Window prices in Calgary, Alberta

Window Prices in Calgary, Alberta

Window replacement Calgary cost for different window types are listed in the table below. This Calgary windows price list is based on the minimum window size requirements and the minimum set of options. Window installation costs are excluded from this price list.

It is very important for our specialists to see your property first in order to give you an accurate pricing for replacement windows including installation cost. Please take advantage and benefit from our free, in home consultation. Remember, each case is unique and requires our specialists to see it for better results.

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Window Prices Calgary

Window Style Price in CAD
Picture & Fixed windows From $279
Slider windows From $325
Signle Hung Windows From $337
Double Hung windows From $355
Casement windows From $358
Hopper windows From $359
Awning windows From $379
Bay & Bow Windows From $1590

Windows Add-ons & Options

All Window Mart windows are unique and customized to meet customer’s specific architectural requirements. There are many additional options you can choose from such as tripple glass, window screens, window grids and many others.

Here is the list of all available windows add-ons that Window Mart offers to its customers in Calgary. Contact us today to learn more about each of them.

  • Tripple Glass
  • Low E Glass Options
  • Self-Cleaning Glass Options
  • Window Locking System
  • Window Operator Type
  • Window Screens
  • Window Grids
  • Jamb Extension
  • Casing Type & Style
  • Brickmold
  • Custom Color & Stain (inside/outside)

Calgary’s Window Installation Options

Each window installation case is unique and requires a custom solution. We put together the list of the most common window installation options for you so you could understand more about Calgary window replacement projects and what type of work may be involved.

Don’t hesitate to contact Window Mart with any question you might have. Remember, we are here to help you!

  • Full frame window replacement
  • Retrofit installation
  • Rerfaming
    • new cut out
    • new header
    • concrete cut out
    • digging
    • window well
  • Finishing (inside/outside)

Window Mart is a window company offering professional window installation services in Calgary and surrounded areas. We are one of the best-rated Calgary window company. 100% customer satisfaction is our top priority. Please read below what our customer say about our services and products.

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Understanding Window Pricing in Calgary

It is always a great thing to improve your home by either replacing damaged parts or adding new features. Calgary’s home improvement can be quite expensive so you need to plan in advance. Replacement of windows is something that can significantly increases the value of your home. You are probably scared about window replacement cost in Calgary if this is your first time handling a window replacement project. Let us have a look at some of the most important considerations when determining Calgary windows prices.

It’s not all about increasing window attractiveness but also saving on energy bills. You may incur a large amount of your hard earned cash acquiring high standard windows but you should view it as a long term investment. Such windows will lower energy costs. High-performance windows provide effective insulation during winter and prevent air leakage. The other benefit of high quality windows is that they provide maximum security to your property and do not require high maintenance costs. Windows should always be practical and stylish. This is why you need to consider adding features such as durable locks to enhance security. All these factors play a major role in determining the cost of window replacement project in Calgary, Alberta.

Window Pricing in Calgary

It doesn’t matter where you are since the factors affecting window prices are the same. Some of the factors to consider when buying new windows in Calgary include: the size of windows, the style of new windows, and the installation method required. We will have a look at some cool ideas and concepts that you should consider when planning a budget for Calgary window replacement.

Cheap options are always available so it’s up to you to decide whether a cheap window will serve you accordingly. The current condition of your windows and the nature of window frames will determine whether you need new windows or repair, the type of installation suitable to increase window efficiency, and the durability of the new windows.

Choosing Between Replacement and Repair of Old Windows

It is worth noting that the cost of window repair is significantly lower than that of replacement. As a result, most Calgary homeowners tend to go for window repair services to reduce the budget. However, repairs will not work for all windows. You might spend more on regular repairs than replacement if you have poor quality windows. The condition of the frame is the most important factor when choosing between window repair and window replacement.

For instance, glasses in your windows may crack as a result of pressure loss, hail, or pebbles. The first thing that will naturally come to your mind is buying new glass panes. However, this may not work if your windows are fairly old. Frames may be coming apart on old windows or may show signs of mold/rotting or water damage. If you go for window repair services for such windows, you will save in the short term but the costs will be higher in the long run. There are high chances that you will need another repair soon or replacement in a few years. If you do the math, replacement is the best option for windows in such a condition. Protect your investment by taking your time to think about what will work best a few years from now.

On the other hand, window repair may be better than replacement of windows. If your window frames are in good condition, it might be wise to replace the glass only. You can as well enhance the energy efficiency of a window instead of replacing the already existing one with good frames.

Factors to Consider When Determining the Cost of New Windows in Calgary


Your first concern when determining window prices Calgary should be your budget. Your budget will dictate the quality of windows you can buy. Ask yourself these important questions:

  • How many new windows do I need in my home?
  • What size of windows will work best for my home?
  • Are there additional features like window grids, trippple glass, window screen etc?
  • How much installation costs am I likely to incur?
  • Will my windows be custom designed?
  • These factors will help you to plan your budget.


