyone. Thanks again and best wishes for continued more
Don Hight
01:19 29 Jun 20
We received an estimate for windows in November of 2019. Konstantin the sales representative showed up on time. He did a very thorough presentation of the product offered. We decided to go ahead with Window Mart and replace all the windows in our mobile home. Installers did an excellent job. We also received additional service requests after the project was done. Windows Mart is an excellent company that values their customers. We recommend Window Mart for anyone who is looking to replace more
Luella Wood
16:51 26 Jun 20
From start to finish, I had a great experience with Window Mart. The customer service line was extremely professional and helped to book an appointment for a quote as soon as possible. Andrey came to my house and completed a thorough estimate and answered all my questions. He explained the benefits for the recommendations on window style and doors he was suggesting and helped get financing approved right away. The windows and doors came within only 5 weeks of the final measurements being taken though I had been quoted 8-12! The installers were very professional and did a great job. They cleaned up as well as they could. I highly recommend Window Mart to anyone looking for new windows and doors. I had gotten multiple quotes before selecting Window Mart. They were the most thorough and the best price for the value. Thank you everyone at Window Mart for doing such a fantastic job!read more
Candice Jackson
20:45 20 Jun 20
Andrey was fantastic! Very knowledgeable an made the whole process super easy, even with all my last minute changes. He even drove an hour outside the city to physically look at the property to get a good understanding of everything we wanted. Excellent service!
Stacy Pottie
16:07 16 Jun 20
Our house is 30 years old with wood windows. So it's time to replace them. We contacted 3 window companies in Edmonton including Window Mart. The other two companies came to do a quick measurement and quoted us a price to replace the wood windows with vinyl windows. I have no idea what I will be getting. Then a gentleman named Michael from Window Mart came. He showed us a "sample" (a cut out corner of the real window) of what we will be getting (triple pane, argon filled, low E etc.) and even showed us the "casement" cranking mechanism. He then measured all our windows and discussed with us the total cost. To our surprise, the cost is a lot better than the other 2 companies. Then came the installation. They sent two to four people to install all our windows. They worked from around 9 a.m. to about 9 p.m. everyday for more than a week! We are very impressed by their professional work.They are very serious in what they are doing. They are also very accommodating when we asked them to install some trimmings in some interior windows not specified in the contract. Overall, we are very very happy with our new windows. We have no hesitation to recommend Window Mart if you are thinking of replacing your windows. N.B. I am not paid to write these comments. I simply want to show our appreciation to Window more
Sunny Yeung
18:33 09 Jun 20
As of right now we had a sales Rep come out and estimate our windows. The sales Rep was professional and did not push any product. He did show us every option available and was very courteous. We felt zero pressure, but made suggestions to suit our needs. We made our deposit and are waiting theb8-10 weeks for our windows to be made, I will update my review and add details on the install experienceread more
18:59 28 May 20
Julia was to the point and read the homeowner so well. I am the homeowner and she was top notch professional. Being a female as well in a very male, competitive industry Julia was perfect. She knows how to sell and she knows the product inside and out! Thank you Julia for the great sales service. Let’s hope the rest of your team works as well as you did. Cheers Kerrie Lightread more
Kerrie Light
02:11 15 May 20
We had a very positive experience with Window Mart. Julia Dronova was excellent to deal with and very knowledgeable. We had all the windows in our house installed and she was there as the last ones were being installed to make sure we were happy with everything. The installers Dmitri and Alexei were very respectful and very clean with the install. Gave our house a whole new look and we are very grateful. I would recommend these people without more
Terry Galliott
02:21 22 Apr 20
We decided to finally replace our windows when the front window cracked last winter. We called Window Mart and Michael came out to look things over. We told him we would like to do this in phases as we had some other renovations already budgeted for. No problem. We had the windows in the front of the house done first. We were so pleased at the new appearance of our home that we ordered the next set of windows right away; the windows at the sides of the house. When those were installed we ordered the back windows. They will be installed soon. We are definitely pleased with everything. We had a great experience. We would recommend Window Mart to anyone. Thank you more
Linda Alex
15:56 22 Mar 20
We ordered new Windows sometime in November and had them installed in January. The service was great. Andrey was a very helpful and courteous salesman. The installation was quickly completed with care and professionalism. The Windows seem well crafted, our house is much warmer now. We have just ordered more windows for our first floor from this company. I certainly recommend Window Mart to other people any without more
Malik Shukayev
19:45 12 Mar 20
Today Julia Dronova came to our house to give us an estimate on a few windows. We thought we knew everything about windows but she taught us so much more. The total price was reasonable and we signed. Great service and very knowledgeable. Can't wait to get them installed.
