window prices in Edmonton, Alberta

Window Prices in Edmonton, Alberta

Window replacement Edmonton cost for different window styles are listed in the table below. This price list is based on the minimum window size requirements and the minimum set of additional options. Window installation cost is excluded from this windows price list. You can benefit from our free, in home consultation and receive an exact window replacement pricing including installation cost. Each case is unique and requires our specialists to see it first.

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Window Prices Edmonton

Window Style Price in CAD
Picture & Fixed windows From $279
Slider windows From $325
Signle Hung Windows From $337
Double Hung windows From $355
Casement windows From $358
Hopper windows From $359
Awning windows From $379
Bay & Bow Windows From $1590

Windows Add-ons & Options

All Window Mart windows are unique and customized to meet customer’s specific architectural requirements. There are many additional options you can choose from such as tripple glass, window screens, window grids and many others.

Here is the list of all available window add-ons that Window Mart offers to its customers in Edmonton. Contact us today to learn more about each of them.

  • Tripple Glass
  • Low E Glass Options
  • Self-Cleaning Glass Options
  • Window Locking System
  • Window Operator Type
  • Window Screens
  • Window Grids
  • Jamb Extension
  • Casing Type & Style
  • Brickmold
  • Custom Color & Stain (inside/outside)

Edmonton’s Window Installation Options

Each window installation case is unique and requires a custom solution. We put together the list of the most common window installation options for you so you could understand more about Edmonton window replacement projects and what type of work may be involved.

Don’t hesitate to contact Window Mart with any question you might have. Remember, we are here to help you!

  • Full frame window replacement
  • Retrofit installation
  • Rerfaming
    • new cut out
    • new header
    • concrete cut out
    • digging
    • window well
  • Finishing (inside/outside)

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Understanding Window Pricing in Edmonton

Conducting home renovations can be quite challenging if you have never been involved in such projects before. As a home owner in Edmonton, you are always excited to improve your home through upgrading the interior of the house, new window installations, door repair, and window replacement. You may want to improve the quality of living through replacing faulty windows but you are unsure about window replacement costs. We will have a look at some of the important factors that you should consider when calculating window replacement costs in Edmonton, Alberta.

People replace windows in their homes for various reasons. Before you even go further, determine the reasons for replacing your windows in your Edmonton home. For instance, styling your windows enhances the appearance of the building and also increases the resale value of the house. You may sell your home at a lower price if the windows are damaged or not properly maintained.

One of the most important factors that you should consider is the cost of replacing high performance windows that will significantly lower your energy bill. The benefit of installing high standard windows is that they prevent condensation and air leakage. Additionally, they offer utmost insulation especially during the cold season.

Windows not only need to be stylish but practical as well. You need Edmonton windows that provide maximum security to your home and are equally energy efficient. This is where you have to consider the addition of sturdy locks and other hardware that improve your home security. These are several things that you should consider when determining the estimated cost of replacing windows in Edmonton. Now, let us go into detail so that you may get a clear picture of how everything works.

Factors that determine cost to replace windows in Edmonton, AB

Window Installation Costs

Before you think about hiring professionals to do the replacement, ask yourself whether you are skilled enough to do it. There is no doubt that you will save a lot when you replace the windows yourself.  However, it is always advisable to seek the services of professional window installers in Edmonton such as Window Mart. Experts know what works well and how to properly install windows without the need for regular repairs.

Since you will spend extra on hiring specialists, you definitely will want to be assured that windows will be installed safely and correctly. Professional window contractors do their best to ensure that you do not face security problems or leakage among other issues.

Seek clarification on things covered in the replacement process. Most companies will not charge you for removal of debris or old windows. However, ask whether the removal of such window parts means additional costs or not. Ensure that you understand the entire removal and installation process before you sign anything.

Material Used

The type of material you choose will determine window replacement cost in Edmonton, durability, strength, and energy efficiency. Some of the materials available include wood, fiberglass, and vinyl. All these materials have their own benefits and setbacks. Ensure that you understand the features of each material. If you want windows with a long life span, go for Edmonton vinyl windows. Vinyl is a great choice because it is attractive, requires little or no maintenance, and it’s strong unlike wood.


The style of the window you choose depends on where the window is located, personal preferences, and the budget. Some of the common window styles include bow and bay, single & double hung, awning, and casement windows. Which type of window is the best for your home? Here, you have to consider your needs such as room brightness and air circulation. Some window types are more effective at light penetration than others. Some window styles are more expensive than other due to complexity and the amount of material used. Talk to Window Mart to understand the cost of new windows in Edmonton.

Estimated Budget

Before you go further to choose window styles, hiring window replacement specialists, or materials, decide how much you are willing to spend on window replacement.

  • What is the size of windows that need to be replaced?
  • How many windows would you like to replace?
  • What is the style of windows?
  • What additional features windows should have (tripple glass, custom color, window grids etc)?

These factors will help you to determine how much costs will be incurred in window replacement. When planning your budget, remember to include the installation cost.

Purchasing higher quality windows will mean a bigger budget but you will save a lot in the long run. High quality materials are durable, thermal efficient, and require minimal maintenance. Once you consider all these factors in determining your budget, you will be set to start window replacement project in Edmonton.


