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Window Coverings
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Award-winning, high-quality & modern design window covering products Made in Canada

Window Mart is a trusted source for premium window covering products in Alberta. We offer high-quality blinds, shades and shutters with endless design possibilities. You are guaranteed to find window coverings that will seamlessly integrate into any architectural concept or color palette. Contact Window Mart today for the perfect window blinds, shades, or shutters for your home.

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Blinds are a versatile window covering option generally made from a hard material such as vinyl or wood. Whether you choose horizontal or vertical blinds, the slats are fully adjustable to obtain the level of lightness that is desired for each room.

Blinds are both budget and user friendly with their simplistic design and features.


Window shades are generally made with one solid piece of fabric that is fitted to the measurement of the width inside the window frame.

They are available in a wide variety of options, making them an affordable, functional, and stylish option for any room.


Shutters are similar to blinds, but they are a more permanent option. They are mounted directly to the window frame, which makes them incredibly sturdy.

Shutters also provide excellent window insultation, which can improve your home’s overall energy efficiency score.

Why Choose Us?

  • Wide selection of designs

    From blinds to shades to shutters, you are sure to find a design that fits your needs. Our window coverings will not only provide the level of protection that you are looking for but will flawlessly fit with the aesthetics of your home, as well.

  • Premium materials

    Our window coverings are made with only the highest qualities materials, providing you with a product that not only looks great but will also stand the test of time.

  • Made in Canada

    When you purchase window coverings from Window Mart, you are supporting a Canadian business! Our window coverings are made in Canada for Canadians.

  • Supply and Installation

    Window Mart offers complete installation of all window coverings available for purchase. No need to bust out that measuring tape that you haven’t touched in the last decade – let us take care of the work for you.

  • Specialized Control Options

    At Window Mart, we believe it is important to offer options that can make your life easier and safer. Many of our window coverings come with motorized control options, making the operation of blinds or shades extremely convenient. We also offer a variety of window treatments with child-safe control options.

  • Lifetime Warranty

    We stand behind the quality of the products we offer at Window Mart. All the blinds, shades, and shutters available come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Questions to ask when choosing window coverings:

Do you want to have control over the level of light in a room?

Obviously, the purpose of window coverings is to protect the interior of your home from sun exposure. UV rays can be extremely damaging to the surfaces in your home, so you want to choose window coverings that are going to filter out some of that light and shield your furnishings from damage. Shades, shutters, and blinds all offer different levels of adjustability.

Are you concerned about privacy?

When choosing window coverings, it is important to consider the level of privacy that you want to achieve. Blinds and shutters, for example, are generally made with hard materials that are thick and sturdy. The ability to fully close the slats makes them a great option in terms of complete view control.

What is your personal style/what design aesthetic are your trying to achieve?

Creating a space with a cohesive aesthetic requires the inclusion of window coverings. You want to choose something that flawlessly fits with your personal style and design plan.

Is convenience something you value?

Some window coverings are available with motorized options. Not everyone is interested in walking over to the windows and manually opening or closing them. If that sounds like you, automation is a fantastic choice. You can have convenience at the touch of a button!

What kind of maintenance is required?

Different types of window coverings require different methods of cleaning and maintenance. Window Mart provides a variety of easy-to-clean and low maintenance window covering options, such as wood or polysilk shutters.

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