Jenny E.
01:02 07 Mar 20
We met Julia Dronova at the Red Deer Trade Show where she showed us the product that Window Mart had to offer. We were very pleased with what we saw and how much information Julia gave us. After she came out to our house she took measurements, we discussed what would be the best style of windows for us sand gave us pricing. We thought the amount was reasonable and she had set us up with financing on the spot. A couple of months later the installers came in and they did a great job! We are very happy with our new windows and the service Window Mart's team gave us. Definitely would recommend this company to anyone!read more
Lindsay Hopkin
17:46 27 Feb 20
Jon was the sales rep that my wife and I dealt with. He was very helpful and an expert on the windows that would work best for our home. All in all we are very satisfied with the product that we purchased. The installation of the windows was excellent and hassle free . I would recommend Jon and Window Mart to anyone of my friends and family. Can’t wait to get our doors picked out and installed next!read more
Jeff Williams
00:21 26 Feb 20
At first, I found the prospect of replacing the windows in my home daunting. It seemed like an awful lot of work and a major expense. But after checking out a few companies, Window Mart struck me as a company that would make it easier on my mind and wallet. And they did. The estimator was thorough, patient and honest, willing to explain components and aspects of the process and make recommendations. The installers were courteous and professional, and cared about the work they were doing. And the windows have improved my home immensely. We started our project with just the main floor in one year. When it came time to do the rest of the house, I didn't shop around. I just called Window Mart back. They're good people who do good work and use high- quality more
Scott Messenger
14:19 15 Feb 20
Michael and his team were professional from the moment we received our quote right through the booking, installation and follow up. We have already seen a significant change in the heat retention in our home. I would definitely recommend if your in the market for windows to talk to Michael. The installation was VERY fast. All 11 windows were installed in 1.5 days. They arrived on time each day and ensured the area was always kept clean while they were working. They did a final clean up at the end as well. They were very kind and respectful the entire time. Excellent job highly recommended!!!read more
Brandi Saint
16:39 02 Feb 20
Julia was excellent for sales - kept in communication, had an itemized quote to us within 48 hours. The showroom is well laid out and well constructed, allowed us to get an idea of what things will look like. Install will happen in a couple of months and will update the review then. Update: install is done. Very happy with the work! Thorough job including clean up, guys were considerate and efficient. Showed up on time and kept us up to date throughout the day. 10 windows and one door in about 7 more
Kaiti Valm
02:29 20 Dec 19
Our sales lady Julia Dronova has been very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. She has been amazing to work with. I’ve had many questions that she has patiently answered. The installers were very efficient, through and friendly. The whole experience was great and we highly recommend window mart and their amazing staff to others. We absolutely love our new doors and windows!!!!read more
Lori Anne Adrian
04:08 18 Dec 19
As my windows was installed last January as little bit cold part of the winter. Installer was so knowledgeable on their doing as my old house has big windows. And as the price that I paid is really good and sales manager Andrey is good on giving me deals on the window. Thank you window mart
jeff tengco
01:06 18 Dec 19
Sales Andrey was great. He was very professional and helpful. The install crew did a fabulous job and when the job was completed had everything cleaned up. Appreciate the great job and would use them again in the future. Thanks
Robert McKendry
22:29 16 Dec 19
The initial booking was great and friendly. Andrey then arrived and was awesome. He provided practical info and presented great options. His pricing was great and we booked the job right then. If the finished job goes as smooth as everything else has, I will be glad to tell everyone I know to go here every more
Jason Hasselman
21:02 14 Dec 19
Excellent experience with Window Mart. Konstantin was my customer rep, was very thorough, easy to deal with, and best prices too, with lots of options to work through back and forth before we finalized what I wanted. Igor was the lead installer of a crew of three and they were also great, professional, timely and focused, in and out in good time. Thanks guys, they look great!read more
Bob Cook
23:08 06 Dec 19
