Back door

What to Look for in a Back Door

Whether you’re retrofitting a back door or building a house, choosing the right back door for your Edmonton, Calgary, or Toronto home is more complicated than you might think. Besides the energy efficiency, there is plenty more to think about when making the right selection. For example, depending on where your door will be located in the house, you may find that a sliding patio door is more suitable than a steel door.

Here are some considerations to make while choosing the perfect door for your home, courtesy of Window Mart.


If the rear of your home backs onto a busy street, alleyway, or gives a perfect view into someone else’s yard, you may feel more comfortable going with steel or fibreglass doors that allow you to customize the size of your windows and provide a distorted view inside, which adds light and privacy. A less permanent way to improve the privacy of your backdoor is to fit your doors with blinds.


Window Mart offers security film to our customers who want to prevent intruders from breaking through their glass windows and doors. However, the safest doors on the market are our steel door options. Not only are steel doors resistant to vandalism, they also provide unbeatable protection against Mother Nature’s forces, like fire, harsh winds, and extreme temperatures. If you want a back door that provides complete home security, steel doors are ideal.

Aesthetic Appeal

Quite often our backdoors open onto patios, gardens, even beautiful and distant vistas like lakes and mountains. Many customers want to take advantage of their impressive view by installing sliding patio doors or attractive garden doors. These doors offer plenty of aesthetic appeal, plus they save space and let in plenty of natural light. They’re especially popular in rural or suburban areas where the backdoor looks onto private land, gardens, a pool, and a backyard. Venting doors are an excellent choice for kitchen doors, as it allows you to easily vent out steam and aromas without attracting bugs.

Overall Fit

Does the back door you chose fit with the rest of the house? Does it match the front door and fit seamlessly into the design of the windows, walls, and room? These are questions to ask yourself while narrowing down your options. Many doors, like our steel and fibreglass selections, are more suitable for front entry points, as they make a bold statement and add curb appeal.

Deciding on the style, colour, and material of your backdoor can be overwhelming. There are so many great options to choose from. We can help! Contact Window Mart today.