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What are Window Grills?

Window grills are decorative bars that are added to your windows to improve the overall appearance of your home and complement a particular aesthetic. These bars are constructed from a variety of different materials and are usually placed between the panes of glass in your windows.

Window Mart offers a wide range of window grill options that can be included with any custom window order. You have the freedom to choose the layout, style, and color of window grills to perfectly match the rest of your home, whether a modern new-build or a well-loved traditional property.

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    Decorative Grill Styles

    Diamond Window Grill

    Diamond grills give your windows that extra sophisticated allure to level up the appearance of your home.

    Also known as perimeter grills, Prairie Grills got their name from rise of Prairie School style in the 18th and 19th centuries. They are an incredibly popular window grill option and are often used to give narrow windows a wider appearance.

    The traditional look of Georgian style window grills enhances the beauty and architectural style of any character home.

    The addition of decorative Window Grills is a simple, yet effective way to improve the overall aesthetic of any home. Contact Window Mart today for help selecting the perfect grills to elevate your windows and your entire home.

    Double Prairie Grill

    Double Prairie

    Diamond Grill



    Single Diamond

    Colonial Grill


    Angled Prairie

    Prairie Grill


    Georgian Grill


    Grill Types

    Window Mart has a large selection of window grill styles, colors, finishes, and sizes to choose from. They can be expertly coordinated with window frames, for a cohesive and attractive look for your home. The grill types we have available are circular, flat, or protruding edge (such as with Georgian grills).

    5/8” Flat

    16” Box Profile

    5/16” Box

    5/16” Pencil

    4” Georgian Grid Profile

    3/4” Georgian

    Important Things to Consider When Choosing Window Grills

    The addition of window grills is an effective way to enhance the design and appearance of your windows.

    Important Things 
to Consider When Choosing Window Grills

    Coordinating Style

    It is important to consider the general style of your windows and your home, overall. Most homes can be categorized as either traditional or contemporary, and determining which category your home falls into will help you make a better decision when it comes to window grids. With Window Mart’s vast selection of window grill styles, you are sure to find something that perfectly complements the existing aesthetic.

    Grid Spacing

    In order to maintain the quality of your view and the aesthetic qualities that window grills provide it is important to select the right grid spacing pattern. Grid spacing also alters the appearance of a window and can be used to create an illusion that a window is bigger or smaller than it looks.

    Energy Efficiency

    Windows that feature window grills may be less energy efficient than the same windows without any grills, as the grills take up space inside the insulated glass units. With additional LoE (low emissivity) coatings, however, performance and efficiency levels can remain unchanged.


    Since Window Mart’s window grills are installed between the panes of glass during window construction, the only way to fix a broken grill bar is to completely replace the sealed window unit. As such, it is important to research warranty policies when selecting window grill options for your new windows.

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