We were very pleased with the service from Window Mart. Julia, our first contact person was friendly and knowledgeable. She came to our home at the time agreed on, and was patient with our questions. Later on the phone we were given the number of one of Window Mart's previous customers, who gave us good review. A date was set for the measurements to be taken and this was done. We were phoned when the windows had been received and the men arrived on time to do the work. We were very pleased with this company and their more
Leonie Gomez
23:16 03 Dec 19
Stopped in at Window Mart Edmonton in September to ask about options. The sales adviser Jon was about to head out of town to do a quote, but delayed a half hour to show me some options. Appreciated his attitude and knowledge, so booked an appointment for him to come out and give us a quote on replacing our casement windows. He was out within a week or two (we're two hours NE of Edmonton); we liked what he offered, so ordered with him. A few weeks later, the installer came out to take final measurements, and was back again today with the windows. We replaced a total of fourteen windows, two of which were multiple window with arches above. The windows look great, the installation was a done in a single day (not the two days that was originally quoted - bonus!). We chose to keep our original casings as we didn't replace all windows; the installation team reinstalled them, cleaned up, and took away all the old windows and debris. Extremely happy - we will definitely call them back when we replace the rest of the more
Jim & Shelly Booth
02:42 03 Dec 19
They are very good to deal with. We haven't had our windows installed yet but they have been very helpful throughout the process. Update: We just had our windows and front door installed yesterday. They did a great job and we couldn't be happier. Excellent service and the installation crew was great. I have already recommended Window Mart to a few more
Suzelle Desardouin
17:16 27 Nov 19
We absolutely love our windows! window mart provided the best quality service for our complete window replacement in our older home. Our home is over 30 years old and it completely changed the look of the home. we are completely beyond satisfied. We would recommend them to anyone. From the sales representative Konstantin; who provided well informed information about the windows to the installer Alexi, we are beyond happy to chose this company for our windows. Thank you so much!!!read more
Aaron s
00:39 27 Nov 19
We have ordered our windows with Window Mart. Andrey the sales manager was great to deal with. The job went the smooth way. Our coloured windows look fantastic. Looking forward to order the rest of the windows. We highly recommend Window Mart and team.
Aleric Queeley
23:36 25 Nov 19
The only window company that I called to get a quote that answered first time. The lady on the phone was extremely helpful and organised a sales rep to come out and provide a quote within a few days. as I live in Jasper this was amazing. Konstantin arrived, provided us a quote and answered our many many questions. Another person (Vladimir) arrived a few days later to take final measurements. We ended up with a couple of quotes and decided to go with window mart for the five star service they provided. Waiting for installation now but if it's as smooth and efficient as they have been so far, I cannot recommend them highly more
Tristan Tomkins
19:48 20 Nov 19
I phoned window mart for a quote on basement windows and met Jon the following day. I found him to be a knowledgeable sales rep and provided much valuable advice. Although I already had a quote from a competitor, I was so impressed by Jon that I went ahead and placed the order a couple of days later. Excellent service and competitive prices. What else could you ask for?read more
Jon Dawson
19:24 25 Oct 19
I phoned window mart for a quote on basement windows and met Jon the following day. I found him to be a knowledgeable sales rep and provided much valuable advice. Although I already had a quote from a competitor, I was so impressed by Jon that I went ahead and placed the order a couple of days later. Excellent service and competitive prices. What else could you ask for?read more
Jon Dawson
19:24 25 Oct 19
Window mart is a very good company. They don't give any bad comment to other window companies unlike other companies. Konstantin is a great person, he is very knowledgeable, gives lots of information and answers all your question. Overall my experience with window mart is great! Can't wait for my new windows to be more
Josephine Zamora
22:50 13 Oct 19
Window mart is a very good company. They don't give any bad comment to other window companies unlike other companies. Konstantin is a great person, he is very knowledgeable, gives lots of information and answers all your question. Overall my experience with window mart is great! Can't wait for my new windows to be more
Josephine Zamora
22:50 13 Oct 19
Andrey the sales manager was great to deal with and his crew did an excellent job. The new windows and patio doors look terrific. The job took much longer than expected due to unforeseen circumstances, but as long as you are patient, you will be very pleased with the work they do.