When you are in the process of choosing a Edmonton window company that will do the window replacement for you, you need to determine whether it is insured or properly licensed. You can easily find such information online. Check whether the installer’s insurance is up to date or not. Proper licensing also matters a lot in construction projects because you will not incur thousands of dollars in case something happened. Take your time to do the research before you enter into a deal with any window company.


Some people tend to overlook the importance of a warranty. However, it is an essential component when seeking window replacement services. How will a warranty help you? It will cover replacement parts or damages in case anything happened to your window after installation. Such avoidable costs should not be incurred. Carefully read the warranty and understand everything before signing it. Ask questions if anything is not clear.

Additional Features

Replacement windows Edmonton prices are not only determined by material and style but also on additional features such as glass and locks. There is a wide range of glass options and locks to choose from that come in different prices.

Not to mention you can get additional features such as tinted windows and lighting features as well as decorative glass options. Some additional features on your windows will play a great role in reducing energy bills. For instance, inert gases can be installed on window panes to improve insulation. Feel free to discuss these features with Window Mart to determine the price of Edmonton window replacements.

The following are important questions that you should ask yourself when determining window replacement costs.

  • Is it economical for me to upgrade to the energy efficient vinyl windows?
  • Should I install triple or double paned glass?
  • Does the installer offer home improvement financing plans?
  • Will I manage to replace all windows at once or should I do it in intervals?
  • Do I need to replace some parts or the entire window?
  • Should I replace my windows during summer, winter, or spring to save on installation costs? Are there any special rates offered by the installer during different seasons?
  • Which type of window do you want? Standard or custom designed?
  • What additional features should be included in my windows? Some important features include enhanced locks, textured glass, inert gases, and safety lighting.

At Window Mart, we like working closely with our clients to understand and assist them in the window replacement process. We offer our highly valued customers free consultation. We will help you not only to determine the window replacement costs but also the most suitable window for your home in Edmonton.

Getting custom designs has numerous benefits but you will incur more costs. Replacing old windows to custom designed ones that match the style of your home is always a great idea. Your home will not only look classic but you will save on energy bills.

How Installation Affects Window Replacement Costs

As earlier mentioned, installation is one of the most important factors to consider during window replacement in Edmonton. The two major ways of replacing existing windows include full-frame replacement, and retrofit.

You are probably finding it difficult to distinguish between the two. Well, retrofit installation involves taking out old window sashes. However, the initially installed window frame remains in place. It is advisable to install windows using this method when damages from moisture do not exist. Retrofit replacement works best for new windows or those with high quality wooden frames.

On the other hand, full-frame replacement involves the removal of window frames surrounding the opening. Moisture problems are then addressed by the installer. Window replacement is done in case of damaged or rotten wood. A new window with new brickmoulds, jambs, and frames is then installed.

It is worth noting that full-frame replacement of windows is more labor intensive than retrofit replacement. This means that the latter is less expensive. You will probably spend 15-20 percent more costs on full-frame than retrofit window replacements.

Costs of Interior Window Finishes

What type of finish do you want to install in the interior of your windows? The existing trim of retrofit installation does not need to be touched. The old trim has to be removed in full-frame replacement. The good thing about Edmonton vinyl windows is that they come with a white vinyl trim which gives your house a modern look. Custom trims are available but the costs vary. A wood trim will cost between 40 and 60 percent more than what you would have incurred on vinyl casings.

Costs of Exterior Window Finishes

There are two major solutions to exterior window finishes. Most traditional windows are finished with wooden brickmoulds covered by aluminum cappings. Vinyl brickmoulds are better than aluminum capping because they do not allow water absorption or penetration. Capping is more time consuming and labor intensive and it’s difficult to make is as neat as vinyl brickmoulds. Installation of vinyl brickmould is, therefore, 5-10 percent more expensive than installation of aluminum capping.

Window Prices According to Style

The two main styles of windows are: slider and crank. Crank windows include awnings and casements that are better performing and more energy efficient than hung and sliding windows. Cranks have better performance because their seal is airtight when they are closed. Weatherstripping are less energy efficient than compression seals. Since crank windows have better operational features, they may cost 15-20 percent higher than slider windows.

Window Prices According to Size

The size of the opening of a window will determine the type of window suitable for a home. Awning and casement windows are not suitable where wide openings are needed. In such scenarios, a combination of picture windows and casement windows is used.

Costs of Colored Windows

uPVC windows generally come in white color. uPVC windows are economical because they do not easily yellow or fade with time. Wooden windows need to be repainted and scraped occasionally thus increasing maintenance costs. The above ranges are estimates for installing white vinyl only. A mixture of colors is required when making colored vinyl windows. Colored vinyl windows never crack or peel. As a result, colored vinyl windows will probably cost you between 8 and 20 percent more than the installation of white vinyl.

Following this simple guide, window replacement should not be a major challenge to you anymore. The cost of new windows in Edmonton varies depending on style, material, installation method, and additional features. You have the power to dictate how much you should spend on window replacement if you go for custom designs.