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How much is to replace windows in Vancouver?

Window replacement projects can feel a bit overwhelming – there is a wide variety of aspects that must be considered to ensure your project is a success. Obviously, one of the biggest concerns of homeowners is how much window replacement will cost them. While there are always cost cutting options, it is valuable to understand various installation methods and the many different window products that are available to you. These things all factor into the final cost of window replacement. The typical range for replacement window costs in Vancouver is from $400 – $2100 per window.

Additionally, it is important to note that some of the higher quality window options cost more upfront, but over time they prove their value. From major energy savings to improved home values to reduced maintenance costs, high quality windows and installation services are a worthy investment.

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    Replacement Windows Cost. Supply Only!

    The cost of replacement windows in Vancouver is impacted by a variety of factors. The style and size, along with the materials used to construct each window will all play a part in the final price tag. For a general starting point, we have compiled a list of estimated costs, based on window styles:

    Picture & Fixed windows From $279
    Slider windows From $325
    Single Hung windows From $337
    Double Hung windows From $355
    Casement windows From $358
    Hopper windows From $359
    Awning windows From $379

    *It is important to note that the cost of window replacement in Vancouver is also determined by the inclusion of additional features such as LoE glass or Triple Pane glass options. Additionally, whether you are planning on retrofitting new glass units or investing in a full-frame replacement service will significantly alter the final cost of your home improvement project.

    Factors that Affect the Final Replacement Windows Cost in Vancouver

    Window Materials


    There are a wide variety of materials to choose from when it comes to window construction. Each material, whether it is vinyl, fiberglass, wood, or aluminum, has a variety of benefits and drawbacks that should be considered when deciding on replacement windows for your home. Ultimately, the materials you select directly impact the quality and cost of the windows.

    At Window Mart, we exclusively provide high quality and affordable vinyl windows. They are extremely durable and energy efficient, delivering consistent and reliable performance in every season.


    The style of window that you select will also determine the final price you pay for replacement. There are two main types of windows – sliding or crank operated. Crank operated windows, such as awning, casement, single- or double-hung windows can cost up to 20% more than slider windows. This is because crank operated windows provide a compression seal rather that simply utilizing weatherstripping.

    Each window style has different application requirements and restrictions, which is important to factor in when making your window selections. Window style cannot be chosen based solely on pricing, but rather building restrictions, personal needs, aesthetics, and budget all need to be considered.



    When it comes to window glazing, there are three different levels to choose from – single, double, or triple paned.

    • Single paned windows were once the standard, but with technological advancements have mostly been phased out.
    • Double paned windows feature two panes of glass with a gas-filled pocket in between. They deliver outstanding energy efficiency, maintaining a consistent interior environment within your home all year round and reducing overall noise pollution.
    • Triple paned windows do everything that double-glazed windows do, just a little bit better. They are approximately 15% more expensive than double-paned windows (of the same size and style), which is something you need to take into careful consideration when making your window selection.

    LoE Coatings

    LoE (low emissivity) glass features a metallic coating designed to further reduce heat loss as well as filter out damaging UV rays. At Window Mart, we use Cardinal LoE glass in our windows. There are several different LoE options, at differing price points, that deliver a unique balance of light control, visibility, and energy efficiency.

    LoE Coatings
    Additional Features

    Additional Features

    There are also many extra features that you can include in your window replacement package. These features boost performance, but they ultimately affect the bottom line as well. Some additional features include:

    • Super Spacer Insulating Glass Spacers (vs. traditional aluminum spacers)
    • ETI Foam to fill hollow vinyl window frames
    • Gas fills, such as Argon or Krypton
    • Decorative additions like window grills and custom trim
    • Privacy glass
    • Customized hardware and locking systems

    Keep in mind that while these features may add up to 20% on your project total, the benefits provide an excellent return on investment – especially in terms of longevity and efficiency.


    Many homeowners look to save money on installation fees when it comes to home improvement projects. You may have even considered completing the task of window replacement on your own. While it’s true that installation services come with a price tag, professional window installers have the expertise and experience to ensure that the job is done right – the first time. Mistakes made while installing new windows can be costly, especially if you do not achieve a perfect seal.

    Window Mart offers complete window installation services that are backed by our warranty program, giving you the peace of mind that your investment in new windows is protected. Additionally, we offer complimentary debris removal services at no extra cost to you. We are committed to making your home more functional and beautiful so you and your family can enjoy it for years to come.


    Types of window installation:

    Installation has a significant impact on the performance and longevity of a window. That’s why Window Mart is partnered with reliable Canadian contractors who have a proven track record of successful installations. There are two main window installation methods:



    Retrofitting your home with vinyl windows allows you to upgrade your windows and improve performance and energy-efficiency without completing a full frame replacement.

    • Retrofitting involves removing and replacing the window sash.
    • The existing window frame and trim on both the interior and exterior of your home remain intact.
    • Retrofitting is a faster and less expensive process compared to full frame replacement.
    • Only recommended if the existing frame is in good condition and is well insulated.
    • Retrofitting you to upgrade window glazing for optimized performance.



    Full Frame Replacement is a more thorough option that offer greater efficiency and better overall window performance compared to retrofitting.

    • Involves complete removal of the old windup up to house framing.
    • Once window is installed, the exterior is finished with caulking or aluminum flashing.
    • Full Frame Replacement allows for upgrades to the interior trim and window jambs.
    • Ensures optimal energy-efficiency and thermal performance.


    When researching window manufacturers and installation companies, it is essential to confirm they are properly insured and licensed. This protects both you and the company if something were to happen during the installation process. Window Mart is a proud member of the ACA and ECA. We are also fully CSA certified and WCB insured, giving you the peace of mind that our services and products are guaranteed by rigorous safety and building codes.


    While Window Mart does not charge extra for warranty protection, it is important to understand what your warranty package covers. There is no sugar coating it, window replacement projects are a serious investment. When you are financing that kind of project, you want to ensure that what you are paying for is going to stand the test of time and save you costly repairs in the future.



    Your personal budget is important to consider when selecting replacement windows for your home. There are many different window options at differing price points to fit any budget. When you are dealing with a window company you should make a point of mentioning your budget so the representative can recommend the appropriate products for you. Window Mart is committed to providing an exceptional customer experience. We will work with you to design the perfect window replacement package that works with your budget and your needs.

    Important Questions to Ask When Considering a Window Replacement Project

    • Does the windows company offer any financing plans? Am I eligible for this?

    • Do I want to replace all of my windows at once or over a period of time?

    • Do all of my windows need to be completely replaced or do I just need to replace components of certain windows?

    • Should I opt for double or single hung windows?

    • Should I get double or triple paned glass?

    • Is it worth it to upgrade to vinyl windows to save on energy efficiency?

    • Is it cheaper to install my windows during the winter? (The peak time for windows installation is spring, fall and summer so check to see if your windows company offers special rates during the “off “ season.)

    • Do I want custom designed windows or do I want to stick with standard window sizes?

    • Do I want additional features such as inert gases (i.e. krypton or argon) or ETI (energy thermal insulation) foam fill for improved insulation, upgraded hardware, or privacy glass?

    The experts at Windows Mart are always available to assist you with your window replacement project. Our team of friendly and knowledgeable professionals will provide you with a complimentary in-home consultation and project estimation to ensure all your needs are met, within your budget!

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