Ron Vinokoor
22:02 11 Oct 19
This review is for the initial consultation with Window Mart. We emailed Window Mart to provide a quote for the windows we needed replaced. What we got was great customer service from Konstantin. He was very knowledgeable about the product, friendly and answered any and all questions we asked him. We received a quote right away. Thank you Konstantin and we look forward to our new windows when they arrive. We will be adding to this review once the windows are installed. Thanks more
Gabriela Orozco-Varela
21:54 10 Oct 19
We recently had our front door replaced by Window Mart. From the initial call to Michael to the after installation check up we found the service to be excellent. Everyone we dealt to were friendly and available. Michael worked with us through the whole process and everything was done in a fast, efficient and friendly manner. Everything came as advertised. We would do business with them in the more
Dennis Nosyk
17:22 08 Oct 19
Position experience with window mart. My window get installed today looking great,I like it. Great job installing team, they cleaned up everything answering clearly to my questions. Max is great person . He followed up with my orders since The first day. I’m not gonna hesitate to say Window Mart are lucky to have Max . Thanks team well done ?read more
osman zeinu
02:54 03 Oct 19
Position experience with window mart. My window get installed today looking great,I like it. Great job installing team, they cleaned up everything answering clearly to my questions. Max is great person . He followed up with my orders since The first day. I’m not gonna hesitate to say Window Mart are lucky to have Max . Thanks team well done ?read more
osman zeinu
05:07 02 Oct 19
Our experience with window mart has been extremely positive. From our great salesman to our great installation team. Vladimir and his installation partner (whose name I missed) were very fast, respectful and clean. They worked their butts off to ensure the job was done, and done right. Highly appreciated! I've been recommending window mat top everyone I talk more
Randah Mouallem
03:13 28 Sep 19
Our experience with window mart has been extremely positive. From our great salesman to our great installation team. Vladimir and his installation partner (whose name I missed) were very fast, respectful and clean. They worked their butts off to ensure the job was done, and done right. Highly appreciated! I've been recommending window mat top everyone I talk more
Randah Mouallem
03:13 28 Sep 19
Our experience with window mart has been extremely positive. From our great salesman to our great installation team. Vladimir and his installation partner (whose name I missed) were very fast, respectful and clean. They worked their butts off to ensure the job was done, and done right. Highly appreciated! I've been recommending window mat top everyone I talk more
Randah Mouallem
03:10 28 Sep 19
Jon Zakirov was the representative that came to our house.We had a wonderful experience with Jon. He didn't demonstrate any high pressure sales. Jon was very pleasant , knowledgeable and professional in the presentation of the product. He answered all our questions regardless of maybe how trivial they were.Jon always kept us the customer in mind making sure we were happy and satisfied with the product. We did purchase the windows and are now waiting for the installation. It was a pleasure dealing with Jon , and want to take this opportunity to wish Jon all the best in the more
Eugene Zalasky
20:15 18 Sep 19
We had Lena come to our house to explain about the Window Mart windows and we found her knowledgeable about the product and after doing some quick pricing online realized it was a good deal and agreed to buy the windows so she did some measurements and in around 8 weeks they came to put in the windows the installers were hard working and installed nearly 15 windows in a day then came back the next day for a short day to finish up. They submitted the paperwork for the government rebate. They took all the old windows and any debris. My husband wanted to help but they would not let him, they were very efficient and professional at there jobs. I would recommend themread more
Merry Brotherston
03:13 17 Sep 19
Had my quote booked for 5pm today, Konstantin phoned last night to book an extra hour so he gave the job his thorough attention and not be rushed. Very impressed with attention to details, friendliness, and product knowledge, more than able to answer all my questions. I'm looking forward to my new windows!read more
Cindy Barrington
04:47 31 Aug 19
I have a parent on my school bus road who had windows done by Window Mart. I don't like pushy people and Jon wasn't pushy at all and provided me with all the information I needed. He was pleasure to work with and very knowledgeable. My husband and I came to Edmonton from Lloydminster to visit Window Mart office and saw their showroom. The staff was excellent and receptionist Amanda was warm, cheerful and friendly. Jon was extremely patient with us which is rare nowadays. I would recommend Window Mart to more
Jeanne Smith
21:44 30 Aug 19
We had a wonderful time dealing with Konstantin this last week. Not only was he professional but he was also great company. My husband and I enjoyed his time in our home and appreciated how thorough he was in making sure we understood all of the products. Thank you,
Suli Mumbi
02:13 29 Aug 19
My friend recommended Window Mart for a window replacement. Konstantin was great to work with. He gave us a price right away and followed up with some technical information by email the same day. A few days later he called to ensure that we were satisfied with the email. I mentioned that I had not received my installation appointment yet. He said that he would follow up and within 5 minutes I had my appointment booked. Thank you Konstantin!read more
Liz Berends
23:05 26 Aug 19
Our friends recommended window mart for windows because they were so pleased with the service. We just had Julia come out and give us a price. She was very efficient and we are excited for our new windows. Thank you Window Mart!
Betty Alberg
23:48 22 Aug 19
Working with Konstantin to review our requirements and obtain an estimate was a very painless experience. He is very professional and there was absolutely no pressure. I would highly recommend Window Mart (Konstantin) for any window or door requirements. The pricing was great too. We look forward to getting our more
Liz Richards
16:54 22 Aug 19
Konstantin was great to work with, he followed up with me same day install was completed. Vladimir was a great installer as well. Took away old door and left work area completely as they found it. Would definitely recommend Window Mart to anyone.
