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ENERGY STAR Rated Windows

ENERGY STAR Rated windows in Canada. Window Mart windows are made from 100% lead-free uPVC powder compound. It makes our windows resistant to impact and discoloration.

All Window Mart maintenance-free windows feature a unique multi-chamber construction that maximizes insulation, thermal efficiency and sturdiness. Our lineup of vinyl windows features a wide range of colors, finishes and styles that will complement any home.

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Why Vinyl Windows?

Energy Efficient





We are a window company specializing in unique, custom vinyl windows.

Whether for new construction or home renovation projects, we customize every detail of every window to meet your individual architectural requirements.

Benefits of Window Mart Window Frame

Multi-chamber window frame

Window Mart Windows are made from 100% lead-free uPVC powder compound. It makes our windows more resistant to impact, cracking and discoloration.

Our windows have the highest number of internal air chambers, giving them outstanding insulation and sound abatement qualities, as well as maximizing thermal & energy efficiency.

Fusion welding corners have very attractive appearance and also eliminate any need for adhesive and sealants. Fusion welding creates perfect joints making a window frame completely watertight and airtight. Internal walls are also welded to improve an overall structural strength.

Fusion welded corners

Sealed glass unit has 13/16″ overall thickness. We offer multiple options for glazing and thickness depending on the model.

Window glass options:

  • Single, double and triple glass
  • Low-E glazing
  • Glazed decorative panels (3/4″ to 1-1/8″)

We offer multiple options to enhance inside finishing of a window:

  • Maintenance-free uPVC jamb extensions
  • Frame moldings
  • Corner blocks

Beautiful corner blocks to enhance inside finishing.

  • Opening mechanism and high-security multi-point locking system come with stainless steel hinges and tracks.
  • Hardware mounting is done through a minimum of two uPVC frame walls for secure and durable fastening.
  • Depending on the model, casements open at a full 90 degrees.

Why Vinyl Windows?

Vinyl has become one of the most popular window frame material for its unique blend of style, high-performance and convenience. High-quality and energy-efficient vinyl windows deliver great return of investment through energy saving, as well as through being a low maintenance product. Vinyl windows will serve you for many years without the need to be repaired or refinished.

Energy-efficient Vinyl Windows

Energy Efficient

Vinyl windows is a desirable material for homeowners, builders and sub-contractors because of their outstanding thermal performance. Window Mart pays a lot of attention to energy-efficiency in vinyl windows. We use Low-E glass, warm-edge spacers and window frame with unique air multi-chamber system to improve energy-efficiency of our windows.

Unlike aluminum windows – which conducts heat rapidly – vinyl windows do a better job at reducing heat loss and maintaining a comfortable environment inside a house all year round.

The quality and energy-efficiency of vinyl windows can vary. It depends on various factors, such as manufacturing, glazing, frame material, insulation, and many others. Always look for the ENERGY STAR symbol to make sure that you’re getting energy-efficient windows. You can also compare key metrics, such as U-factor, solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) and energy rating.

2022 ENERGY STAR® Standards

Windows are eligible for ENERGY STAR® based on their U-factor that measures their overall heat loss, or, their Energy Rating (ER) that combines their passive solar heat gain (SHGC) through the glass with their overall heat loss and air leakage. Models must have a U-factor of 1.22 W/m2 or lower, or, an ER of 34 or higher.

Caution is advised when selecting windows and sliding glass doors with passive solar heat gain (SHGC) values above 0.45 that will face south or west, especially if there is more glass area than exterior wall area (high window to wall ratio), as this could cause uncomfortably warm room temperatures and higher cooling costs.

Professional installation is a major factor in determining the performance and ROI of the vinyl windows. If air is allowed to pass around the frame, then even the most energy-efficient and high-quality vinyl windows will lead to problems.

Worth Reading: Understanding Energy Efficiency Ratings for Windows

Low Maintenance Vinyl Windows

Low Maintenance

Vinyl windows are so popular due to the fact that they are low maintenance. Basically all you need to do is dust or clean them on occasion with a gentle detergent. On the other hand wood frames require a lot of upkeep due to rotting, splintering and fading.

You will find yourself constantly repainting, treating and repairing widows with wooden or metal farms. Vinyl windows are weather resistant so they can survive the elements without needing constant upkeep and repairs.

Attractive Windows


Thanks to technological advances, new designs are constantly being made for vinyl windows, making them a desirable choice for every style of home. At Window Mart, we have a great selection of durable and fade-resistant color options for our vinyl windows, even custom options are available upon request. This gives our customers the advantage of flawless matching for all types and styles of interior and exterior.

Window Mart vinyl windows include distinctive artistic touches such as old-fashioned or modern rosettes for interior trim. We also have the option of wood-stain finish for that truly elegant flair.

Durable Windows


All Window Mart windows are manufactured from 100% lead-free uPVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride) powder compound. This gives our windows strong resistance against moisture, fading, and impact as well as environmental sustainability.

uPVC window frame ensures that a window will not warp, crack, or blister.

Your windows will perform and look like new for years, even with such a changing Canadian climate.

Affordable Windows


Unlike wood and fiberglass windows, vinyl windows are cost-effective option for home renovations as well as new construction. They are an excellent investment as they require little to no maintenance and can greatly reduce home energy bills.

Vinyl windows will serve you for many years because they are durable and weather resistant.