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Securely Locked Windows from Window Mart

Window Mart windows are fully equipped with the highest quality locking systems. Our high-performance windows and window locking systems ensure exceptional security and protection against the ever-changing elements.

We are committed to working with only the best manufacturers of window hardware and locking systems. With our exacting standards, you can rest assured you are investing in the most secure, energy-efficient and durable markets in the Canadian window market.

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    Heavy duty window hinge

    Heavy-Duty Hinges

    Our heavy-duty hinges are designed for smooth and effortless operating of crank-to-open windows, such as Casement windows. The hinge system comes with adjustable friction screws so you can control the level of effort required to open on close each window. When opening and closing, the hinges serve to balance the window sash and the delrin shoe is equipped with stainless steel reinforcement to provide continuous, fluid action with a very solid support.

    Window Mart custom matches the size of the hinge to the height and weight of each individual window sash. The varied hinge sizes are designed to balance the weight of the windows and prevent common issues such as window chatter (vibration due to friction as a result of unbalanced windows).

    Additional available options include:

    • corrosion-resistant non-magnetic stainless steel package
    • adjustable stud
    Encore Locking System

    Encore Operator

    Encore Operators provide ease of operation and maximum strength for hinge-operated windows, such as casement or awning windows. Each Encore Operator comes with a snap-fit cover and streamlined full-flip folding handle to prevent collapse during operation. Encore operators deliver perfectly balanced performance and style.


    • High-pressure die-cast zinc operator housing, crank handle and knob
    • Hardened steel drive worm and gear
    • High-quality plastic operator cover

    Corrosion resistance

    Each Encore Operated is constructed with corrosion resistant hardware. The proprietary multi-stage coating process produces a superior finish that is as attractive as it is functional. Additionally, it is resistant to a wider range of corrosive materials, including industrial cleaning materials and environmental pollutants. Tests show that this coating process is approximately three times more effective than common zinc plated finishes when it comes to performance.


    The Encore Operator’s hardware is finished with durable coatings that have been electrostatically applied. When combined with the high-quality molded plastic cover, our awning and casement window operators provide excellent resistance to chipping, scratching, corrosion, and color fading (even with chronic exposure to UV radiation).

    Awning window locking system
    Encore Operator Handle and Cover
    Operator Cover
    Operator handle

    Encore Operator Handle & Cover

    Both of Window Mart’s Awning and Casement window options come with high-quality and contemporary designed handles and covers. In combination with the Encore Operator system, the Encore Handle & Cover serves to make every window attractive and operational.

    Full-Flip Handle

    The design of the Full-Flip Handle helps in maintaining its “open” position without retracting in on itself during operation. The Full-Flip Handle provides smooth operation paired with a sleek and contemporary look when nested. This handle design also allows for the easy removal of window screens, as needed, without any additional steps (as is the case with other crank handle designs).

    Snap-Fit Cover

    The Snap-Fit covers can be easily removed when painting or staining a window frame. Its design provides an elegant yet contemporary look for your windows. All of Window Mart’s Encore Operator Covers come with an integrated snap feature that does not require any fasteners for cover attachment and installation. This unique characteristic of the snap-fit covers keeps your windows looking immaculate and can even hide minor installation damages.

    Roto multi-point locking system

    Roto Multi-Point Lock

    Window Mart’s Awning and Casement windows are equipped with the advanced Roto Mechanical Multi-Point Locking System. It provides superior security and an air-tight seal for improved insulation and protection, no matter the weather.


    • Powder Coated stainless steel lockbars can be used in most applications. Offered in a variety of lock-point configurations
    • Locating tabs to provide fast assembly and precise positioning for easy installation
    • Stainless steel bars have passed hurricane impact testing (Dade County) with various profiles
    • Adjustable lock pins offer ability to control compression levels after installation
    • Symmetrical, non-handed bar
    • Patented adjustable (2.2 mm) mushroom head lock pins prevent lock from disengaging from nylon strikers
    • Stamped out of rolled wire for superior strength
    • Guides are pre-assembled to the lock bar

    Locking Handle

    • Multi-point Handles are offered in several configurations to meet most application requirements
    • Available in powder-coated and architectural-plated finishes for greater design flexibility
    • 3 multi-point and 3 single point options
    • Provides auto click when the unit is locked
    • Patented “over design” travels 180 degrees and will not allow the lock to be opened from the outside, reducing forced entry
    • Multi-point connects directly to lock bar pin
    • Single point locks directly against keeper
    • All zinc die-cast construction
    Roto multi-point locking system

    Roto Corner Drive Multi-Point Lock

    Window Mart’s Casement windows are also equipped with the advanced Roto Corner Drive Multi-Point Locking System. This system delivers superior locking ability and a tight seal for increased security and improved insulation in all weather conditions.

    Corner Drive Locking System

    The Roto Corner Drive enhances window security and performance by:

    • Connecting additional lock bars to add additional lock points along top and hinge side of window.
    • Providing an integrated lock point for consistent locking at the top corner of the window, regardless of window height. This is typically the weakest area in structural and air infiltration tests. The Roto Corner Drive allows for a snug fit and tight seal for consistent and solid performance year-round.
    • Provides integrated lock point positioned 3” from frame corner for superior air/structural performance.

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