Chris Butler
14:30 20 Aug 19
We had our front door replaced by Window Mart in the spring. We had double front doors, and chose to replace with a wider single and two side panels, with one panel being able to open to allow for easier furniture moves etc. We were so pleased with the result, that we opted to have Window Mart replace all our front arched, gold grid windows, with triple pane, rectangular windows. The house looks so refreshed with the new look. Michael, the sales rep was very easy to work with and the whole team at Window Mart helped to decide on the final style. Alex, the installer did a great job. He and his fellow worker endured the heat, a brief downpour, working around trees and shrubs, all without complaint. They took away all the old windows and left our site nice and clean. We would highly recommend team Michael and Alex of Window Mart Edmonton. Thank you for a great job!read more
Andy Serink
02:28 10 Aug 19
Experience was very good, no pressure in sales, knowledgeable and personable. Jon was very pleasant to work with and willing to go an extra mile for his customers. We visited the office and checked out the showroom and were satisfied with what we saw. We recommend Window Mart for anyone.
Sid Hoculak
02:04 10 Aug 19
Window Mart is a very professional company who understands the needs of a homeowner. My sales representative Michael was an absolute pleasure to do business with. During the product demonstration, he meticulously went over every detail of a full scale replica window that would go into the wall. He took great care and time to ensure I understood the product and even invited me to the showroom they have. Thank you. more
ryan jee
00:46 07 Aug 19
We had new windows and front door installed in our home. Andrey was a very big help in deciding on what type of windows we needed for the large size window and north facing. Andrey is very honest and knowledgable of all the Window Mart products. Andrey also took care of the energy efficiency Alberta rebate. We received money back for installing energy efficient windows. The installers are very good at what they do. It was a very cold day when the windows where installed. They where done quickly and more
Trevor Bernaski
01:11 30 Jul 19
I met Julia today to get a quote for new windows, she made me feel very comfortable, she was very knowledgeable and professional, I was so impressed with the product I decided to purchase not only windows but new doors too. I cant wait for the installation.. Thank you Julia for guiding me through this process, I would highly recommend more
Ruth Huhn
00:44 20 Jul 19
My experience with window mart was very good. I had dealt with Micheal, project manager, who had come to check out the house and give us an estimate. He was very professional and accommodating to any changes we made to our plan for windows and door. Their showroom had many different custom doors and windows to pick from. Michael went above and beyond because the second time we came to their showroom, he took us to the back to show us the style of glass we would get for our front door. Overall, we had a great more
Olivia Ela
17:26 09 Jul 19
Can’t speak highly enough about this company. The team was very professional and were able to work around our schedule! Overall experience was really good. We’ve had lots of questions and they were all answered. Since it was our first time we needed new windows we were not sure what to expect. After talking to Max at WindowMart we were confident we chose the right place! Thank You guys, will definitely recommend you to friends and family!read more
Alex Petrovskyy
02:03 05 Jul 19
I found sales representative very helpful and approaching. Jon was here many times because I couldn't make up my mind and he was very patient with me. He always called back and answered all my questions. The installers Tim and Igor were professional and courteous and they cleaned up after themselves. They went out of their way to re-install the correct door handles and locks. All in all great service and highly recommend more
rose bryks
00:48 03 Jul 19
Andrei and the team did an awesome job last November getting whole house equipped with new windows. They were very professional and knowledgeable about the product they were selling. Having gone trough my first winter I can confidently say that I am extremely happy with the quality and installation of my new windows. They were more then reasonably priced when compared to other quotes I received. Best value for your dollar for more
Sasha Milanovic
16:23 21 Jun 19
This year, my wife and I, decided it was time to replace our windows. A co-worker of mine referred Window Mart to us, they had their windows done last year and were really happy with the job Window Mart did. So, I gave the office a call and had an appointment set up. Julia came by, measured our windows, explained in detail all our window options, showed us a sample of the window, and answered all our questions. After receiving our quote, we meet up with Julia at the Window Mart showroom, where she went through the different styles and features of the windows. We decided to go ahead with Window Mart and are looking forward to our new windows this summer. Julia has been great to work with on our project. She is very knowledgeable, very professional and made this whole process very easy. We would recommend Julia to anyone looking for window and door more
Rod Andrusiak
03:44 11 Jun 19
When I first called to get a quote I was a little leery just based on their name alone. But when Andrey arrived he instantly put me at ease. He spoke directly to me (other companies have glanced over myself for my spouses opinion). My husband really liked the locking mechanism in the window itself and Andrey answered every concern we had and didn’t pressure us or was “salesy” in any way. We had 1/2 our windows (2 patios and 5 regular windows) installed in December and the installers did a great job. It took them quite a long time but they were thorough. There was a bit of a mess left after the install but I can’t imagine they can do a great job cleaning up in the winter and in the dark. Now we’re waiting to do 4 more big windows and will do the remaining 4 next year. We appreciated Andrey giving us a great quote and an ease to do as many windows as we felt financially able to do. I highly recommend them!!read more
Daniel Linda
19:21 10 Jun 19
