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What to look for when choosing a back door?

Whether you are retrofitting a backdoor or working on a new home build, choosing the right door for your needs is important. Besides energy efficiency, there is plenty more to think about when making the right backdoor selection.

Here are some factors to take into consideration when choosing the perfect backdoor for your home.


If your home backs onto a busy street or alleyway, or gives a perfect view into someone else’s yard, you may want to choose a back door that gives you some added privacy. You may feel more comfortable going with steel or fibreglass doors. They allow you to add custom sized windows that distort the image for onlookers all while maximizing the amount of light that is let in. Another way to improve the privacy of your backdoor is to fit your doors with blinds.


The safety and security of your home is undoubtedly important. If you are concerned about intruders, there are a couple options. You may consider adding security film to your windows, as it helps to prevent breaking. A more permanent and secure option would be a steel backdoor. Not only are steel doors resistant to vandalism, they also provide unbeatable protection against the forces of nature, such as fire, harsh winds, and extreme temperatures (some Canadians are quite familiar with). If you want a backdoor that provides complete home security, steel doors are the ideal option.

Aesthetic Appeal

Sliding Patio Door
Quite often, backdoors open out to stunning views – from polished gardens and patios to lake and mountain vistas. Many people who are interested in making the most of such impressive views opt for installing sliding patio doors or garden doors. These doors offer plenty of aesthetic appeal, plus they save space and let in plenty of natural light. They are especially popular in rural or suburban areas where the backdoor looks onto private land, gardens, pools or backyards. If your backdoor open into your kitchen, you may also want to consider venting doors. These doors allow you to easily vent out steam and aromas without attracting bugs, all while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Overall Fit

Does your chosen backdoor fit with the rest of the house? Does it match the front door and flow seamlessly with the design of the outside windows, and walls as well as the interior room that the door leads to? These are all questions to ask yourself while narrowing down your backdoor options. The more cohesively put together your house is, the more you improve its market value. You want to make sure your backdoor looks like it has always been part of the plan and not merely an afterthought.

Get started on choosing your backdoor

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