The material used is one of the factors that greatly influence the quality of windows. Different materials come in various prices as well. The material chosen for window replacement thus influences frame and window replacement cost. Depending on your budget, you can choose from wood, fiberglass or vinyl windows. All these materials have their own advantages and disadvantages. However, Calgary vinyl windows are the best when it comes to strength, durability, attractiveness, and energy efficiency.


Some of the window styles available at Window Mart include awning windows, bow and bay windows, casement windows, single & double hung windows and other window styles. These windows have different features and also come in different sizes. It is up to you to decide which window will suit you style, needs, and budget. You don’t want to go for a design that is way above what you can afford. The window style also depends on the location of the window. At times, you may require a combination of different windows which means increased costs. Contact Window Mart if you need help in determining the type of style that will best serve your needs. We offer free consultation so you should not worry about additional costs.

Installation Cost

Replacing windows by yourself is always the cheaper option. However, if you are not a professional in that field, there are high chances that you will install windows inappropriately which might be expensive in the long run. It is wise to hire a professional to do window replacement in Calgary properly. Since you are spending a lot on installation fees, ensure that you hire a competent installer and that everything runs safely and correctly. A specialist knows what to do to avoid leakage and to get rid of security problems.

It is advisable to discuss the window replacement process with the installer. Understanding the process will help you to estimate replacement windows Calgary prices. There are companies that do not charge the removal of old windows and debris. Other installers will ask for additional fees. If you want to save on such unnecessary costs, talk to the installer in advance.


Is the company that you want to hire to work on your window replacement project insured and licensed in Calgary? Most people do not bother to check on insurance cover but it matters a lot in construction projects. Does the installer have current insurance? You don’t want to spend extra cash in case of injuries or any other thing happening on the job. An insurance company will cover these expenses in case of accidents. It is recommended that you do intensive research on the Calgary window company before signing any agreement.

Additional Features

You probably want a window design that blends well with the style of your home. Energy efficiency qualities also matter when deciding which additional features you need for your new window. Additional features mean increased spending. Some of the most notable features are lighting, glass options, tinted windows, and locks. If you want other decorative glass options, be ready to spend more.

Do you want to increase the energy efficiency of your windows? Feel free to contact Window Mart for an estimate of window replacement costs in Calgary. Prepare a list of additional features needed before you start shopping around for new windows.


A warranty assures you that the installer will offer quality services. Does the Calgary window company offer warranty on window replacement? A warranty is important in any construction project because it covers for replacements and damages. Such costs are high when your windows need repairs later. Read carefully to understand the terms and conditions of the warranty before signing it. In case something is not clear, seek clarification.

There are many other important points that need to be considered when determining window replacement cost in Calgary. The following questions will guide you through in the process of discussing frame and window installation prices.

  • Is it economical to buy vinyl windows if I want to save on energy bills?
  • Which season has favorable terms of window replacement? Generally, it is cheaper to install windows during winter. The peak seasons for window replacement are summer, fall, and spring.
  • How much does it cost for standard or custom designed windows? Which design best suits my needs?
  • What additional features do I want for new windows?
  • Which window style will work best for my home?
  • Do I replace all windows at once or one at a time? Replacing all windows at once will require a higher budget.
  • Am I eligible for the financing plans offered by the window company? Are the plans suitable for me?
  • Do I want to replace some part or the whole window?

Window Mart is dedicated to assisting customers to make the best decisions. Talk to us in case you have any questions and we will be happy to work with you. We have professionals with many years of experience in the window industry so they understand what suits the unique needs of different customers. We give our clients a free quote so that they may plan their budget in advance.

When you are planning home renovations, it is important to consider the cost of additional expenses. Custom designed windows will not disappoint you when it comes to enhancing energy efficiency. Buying windows that blend well with the style of your home will affect the price as well. Energy efficient and durable windows in Calgary are worth the high cost.

Calgary’s Window Installation Types

The type of window installation chosen significantly determines the cost of window replacement project in Calgary. The two installation methods used are full frame installation and retrofit installation. If you have a low budget, retrofit installation will be a great choice. This method involves installing new windows in the old frames. You do not have to incur the cost of buying new window frames. The window company also does not make repairs in retrofit installation. The downside of this method is that it does not fix underlying issues. There are high chances that you will be required to repair or replace the window later.

In full frame installation, the entire window is replaced. The advantage of this installation method is that existing issues are solved. The new windows installed have new jambs, an interior trim, and exterior brickmould. This type of installation costs more than retrofit installation because it is labor intensive and more materials are needed.

Contact Window Mart today for free consultation and to get a free quote. Maximum customer satisfaction is our priority so our specialists listen to all your needs and offer you solutions that best suit your needs. Our services are not only high quality but also affordable.