I received a call on my phone from Window Mart and made an appointment. Jon came to me on April and informed me about the effectiveness of different glass types. He gave me a good appraisal on my house and after a prolong consideration, I have decided to go along with Window Mart. I would highly recommend this more
James Janz
00:28 05 Jun 19
Recently kicked off a window replacement project with Window Mart and have been working with Julia. Great experience to date, all questions and concerns have been addressed promptly and professionally. It's great that they have many of their products mocked up in their showroom so you can visually see/touch the products. We appreciated the suggestions on available products to meet our needs and looking forward to install. It's always nice to get service that can be more
Dan Dearlow
18:53 25 May 19
Julia with Window Mart was fantastic. She was extremely knowledgeable and answered every question we had with out hesitation. I myself being a project manager, am very comfortable with Julia managing my home renovation project. I highly recommend giving them a call and asking for her directly. We got 6 quotations for various Window companies and Window Mart was the least expensive and the product is top notch. They really know there stuff!!!read more
Shawn Follett
22:28 17 May 19
When we were looking to replace 9 windows in our home we had a couple of companies come in and quote us well out of our budget. When we met Andrey he put us immediately at ease and went through everything with us and when he sensed our hesitation, offered to open up the showroom so we could have a better visual on what we were looking at. That alone cemented Window Mart for this project for us. Everything went smoothly and we are estatic with our windows and the two gentleman who came to install were amazing and totally blew us away with the quality of their work and the clean up they did. We will definitely recommend Window Mart to everyone we more
Kelly Racine
00:38 06 May 19
We would like to take this opportunity to (finally) thank Andrey D and Window Mart for our beautiful doors that were installed last fall! Andrey came into our home and explained everything about the doors and was very knowledgeable and listened to what my husband and I were looking for. He was very polite and answered all of our questions and gave us some insights.We did purchase 2 entry doors with windows and 2 storm doors were installed as well. Even though we had a few minor glitches, Andrey and his installers made sure we were happy and safe while the doors were being installed. Winter wasn't far off, and it was cold, but the installers stayed late to finish the job. Even though the doors were pricey, the quality and security we have was definitely money well spent. We did get the triple lock feature, custom color and great installation so we are definitely happy. The job was finished pretty much on time and they cleaned up, showed us the completed job and made sure we were happy. We will definitely recommend Andrey D and Window Mart to everyone we know or hear of getting new windows/doors!!! Thank you Andrey and Window Mart for our beautiful doors!!! Nicole Fread more
Nicole Fontaine
19:03 10 Apr 19
I had 2 doors and bay window for the kitchen sink installed, the front door color ended up not matching the house trim. I let Tim know of the issue and he promptly came out at to inspect the issue. He then offered to have the door painted to match the house, which was all I was wanting. The workmanship of the installers was top notch. I am very happy with the service i received from Window more
rob R
00:12 30 Mar 19
i just bought new windows and doors from Max at Window Mart. Best service ever,listened to my concerns as i have a disability, worked with me and offered great suggestions. I have no problem recommending this company to others and i agreed to have one of their signs put on my lawn. Looking forward to getting my new windows and doors. Thanks a bunch Max. Cindyread more
Cindy Baker
19:21 29 Mar 19
We got our windows put in by window mart in the summer last year. We have been very happy with our sales man Tim Ametov. He has been accessible for our questions and very knowledgeable with the products. After installing our triple pane windows we noticed some energy savings and a significant reduction in outside noise from what we use to here. We are now looking to get some new door's installed to conclude the new look of our home. We would recommend window mart to anyone. Very more
Lylia Bennett
04:36 16 Mar 19
We were looking for windows and doors replacement for our house. We got 6 different companies for quotes and we decided to go ahead with Window Mart. We had Max came over to give estimate. He explained how the windows were made in Canada. After we decided to visit their showroom. They were not the cheapest but we felt that their windows and doors superior. Also they offered best warranty witch was a big factor for us. Windows and doors were installed back in August 2018 and we waited to see how will work out in winter. We are satisfied with it and make a big difference on saving heat. We would 100% recommend Window Mart to anyone who is looking for great product and more
Carole Schick
22:38 23 Feb 19
I was happy to spend my money. I replaced twelve windows of my 30 year old house. It is not easy to choose. I decided on Windows Mart after I found three companies. After the installation, the house was warm, but also my heart was warm. Their good manners and professional installation made me satisfied. Their prompt feedback made me happy. Thank to Peter and Alexread more
Daniel Kim
19:42 29 Jan 19
Almost all windows in the house were replaced, some windows were enlarged. All windows are good, three ply. The house has become even lighter and warmer. The guys worked very quickly, despite the weather conditions. All the windows were set to the level as requested by the husband, two window openings were enlarged, the guys worked cleanly, they cleaned up the garbage after themselves, vacuums and removed the old windows. I liked their work very much, the windows are of high quality, the staff are professionals, they know their work. The remaining windows will also be changed with the Window Mart more
Tatiana Achimova
23:22 22 Jan 19
My wife and I were looking to replace our front and back doors. A friend of my, recommended us Window Mart to deal with. I’ve got 2 doors installed by Eugene and Alex. The doors look great. 100% recommended.
Cam Carter
20:43 18 Jan 19
We were looking for a good contractor for our basement windows and after so many different estimates we were tired from pushy sales guys and contractors that wanted way too much . Peter from Window Mart was a breath of fresh air for us , very knowledgeable person with a fun personality , best of all he didn't try to push us into buying and explained everything clearly and easy .Price wise not the cheapest but not high , i would say it was a happy medium . Point is we got what we wanted without a headache or pressure . We are very happy with Window Mart and the products . When we are going to do the rest of our house Window Mart is the choice for us , I highly recommend this company to anyone looking for windows . PS> The installation guys were very good as well , cant remember their names , was hard to pronounce , so guys if you are reading this ,thank you for your hard work and you are great ,sorry that I forgot your more
Waku Yama
01:30 15 Jan 19
I am pleased with product and service from start to finish. Window Mart did great job with their installation crew Alex and sales consultant Max. With my new windows and doors I feel my house warmer and l love my front door. I would recommend Window Mart to all my family and friends
Sarah Poile
07:45 13 Jan 19
My husband and I were looking to replace our front and back doors. We have decided to use Window Mart after their sales consultant explained different options we have. In the mean time we thouth to get price for our windows. They have the best quality so far and different payments options available so we decided to do whole house windows & doors. Now is being 2 months since windows and doors are in. I love my kitchen window and sliding patio door because now I can cook and have fresh air. We already recommended Window Mart to our parents and would recommend to anyone who is looking for greatest quality and more
Cristina Popescu
22:36 29 Dec 18
I've been using Window Mart for second time and we are so happy. First time we did change back sliding door and now we changed front door. Michael explained different options we could have in front door and he recommended to go 3/4 of glass. I am so happy to use Window Mart second time and would definitely recommend them to our firnds and relativesread more
Vitalie Strelciuc
23:21 26 Dec 18
Amazing service after dealing with 2 other companies that didn't deliver their products on time and were over priced. The products came as promised and below the other 2 quotes. Our front door is commercial and it looks great. So many compliments.
Tony A
01:13 12 Dec 18
We were changing the top floor windows in our home and Window Mart was chosen for the job. The sales representative, Tim, was very easy to deal with. The install team was very professional and efficient with the install. They covered the floor before any work was done and cleaned up inside and out like they weren't even there. The windows look great and our home already feels warmer. I will be telling everyone about Tim and the Window Mart team when I'm showing off our new more
Preston Hinson
01:35 28 Nov 18
We love our windows and doors! I was so surprised but how fast the installation was so quick, easy and efficient and cleaned up their mess. Tim Ametov our Salesman was very helpful and very pleasant to work with and showed up during the installation to make sure everything is going smoothly. I invited him back to replace the rest of the windows and the garage door. I am completely more
Kimberly Hearn
02:33 24 Nov 18
Tim Ametov was our sales rep. He is very knowledgeable. The whole process of picking and ordering windows was fast and efficient. The difference in room temperature after installation was immediate. We are extremely satisfied and would recommend this company.
Darian McKechnie
01:03 20 Nov 18
Alex was a great installer. They were friendly and knowledgeable. I would recommend Alex and his crew again. thank you
amy barrett
01:51 22 Oct 18
We were looking to replace our Patio Door. We called 3 companies to get some estimate. Window Mart was the company we decided to deal with. Installation team arrived at the scheduled day and time. They did a great job. We will definitely recommend Window Mart to all our friends.
Manoree Senanayake
20:45 21 Oct 18
We were looking to replace our windows & doors in 40 years old home. From two companies we got quote we decided to go ahead with Window Mart. They were not the cheapest but from sales to installation process we are very pleased with our decision to 100% satisfaction. We would definitely recommend Window Mart to our family and more
Dorothy Jendrasheask
00:58 17 Oct 18
Replaced 4 windows and front door with Window Mart in 2014. What a difference! We're facing a busy street, new windows have significantly decreased the noise. Also there is no more cold going through the windows and door in the winter. Really good product, and nice people. Thank you Window Mart!
Viktoria L
05:15 13 Oct 18
I got Window Mart to replace 7 windows , a double front door and sliding patio door. Max the sales Rep was a pleasure to work with and answered all my questions. There was no pressure for me to use his product. Installation was done in a day and the two installers were courteous and cleaned up the space upon completion. All in all a great experienceread more
Dustin Taylor
22:55 09 Oct 18
We were looking to replace two windows and one Patio Door at our house. Window Mart was the company we decided to deal with. The sales representative Tim offer some options for our project. The installation crew arrived on time. They were professional, polite and clean up after them. We are very happy with the product and the service provided by Window Mart more
Peter Slavin
00:11 16 Sep 18
Some of the best and hardest working individuals with an eye for detail and ascetic. The windows look fantastic and fully lived up to sales pitch and better the expected if I could hire these individuals for all of my renos I would not think twice
dawn harvey
01:03 21 Aug 18
Linda Byers here On August 6 & 7 th I had 23 windows installed by window mart. I am completely satisfied with the windows and the professional manner in which they were installed. 100% satisfied and would recommend them to anyone
Linda Byers
23:30 20 Aug 18
Very efficient company with experienced installers. Aziz and Takhirzhan did a fantastic job installing my new patio door as well as building an adjoining wall. They were very pleasant and well mannered and cleaned the place after completing their work. Keep up the excellent work.
clifford manuel
11:58 19 Aug 18
We live in Drayton Valley Alberta. Andrey Djumayev was the sales manager that came out to give us an estimate. He was fantastic to work with. The windows were installed a week ago and we are very happy with them. One screen had damage so the installer took it back to Edmonton to fix. We picked up the screen on a trip to Edmonton and the staff were very accommodating. We would highly recommend Window Mart to anyone looking for efficient service with a high quality more
Debbi Weber
00:56 15 Aug 18
Our experience with Window Mart has not been the best, they missed our instillation date without calling us to inform us they were unable to show, and there were some issues with the instillation and the ability to communicate with the installers. We were not happy. That said their commitment to make things right and gain 100% satisfaction has made us feel better. They're promises have been fulfilled and everything has now been completed. I can't give 5 stars because of how things started, but I will say Window Mart will do anything and everything to make sure their work is done to your satisfaction, and for this reason I would recommend looking at them for your more
Dennis Freund
15:45 17 Jul 18
The old windows and leaky front doors were replaced with beautiful windows and a wonderful door. I am very pleased with the work that these fellows did to make my home so much brighter and lovely. Thank you so much.
Summer Parenteau
02:24 12 Jul 18
My experience with WindowMart was just impeccable, when Tim Ametov came over he gave me a presentation of his windows it was very knowledgeable I learn a lot of details I never knew before compare to the other sales guys Tim was very professional. I recently had my windows installed and I have to say I am 100% satisfied. I live in red deer and the fact that they come here all the way from Edmonton shows me there dedication and ambition. The best part is that he offer me financing I am able to afford it over small payments and I can pay it off more
timour Waynard
05:25 07 Jul 18
My experience with Window Mart was excellent. We replaced some fairly large windows this year and it is our intention to replace the remainder of the windows next year. Andrei the sales consultant who was very professional and knowledgeable and a joy to work with. The installers were very good and clean. I am totally satisfied with the job by Window Mart and without hesitation I would recommend them to more
Phillip Springer
11:51 06 Jul 18
I had 8 windows and 2 sliding doors replaced today. I was impressed with the organization and the skill of the installers. Very seldom have I worked with a crew that not only met the expected time line of a job but they did it without any input from me. As I have only installed them today I can't speak for the longterm quality of the products however they appear to be very well built. The locking mechanism on the casement windows is really a neat more
Dale Rock
05:20 19 Jun 18